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You can use tagliatelle pasta too adn either full-fat or low-fat yogurt. You can't beat spaghetti and meatballs for a Friday night family dinner. This recipe is also part of our special 'cooking with kids' collection so that you and the kids can make it together. This Woman's Weekly butternut risotto is really easy to make, filling and low-fat too. Buy ready-rolled pastry to make this simple tomato and tarragon tart. We've left out the Parmesan to keep it under budget. Made with both chorizo and sausages, this hearty sausage and cannellini one-pot is brilliantly simple dish.

If you've got wine leftover, add a splash otherwise you can skip it. We've used dried herbs to keep it cheap too. This courgette and Parmesan pasta is easy to make and you can substiute the Parmesan for the usually much cheaper Pecorino cheese. Skip the pine nuts unless you already have some in the cupboard. Make this tasty tomato risotto with just a few simple ingredients and mature Cheddar for flavour. Our Mummy Blogger Anneliese made this cheap version of the classic dish using basic rice instead of Arborio rice to cut down the costs.

Items : Basic white rice; 1kg 40p, onion 9p, Everyday Value passata g 43p, Everyday Value baby tomatoes g 65p, British mature Cheddar approx g 85p Click or tap to zoom into this image This is an image 39 of Kids will love this meal of meatballs and beans in tomato broth. The pesto adds lots of flavour and you can even skip the kale if you want to keep this even cheaper. For something different, use feta cheese, olives, peppers and cucumber in this Greek-style pasta recipe.

Risotto isn't as hard to make as people think and it doesn't have to rich and creamy either. Try this Slimming World bacon and tomato risotto recipe with courgettes, onions and cherry tomatoes. If you can't find pumpkin, use butternut squash to make this tasty spicy pumpkin risotto.

We've used Pecorino cheese instead of Parmesan to keep it under budget. This delicious squash and green tart from Woman's Weekly makes the perfect Sunday lunch or dinner. You can use cabbage or other green veg and whichever cheese you prefer. This spaghetti with chilli and herbs is a deliberately simple recipe but there's no reason why you can't add frozen peas or any fresh veg, ham or other ingredients you have in the fridge.

Use dried herbs from your store cupboard as fresh oregano can be hard to find.

Mediterranean Diet

Hearty and warming, this sausage and bean casserole with colcannon is the perfect meal for Sunday lunch or dinner. This Woman's Weekly family cottage pie is perfect for Sunday lunch or dinner. It uses items you already have such as Worcestershire sauce, milk and stock, and it's always a favourite with the kids. You'll already have some of the ingredients, such as butter, flour and milk, to make this delicious spicy sausage and cheese bake. The kids will love the Cheddar and mozzarella combination too.

Quick, easy and filling, this delicious pea and bacon pasta only requires a few ingredients. Make this leek, pea and smoked ham pasta as quick but delicious dinner for Saturday night. We've used Pecorino cheese instead of Parmesan as it can be cheaper. Keep these homemade meatballs with spaghetti under budget by using dried herbs and skipping the Parmesan.

Use stale bread to make homemade breadcrumbs - tastier and cheaper than shop-bought ones. Sit down for a Sunday roast that's cheap, cheerful and tasty.

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This baked chicken with carrots uses chicken legs to keep it under budget - we've used dried herbs instead of fresh too. Items : Basics British chicken legs approx 1. Swap a Friday night takeaway curry for this deliciously spicy and fruity mango and tomato curry and serve with steaming rice.

With red onion and red pepper, this penne bolognese with cubetti di pancetta is a delicious pasta dish. You can use bacon pieces instead of pancetta too. We've skipped the cheese and used dried herbs to keep it under budget. This lovely courgette, tomato and mozzarella gratin is perfect for Sunday lunch or dinner. Items: Taw Valley Mature Cheddar approx g 90p, loose courgettes 50p, Everyday Value tomatoes g 95p, Everyday Value mozzarella g 44p, fresh basil 31g 80p, Everyday Value garlic baguette g 32p.

