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And then what?

South African poetry

Two years in the making, the book was born long before assuming its physical form—which, by the way, is beautiful. I would arrive at poetry readings and recite some lines; people would clap to the beat and it was poetry. I believed in myself and became a poet. The poets shared their journeys and reflections with the audience members in attendance, focusing on the importance of grassroots and community movements and collectives for the social development of favelas that are excluded from the exercise of the most fundamental rights—human rights. The event went far beyond small talk: it was a gathering of free souls.

Microphone in hand, she recited:.

Shakespearean sonnet

I want to share my poetry:. You say that I am Black… Black is my root.

POEMS OF WILLIAM BLAKE - FULL Audio Book - Songs of Innocence and of Experience & The Book of Thel

I am timber, I am wood. I am ember, I am charcoal.

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Browne crafts a beautiful ode to black-girl empowerment. This month, she gives us her latest essay collection, Feel Free , a profound and engaging exploration of family, identity and culture. The great Tayari Jones published her masterly opus An American Marriage , and it is everything you want to read in a novel right now. The multitalented Mat Johnson releases his gripping graphic novel Incognegro: A Graphic Mystery , a fictionalized recounting of Northern black journalists who went down South to investigate lynchings of black people in the early 20th century.

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WeNeedDiverseBooks co-founder Dhonielle Clayton unveils The Belles , a fascinating young-adult read set in the surrealist, fictional city of Orleans, where the business of beauty is a high-stakes life-and-death industry. The House of Erzulie , the third novel by Kirsten Imani Kasai, is the haunting, Gothic story of a contemporary historian who uncovers a mystery set in the South of the s with ramifications that echo outward into the present.

Down the River Unto the Sea is typical Mosley: a strong mystery with strong, hard-boiled detectives and a strong storytelling voice. Keisha N. Speak No Evil , penned by Nigerian-American writer Uzodinma Iweala, author of Beasts of No Nation, is a timely and important story of young Niru, who tries to come out to his conservative parents in anti-gay Nigeria. For young readers, Sherri Winston releases the third book in her popular and engaging Brianna Justice series— President of the Whole Sixth Grade: Girl Code — which is sure to delight eager fans everywhere.

Brother , by David Chariandy, is a heartwarming coming-of-age story of the sons of Trinidadian immigrants.

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Cape Verdean Blues , the latest haunting poetry collection by Shauna Barbosa, explores identity, nationalism and the nature of home. Former NBA player Etan Thomas releases the timely and necessary We Matter: Athletes and Activism , in order to add useful, relevant words to the conversation on athletes and their activism. The sharp brilliance of Tracy K. There is a reason the Pulitzer Prize winner is the poet laureate of the United States.

It masterfully reckons with questions of identity and culture. It is a wonderful way to discover important contemporary poets of the global African Diaspora. A wonderful read. Each short story starts in the familiar and then leads to unexpected and compelling revelations.

Gwendolyn Brooks | Poetry Foundation

Of particular note is the anthology edited by Mahogany L. Notable in nonfiction is the timely anthology, edited by the incomparable Roxane Gay, Not That Bad : Dispatches From Rape Culture, showcasing important, necessary reflections from a diverse cross section of authors. When Barracoon , a powerful account of slavery by Zora Neale Hurston, is released, we will have access to a previously unpublished work by one of the most groundbreaking and visionary voices in African-American literature. A rewarding, carefully crafted read.

Activist-scholar-writer Darnell L. MEM , by Bethany C.

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Morrow, is a fantastic science fiction novel exploring memory and identity, set in the glamorous early s. An inventive, fast-paced narrative.