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Oddly enough this product would have been successful had it not been mired in a maze of confusion and deceit. Gone is the traveling snake oil salesman usher in the computer shell game.

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Hi, I just want to say.. South Beach.. It is probably going to tell you to have six meals.. In regards to having less arthritic pain..

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I recommend the South Beach Diet.. I am sceptical to buy anything that is not someone with a medical degree or Dietician Degree. Hi everyone. I also started seeing cellulite forming and wanted to fight back. MOST were fit, older than me by at least years and looked my age 28 or younger and told me about books to read, etc. Finally now with acupuncture by Dr. Fiona Kelly, Las Vegas, NV which is over 3 thousand years old I have put all the pieces together and it all boils down to one thing.

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FOOD can either be poison or medicine to the body. I used to be vegan but I prefer to eat meat based on my new knowledge and the improvements I have seen in my health, energy and vitality. However in the future I may be inclined to seek alternative sources of proteins once I have regulated my metabolism. It works. MAke the Adjustment!

Otherwise why even learn about it or even complain? I, like others, will buy it when it comes in a hard copy.

Hopefully the administrator of this site will take notice. I would love to order this program. But I would prefer a paper back book. I work on a computer all day, do not want to look at it more, when I get home. If they become available in hardback, Please e-mail and I will definitely order. This thing works. And guess what? I eat just like how the diet here talks about, and I never gain a pound. So without doubt, and I am a living example, this program works! I listened to what was explained and adopted their principles. Downloaded with ease from the site last night.

Just started on program and will let you know progress. Seems pretty straightforward to me. Awesome that my dietary type is mixed. As for those people not receiving a download — if you listened to the video or even read what was said on the video, then you would have realised and known to scroll to the end of the webpage. I rated this program 5 out of 5 stars. I feel fantastic….

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Not too bad! And I feel great! As far as the downloads…. Remember, scroll completely to the bottom of the page when you read!!!! This time I tried purchasing the program using the link from this site and it worked. From my previous negative experience, I believe some of the links the Diet Solution has online are outdated, i. The product is legitimate, real and people do get what they pay for but only when they follow instructions to download the product. Nothing will be sent to you. I paid, recieved the download links, no problem.

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I read the comments here and thought perhaps the people who did not receive the downloads were making mistakes and therefore unable to access their purchases. I am on a friends PC and I do not have one. I want to purchase the hard copy and the ones they show on the video. Whats the difference between reading a hard copy book and reading on your computer screen? All that matters is that you start the program and actually do it. You people are pathetic!

This company is making things EXTREMELY simple for you to receive and start using immediately rather than having to wait the usual six weeks or so for crap you order online or from television. Do it and enough already with the stupids BBB and Attorney general threats! I ordered the program and wanted the books. I have tried calling and no one returns my calls. How do I get the books all I have for a computer is a netbook it will not take a large download like this please help.

A Success Story. Buy this book from Amazon. By Mizpah Matus B. Although many nuts are high in fat, the fat is mainly unsaturated — a great choice to help you eat healthy. How: First, put nuts on the grocery list. Nuts are high in calories, so it's best to enjoy them in place of other snacks, not in addition, and to keep serving sizes small.

How: For two days, don't put any salt on your food at all. A short break can help reset your taste buds. Then, leave the salt shaker in the cabinet, so it becomes a bit of an effort to reach for it. Make a ritual out of truly tasting your food before you decide if it needs tweaking. This makes healthy food choices readily available to you at work or on an outing. And since you are controlling portion sizes, you can make sure that you're not supersizing your meal. Plus, it saves you money. How: Once a week before you shop for groceries, write out a meal plan that leaves enough leftovers for one or two lunches.

How: First, for one week, keep track of how often you eat fruits and vegetables. One serving equals one-half cup of chopped fruit or most vegetables; for raw leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach, a serving is one cup. Once you have your baseline, try adding one fruit or vegetable serving a day. In an ideal world, food delights all our senses: it looks beautiful, smells heavenly, and tastes delicious, and its textures feel and even sound satisfying. Start thinking about food as something to really savor and enjoy. How: Pencil in time to prepare and savor one or two special meals a week.

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