There's more to leftover turkey than turkey curry or turkey sandwiches. Make these delicious smoky turkey and pepper fajitas with red onion and Cheddar cheese. Fresh herbs, fresh vegetables and a good olive oil are all you need to make this super-simple but delicious pasta dish. Tagliatelle with leek and pepper ribbons. Items : Kitchen tagliatelle g 95p, salad peppers 3 99p trimmed leeks g 99p, fresh cut thyme 31g 79p Click or tap to zoom into this image This is an image 57 of Make this healthy, hearty aubergine, bean and potato curry for Friday night - it's equally tasty with pitta bread or rice.

We've used a value curry sauce and dried herbs to keep it under budget. Items : 2 x loose aubergines 50p each, red onion 12p, Smartprice mild curry sauce g 16p, Smartprice British small potatoes 1kg 69p, salad tomatoes 6 75p, Bonduelle Cut Green Beans g 44p, Smartprice low-fat natural yogurt g 45p.

This hearty baked macaroni cheese with tomatoes makes a super-cheap Sunday lunch, especially as you'll have some of the ingredients, such as butter, flour and milk. You can add extra veggies too, llike leeks or courgettes, if you want. This Woman's Weekly recipe for vegetable macaroni cheese is packed with broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes and more.

It's quick, cheap and easy to make and great for getting the kids to eat their vegetables! We've skipped the Parmesan to keep it cheap. These bean and pea pies are easy to make and so tasty. We've used tinned peas and frozen broad beans to keep it cheap too. These pizzas on a scone base are cheap to make as the base is made from ingredients you already have such as self-raising flour, butter and baking powder.

If you don't have these, there's enough leftover to buy them. Items : Taw Valley Mature Cheddar approx g 85p, onion 10p, Everyday Value chopped tomatoes g 31p, 2 x Everyday Value mozzarella g 44p each, loose closed cup mushrooms 20p. This Woman's Weekly turkey mince cottage pie is perfect for Sunday dinner. We've used tinned peas instead of frozen to keep it cheap. You can use Parmesan, ricotto or feta cheese in this quick, simple pasta alla norma recipe.

We've used Greek-style feta cheese as it's cheaper but still full of flavour - fill up on this before New Year's Eve festivities. Items : 2 aubergines 75p each, fresh basil 31g 70p, 2 x Smartprice chopped tomatoes g 31p, Smartprice pasta shapes g 29p, Smartprice Greek-style cheese g 75p. With sweetcorn and Cheddar cheese too, this tuna and potato layer is guaranteed to keep the kids happy. We've used dried herbs instead of fresh to keep it under budget. This warming sausage and chickpea stew is perfect for Sunday lunch or dinner.

You can whichever sausages you prefer.

Easy Spanish Recipes

You can also make passata by pureeing a g can of chopped tomatoes and adding 2tbsp of tomato puree. Items: Smartprice thick sausages 12 per pack - g 84p, onion 10p, celery 89p, loose white baking potatoes 39p, Smartprice passata g 29p, chickpeas in water g 62p, fresh cut thyme 25g 65p. This hearty sausage pasta bake makes an ideal Sunday lunch or dinner. Items : Everyday Value pork sausages 8 per pack - g 66p, onion 8p, red pepper 80p, 2 x Everyday Value chopped tomatoes g 31p each, Everyday Value pasta penne quills g 29p, Everyday Value mozzarella g 44p, Counter Seriously Strong White Cheddar approx g 55p.

Use a little more veg than chicken to keep these low-fat chicken and vegetable pies within budget? This Women's Weekly cheese and spinach pasta bake is filling and healthy, the perfect meal to start the week. You'll have some of the required ingredients already, such as butter, flour and milk. We used Pecorino cheese as it's a cheaper alternative to Parmesan. With store cupboard ingredients such as plain flour, a spare egg, milk, seasoning and oil, all you need is the chicken to make these homemade chicken nuggets.

