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What is Competitive Advantage in Hindi - Detailed Explanation with Examples

Under the header JavaScript select the following radio button: Allow all sites to run JavaScript recommended. Prices and offers may vary in store. This book brings together a winning team of international operations experts to set the framework for building a world-class manufacturing organization. Pharmaceutical Operations Management focuses on key concepts such as: Policy Execution, Risk Management, Supply chain modeling, Advance process control and Six Sigma for the pharmaceutical industry: critical techniques which will offset cost, increase efficiency and turn any manufacture into financial winner.

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Transformational Leadership: Do You Have What It Takes?

Systems thinkers use a data-driven scientific framework to approach complex situations, to uncover and model generic patterns for learning and optimization. At the heart of the systems approach is the idea that the system is more than the sum of its parts, that it has its own unique properties, which belong to the system as a whole and cannot be replicated simply by adding up its component parts.

These unique properties are the result of various systems and subsystems. Transformational leaders engage analytical intelligence, in analyzing complex manufacturing operations on a day-to-day basis. They design performance metrics in a hierarchical form: day-to-day and plant operational data, composite control charts, multiple plant metrics and global business metrics.

They can gauge the health of the business by diving deep into the sea of data around them, and use the resulting knowledge to advance the business. The ability to understand and appreciate technical challenges and to package them into business-aligned objectives is the key to success.

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Transformational leadership requires a sense of mission, vision and strategy. Visionary leaders create a mission worth striving for, a vision that is achievable and a strategy designed to optimize return from financial and human capital. They then develop a strategy to translate mission, vision and core ideology into action.

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Leaders create alignment to preserve the core and stimulate progress, and to eliminate activities that drive the organization away from its core ideology and impede progress toward the envisioned goal. Transformative leaders also have emotional intelligence, and are able to connect and resonate with others. Critical factors are self-mastery, people mastery and enterprise mastery. Self-mastery includes clarity of purpose, vision, planning reflection and feedback.

Effective executive management in the pharmaceutical industry.

Transformational leaders are engaged in the lives of people in their organizations, encouraging personal growth, feedback, continuous learning and mentoring. The most successful transformation initiatives are fostered by leaders who are committed to their own self awareness or personal mastery, and to assisting others in achieving the same mastery. They network effectively with people in positions of authority and appropriately leverage them for business and personal advancement. Such leadership is needed in drug manufacturing today, and professionals at every level of any organization can aim high and work to develop the skills required.

Are you ready for the challenge? Pankaj Mohan, Ph. K and the U. Gary A. Montague is a professor of chemical and process engineering at the University of Newcastle. He specializes in artificial intelligence methods and their practical use in a variety of industrial sectors. Jarka Glassey, Ph. Her expertise is in bioprocesses and novel post-genomic modeling tools for investigation of artificial methods and applications, mainly in bioindustries. Access the entire print issue on-line and be notified each month via e-mail when your new issue is ready for you.

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