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It's what I dreamed of. It's what I longed for.

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As a mother of four kids, it wasn't going to happen. Still, I took solace in the playtime that I did get. When everyone in the house was asleep, I'd put on my diaper, grab a pacifier and play to my hearts content.

I tried to get my husband involved, but he wasn't interested. He sure did enjoy the sex afterward, though. Published: November 12, by Kailyn Cardillo. I wanted to be a good girl. I really did.

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I hated to know that I was making mommy angry. The thing was, I really enjoyed being a baby, but I hated to go poop in my diaper. I didn't like the way it felt so I'd wait for mommy to go to sleep and then use the big girl potty. When mommy found out, she was livid and determined to teach me a lesson. One day while she was changing me, she shoved bananas. Words: 6, Published: November 6, by Kailyn Cardillo.

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Little Bonnie has a big problem. Her new college roommate is the true definition of a mean girl.

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Babying Belle back to Health Pt. Her Best Worst Day Mary wanted to be confined. Particularly in a brace or cast. Dirty Work Ch.

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Primrose Ch. Becoming Mommy Ch. Babying Belle back to Health A grieving woman needs babying and pampering to heal. Grandpa's Angel Angel becomes her Grandfather's toy. Mean Mommy Mommy Domme forces husband to service her before pegging him. Potato Chips A new oil used to cook potato chips has very unpleasant side effects. On the Mirpetan Household An exercise in world building; stories set here may follow.

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Homesick Pt. Nicole in the House Nicole house-sits Simon's Strict Unseen Mistress A young man becomes a willing slave Diapered Gals An accident gets a lot better Denise Pt. Meeting Mommy A sorry sissy remembers the first time she met her Mommy. Messy Day An unexpected accident turns into a fun day. Amanda Adams becomes My Queen Ch. Coin toss.

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Elizabeth can't wait for daddy to come home so they can play. Changing Mouse Ch. Gem's Exam Very kinky doctor exam for Gem. Isabella's Reversion Pt. Bed Wetter Aimee has a habit of wetting the bed, it catches up to her. And if things go south, Emily knows that the mob boss likes to diaper up the naughty girls.

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Now her only hope of getting through the mission is to get into character. And when Emily's boyfriend Daniel decides to regress her before her mission, the petite agent can't say no. She'll be Daniel's baby girl for the night. She'll wear diapers and suck on a pacifier.