We've added oven chips to the basket to make it a filling meal. Kickstart the week with this warming Woman's Weekly tuna, sweetcorn and pasta bake , packed with veg and cheese in a tasty tomato sauce. What better on a Friday than this tasty variation on toad-in-the-hole? This cheese sausage batter is quick and easy to make, using items from your store cupboard like a spare egg, flour and gravy. If you don't want to make your own mash, buy a couple of packets of Everyday Value instant mashed potato g for 20p each.

Turn this simple, healthy broccoli, red pepper and cheese frittata into a filling dinner by serving it with garlic bread. It's quick and easy, perfect for a busy week. Salads can be filling too. This main-course fried potato and sausage salad is filling and you can use the condiments in your cupboard - such as ketchup, vinegar and mustard? Perfect for Sunday lunch or dinner, this courgette, bacon and chilli pasta bake is tasty and filling. Make it cheaper by using dried chilli and dried herbs instead of fresh.

Spanish omelettes are filling and healthy as they're made with spuds and peppers. Try this simple Spanish-style tortilla recipe for a quick midweek dinner. No Friday night takeaway pizza needed. Make Gino D'Acampo's classic Margherita pizza instead. It's quick, easy and loads tastier than any ready-made ones. Items : Passata g 79p, 2 x Basics mozzarella cheese ball g 44p, basil bunch 28g 80p, strong white bread flour 1. This Women's Weekly recipe for courgette, garlic and herb oaty crust quiche is perfect for Sunday lunch or dinner.

You can use any cream cheese with garlic and herbs, but we've used Roule here. With pesto, mozzarella cheese and red onion, this Woman's Weekly recipe for open Mediterranean lasagne is packed with delicious Italian flavours, perfect for summer. A twist on the classic recipe, this cottage pie with hash browns is filling, tasty and cheap, especially as you'll already have some of the ingredients like ketchup and stock. Use frozen chicken breast as it's cheaper than fresh to make this creamy spaghetti alfredo pasta dish with broccoli and cream cheese.

Packed with vegetables such as carrots, peppers and tomatoes, this hearty bean and root vegetable casserole is filling and so easy to make.

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We've used dried herbs to keep it cheap and Pecorino cheese instead of Parmesan. Items : Onion 9p, carrot 10p, celery 89p, red pepper 80p, Smartprice chopped tomatoes g 31p, 2 x Smartprice red kidney beans in water g 27p each, Chosen by You Grated Pecorino Romano DOP 50g 90p. Use Quorn mince to make this tasty, healthy pasta with vegge bolognese - we've used courgettes, carrots and peppers but use whichever vegetables you prefer.

Healthy Mediterranean Recipes - EatingWell

Have a fun Friday night meal with this quick and easy burrito recipe. Soft tortilla wraps filled with rice, kidney beans and onion, and served with fresh basil, lettuce and tomato salsa, the kids will love it too. Items : Onion 10p, Everyday Value long-grain rice 1kg 40p, Everyday Value red kidney beans in water g 21p, Everyday Value tortilla wraps 8 92p, Little Gem lettuce 2 75p, fresh basil 31g 80p, Everyday Value salsa g 69p.

Sloppy Joe's is an American-style burger sandwich, perfect for a summery Saturday nights supper. Serve with Basics coleslaw g for an extra 45p. This bacon, tomato, spinach and ricotta pasta makes a great Sunday dinner - we've used normal tomatoes as they're cheaper. Or, make your own sundried ones by cutting tomatoes in half, removing the seeds, sprinkling with salt and herbs and leaving outside in a covered glass dish. The key to main course salads is tasty filling ingredients like potatoes and halloumi cheese in this delicious warm radish, halloumi, potato and cherry tomato salad.

This quick and easy bacon and chilli pasta is a handy recipe to fall back on during ultra-busy weeks - use dried basil to keep it under budget.

