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After the First Death Lesson Plans. The After the First Death lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater The After the First Death lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all learning styles. View Product. Galapagos Lesson Plans.

The Galapagos lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all learning The Galapagos lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all learning styles. Not Without Laughter Lesson Plans. The Not Without Laughter lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to Beneath it is a town of igloo -like dwellings, but the inhabitants are not in sight.

There, Chris sees an image of his grandfather, who appears to Chris in the same way that Bowman appeared to Floyd in , and tells him that the Universe is coming. Universe rescues Galaxy ' s crew; they are brought to Ganymede, where they watch as Mount Zeus, which has been steadily sinking, finally disappears beneath the Europan surface.

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Kreuger writes a follow-up article for Nature , stating that Mount Zeus was a mere fragment of Jupiter's diamond material, and that it is almost certain that many more such large pieces of diamond are currently in orbit around Lucifer. Krueger therefore proposes a scouting project to seek diamond in the Lucifer system, for eventual mining.

Teaching 2061: Odyssey Three

Floyd, Chris and van der Berg become close. In a later chapter, another Heywood Floyd, now a disembodied creature of pure consciousness, talks with Dave Bowman. It is revealed that the small monolith duplicated Floyd's consciousness; there are now two Heywood Floyds, one an immortal being who resides with Bowman and HAL inside the Great Wall, another who will live and die without knowing this. Bowman shows Floyd images of his experience of studying the life forms of Jupiter before they were killed in the creation of Lucifer, explaining that the monolith weighed the Jovians against the Europans and decided the latter held more promise.

Bowman states that during the diamond meteor impact, the immensely powerful monolith tipped over on its side, and may be damaged.

Odyssey Three (Space Odyssey, #3) by Arthur C. Clarke

He and HAL believe that when Lucifer begins to fail, the monolith will weigh the Europans against humanity and they have only about a thousand years to prepare for that moment. In an epilogue, set in , the original monolith discovered on the Moon in has been placed in the plaza of the ancient United Nations Building. Humans have found more quantities of diamond from the former Jupiter and have used it to create space elevators and an orbital ring connecting them, as suggested by Kreuger.

3001 The Final Odyssey- Prologue [SUBTITTLED PT-BR]

This idea will later be a central concept in The Final Odyssey. Suddenly, Lucifer's light begins to fade and the Monolith reawakens for the first time in four million years. Late in the novel Chapter 56, "Perturbation Theory" , two real scientific articles are explicitly cited by Paul Krueger, van der Berg's uncle. One article lends plausibility to 's basic premise that other solar system bodies may contain massive quantities of diamond material, [3] and serves as a factual basis for 's premise of a large diamond being discovered on Europa.

2061: Odyssey Three Short Answer Test Questions

The second article examines the feasibility of various materials for the theoretical construction of a space elevator, identifying diamond as the best available known material, [4] and likewise serves as a factual basis for the space elevators or towers which extend from Earth's surface out into space. The elevators are major pieces of technology in the sequel novel , and settings of much of the latter novel's action.

The intervening implication is that over the next millennium, humanity finds other large sources of diamond in the Lucifer—Jupiter system, precipitate which resulted from the transformation of the latter into the former, and mines this diamond material, using it for previously impossible construction projects.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dewey Decimal. In he moved to London and took a civil service post in lieu of attending university, which he could not afford. Clarke was chairman of the British Interplanetary Society from and again in He was writing speculative fiction during this time, which was characterized by a degree of realism alongside its imaginative centre.

2061: Odyssey Three

From the early s onward he wrote consistently, both fiction and nonfiction. He married a young woman after three weeks and divorced six months later; he then moved to Sri Lanka where he remained until the rest of his life. There he took up diving; he even wrote of work of nonfiction about communication between humans and dolphins Dolphin Island []. Paradoxically, however, Clarke's fiction also reflects an obsession with the paranormal, the metaphysical, and the mystical, with several of the novels depicting scientific progress and alien intervention as parallel with human advancement or even transcendence.