50 Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes and Meal Ideas

Cheaper cuts of chicken, like chicken wings, are great for budget meals and full of flavour. This Peri-peri chicken dish is a real winner - great with couscous or chips and coleslaw. Light yet filling, this spring courgette and pesto pasta dish is simple to make, and sprinkled over with fresh basil and a tasty vegetarian Parmesan cheese alternative. To keep this filling, healthy vegetarian chilli under budget, we? Salads can be filling meals as this pasta, potato and bacon salad shows.

Add a little dried rosemary instead of fresh to keep it cheap. It's bangers and mash, but not as you know it You can make this delicious bacon squeak frittata from leftovers but also from scratch. It's packed with veg but the kids won't even notice - a guaranteed dinner winner. Still got some leftover turkey? Make Slimming World's turkey risotto - it's healthy too as it's jam-packed with vegetables and fresh parsley. Items : Arborio risotto rice g 82p, loose leeks 49p, red and yellow pepper 72p each, onion 13p, flat-leaf parsley 80p.

Add orange marmalade and fresh oranges or clementines to roast chicken - it gives this Woman's Weekly's citrus roasted chicken a really unique flavour. We love this mellow spiced chicken with chickpeas , it's a lovely way to give Tuesday a warm end. Making your own bread with a mix is not only simple but makes loads for very little money.

This delicious chicken and pesto panini is a delicious way to serve your homemade bread as a midday meal. Double the ingredients for this Souffle omelette to serve four - serve with new potatoes or chips e. These butternut squash and stilton pancakes are delicious and filling too. This recipe serves 4 people and only takes 40 mins to make. This Asian spaghetti is flavoured with soya sauce.

Use frozen mince and standard basil to keep it cheap and cheerful. Double the quantities of this Woman's Weekly Courgette and lemon pasta recipe for a quick, cheap and tasty family meal. This delicious roast sweet potato soup is really simple to make and is bursting with flavour too. This recipe serves 4 people. A great dish for using up storecupboard ingredients, this Corned beef hash makes a filling, warming family dinner.

The kids will love it too. Items : Smartprice cheese spread 40p, Smartprice cooking bacon 75p, Onion 8p, Arborio rice 82p, Smartprice peas 76p, Fresh mint 50p. See how easy a risotto can be with this super simple and delicious sundried tomato and basil recipe. Packed with plenty of herbs and spices these little lentil fritters are a delicious veggie meal in minutes. Items: Great Scot Red Split Lentils g 45p, loose rocket chillies 9p, fresh coriander 31g 80p, salad onions 75p, cherry tomatoes g 98p, natural Greek-style yogurt g 55p. Use dried spices and skip the chutney to make this flavoursome Lentil and spinach curry.

Items : Canned green lentils 48p, Bonduelle spinach 74p, Smartprice chopped tomatoes 33p, Red onion 10p, Garlic 30p, Pitta bread 35p, Pataks Madras curry sauce 72p. Adding potatoes in soup makes it extra filling with an inexpensive ingredient. We love the sharp, sweet and salty combo in this celeriac, cider and Stilton soup. Items: Onion 11p, celeriac approx g Adding a strong cheese is a great way to add lots of flavour while only using a little bit. This sweet potato pasta is a delicious speed meal that the whole family will love.

Items: Loose sweet potatoes approx g 45p, Everyday Value pasta penne quills g 29p, Everyday Value garden peas g 89p, Everyday Value low-fat natural yogurt g 49p, Counter Pilgrims Choice Mature Cheddar approx g 45p. Use up those bits and bobs in the cupboard, like your flour and bread in this simple tomato and ricotta tart. With the sweet tomatoes and creamy ricotta, it tastes just like summer.

Whip up this hearty Italian cabbage and white bean stew for a filling mid-week meal when you everyone fancies a good old bowl of comfort food. Items: Onion 10p, celery g 80p, loose carrots 16p, 2 x Basics chopped tomatoes g 31p, Savoy cabbage 60p, cannellini beans in water g 69p, Wright's Ciabatta Bread Mix g 90p.

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This Bombay potato recipe comes complete with yogurt and naan breads for a satisfying meal. This classic family meal has been given an added boost of flavour with crispy bascon and sweet peas. Get the macaroni recipe here. So, ditch that take away, save some pennies and make these instead. For 78p per serving, make this healthy, tasty roasted courgette and tomato couscous.

No more Indian takeways - make this chickpea and potato curry for 51p per serving. No need for a pricy take away with this delicious aubergine and coconut curry recipe which can be whipped up in under half an hour. These tasty cheese and ham toasties are a bit of a naughty dinner treat but they are sure to get the kids eating all their tea. It takes less than an hour and is cheap as chips! Simply double the ingredients on this smoked salmon and broccoli frittata recipe for a family meal.

Items: 6 eggs 85p, Smoked salmon trimming 87p, Broccoli 75p. This roasted vegetable bake is not only cheap - it's healthy too! A winner all round. Use tinned green beans instead of fresh runner beans to make this super-cheap sausage bake. Items : Thick pork sausages 8 95p, Butternut squash 70p, Bonduelle cut green beans 42p, Cherry tomatoes 82p, Garlic 24p. Use chilli flakes or loose chillies in this healthy pasta with roast butternut squash. You can't beat a bowl of soup to warm you up for lunch or dinner and this squash and pepper recipe is one of our absolute favourites.

You even have enough in the budget to buy an organic squash! Lots of you love this delicious bacon and cheese pasta from goodtoknow user Vanessa Jones. Using your dried herbs make a lot of recipes cheaper, like this courgette pasta bake. This tasty bean hotpot makes a delicious winter meal without the need for meat. This Woman's Weekly chicken and spring onion pancake recipe is still cheap and cheerful - and you'll have some of the ingredients already, like flour, milk and oil. Using lamb and mutton mince makes these kebabs in pitta a real bargain dinner. To make this tomato-baked chicken cheaper, use dried herbs and normal mushrooms instead of button.

Chilli, lemon and walnuts add zest and flavour to Gino D'Acampo's broccoli and courgette spaghetti. A real British classic, this toad in the hole is a lot easier than you might think to make. The secret is getting the fat extra hot before adding the batter. Turn simple ingredients like eggs, potatoes and bacon into Gary Rhodes' bacon and cheese frittata. Just buy ready-rolled pastry, cherry tomatoes and pesto for this tasty Tomato tart.

Posh enough for Sunday lunch, this pork and apple bake is a delicious family meal that is cooked in one pan so the flavours mix and mingle making it extra tasty. Just use one cheese in this cheap risotto. This Women's Weekly recipe for basic mince is really versatile and very cheap to make.

You can serve with the spaghetti, baked potatoes or with rice. If you've got lots of spices sitting in your cupboard, this pea and French bean curry is a great way to use them up. Use fresh beans and frozen peas to make this dish. This creamy mushroom stroganoff makes a great Sunday dinner, served with mash. We've doubled the ingredients. If you've got wine already, add a splash otherwise cook it without.

Upon her death, famed chef Seamus Mullen said Casas "did more, perhaps, than any single other person to bring the foods of Spain to our shores, and her love for, and knowledge of, the foods of Spain will live on in our kitchens. This debut cookbook from the celebrated, bestselling authors of "Jerusalem" was originally published in the U.

In her book "The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: A Delicious Alternative for Lifelong Health," Jenkins meant "diet" in the basic sense of the word: what we eat, what we should eat and what we used to eat, at least if you lived along the shores of the Mediterranean. Gur collected more than recipes from traditional dishes of various Israeli communities and modern renditions by leading Israeli chefs. Short articles on various aspects of the local food culture — coffee, olive oil, bread and more — add depth and scope to the picturesque recipe images.