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I've spent some time away from Kathy Reichs, not for any particular reason, but now I've returned to these books I remember exactly why I love the series as much as I do. Temperance Brennan is a wonderful forensic anthropologist, calm and collected in her science, but with strong emotional interests. One of the aspects of her character that I enjoy is that she can be very self contained and happy within her own space. She doesn't need anyone else at her side necessarily. There's a point in the st I've spent some time away from Kathy Reichs, not for any particular reason, but now I've returned to these books I remember exactly why I love the series as much as I do.

There's a point in the story where this comment is made - in a highly sensitive situation Brennan makes the point that while she wants someone to remain with her, that doesn't mean that she needs them. I thought, for her character, that was a fitting comment. The case in this book is involved. It has a lot of twists and turns, with build up in characters throughout, red herrings and pieces of new information to throw the reader and Brennan off one trail.

Overall, all aspects of the book make it a thoroughly enjoyable read. Jul 25, Denise Clark rated it liked it. Reichs' books are an easy read probably why I read them. I've read two of hers so far. This one for me was confusing. Because I couldn't read it straight through or almost straight through , I couldn't keep up with the cast of thousands.

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Okay, there were not thousands but you know what I mean. I feel there are too many characters to really get a good grip on the story line. And, in order to close off all the various story lines without making this a HUGE book, some easy endings are opted for. One thing that really bugs me about the book is the in-your-face foreshawdowing. About three or four times at the end of the chapter sentences such as "I was about to find out" or "I couldn't know how right I was" are used. I'm paraphrasing here. Come on, you don't need to hit me over the head -- be creative when forshadowing something.

I'm intelligent, I'll get it. All that being said, I will probably read one or two more to see if anything differs. My fear is that the location and names will change but the storyline will not. Jan 16, Stephanie Jean rated it it was ok. I found it rather challenging to not fall asleep while reading the context. Apr 14, Laura rated it it was ok Shelves: e-books , viciados-em-livros , american-fiction , fiction , read , mtbr-challenge , suspense-thriller , kindle.

I have read better mystery books compared to this one. I was only curious to know the work of Kathy Reichs. It's enough for me now. Jan 18, Bmquiram rated it really liked it. Great story even though I was very distracted during my read. I had a sick child air lifted to a children's hospital an hour an a half from home 2 yrs old.

It was christmas time, and then I found out I'm pregnant. I used this book to try and distract myself for a few minutes at a time so stress didn't overwhelm me and it worked. Even though things weren't great firm me over the holidays I was still thankful I wasn't one of the characters of the book.

Another corker by Kathy love the twists and turns also the characters are so real I can almost see them in front of me. Feb 28, Pamela Mclaren rated it really liked it Shelves: mysteries. Our favorite forensic anthropologist is at it again. At a party in the country with her daughter and her estranged husband's dog, Tempe Brennan comes across remains of black bear and in her exploration of the bones, finds some that are human.

Tempe is called to the site of a plane crash and all the clues lead to the conclusion that the two men in the plane had been dropping drugs before flying into a mountain. In a nearby farm, more remains are found, including a skull with a bullet hole in the Our favorite forensic anthropologist is at it again. In a nearby farm, more remains are found, including a skull with a bullet hole in the back. There are also drugs and feathers of a nearly extinct bird. And she begins to get threatening emails.

This is an exciting read and fortunately, the main character is smart, intuitive but human. Its always fun to read about the adventures of this Tempe Brennan, who I think is a much more interesting character than the TV version. Oct 01, Melanie rated it it was ok Shelves: tempe-brennan , mystery-and-thriller , dissappointing-reads , I have decided to challenge myself to read books which I own.

This is frugal. This is a logical plan. The only problem For this reason I made an adjustment to my plan. I chose several owned books from different genres and series and decided to read those series in order until finished filling in the gaps with free library loans. I tell you all this because as you can see from my low star rating I did not love this book. I myself am baffled by how Luke warm my reaction was to this particular story.

You know.. I wondered if I was just too tired, or too hot it has been the most hot and humid summer on record where I live , or too distracted Alas however, I have come to a decision. This book was not my favourite because Tempe is in danger again warned off by a mysterious villain again. She accidentally falls into a mystery again with so many convoluted threads and connections that at times they are hard to follow again but ultimately forgivable because you enjoy the book not so much this time.

Then Tempe is in a truly dangerous conundrum near the end of the book again because she has headed off to confront a villain again and is miraculously rescued by a law enforcement tough guy again who somehow manages to save her despite herself again The books were not released 2 weeks apart and if I had not read them all back to back I may not have noticed or been bothered by these structural similarities. Jun 12, Sherri rated it it was ok. This book was mainly frustrating. There was soooo much potential and it was so wasted. The idea of a forensic anthropologist as the main character was great.

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However, everything about the book became more and more implausible. Apparently all of North Carolina crime is committed by about five people. The repeated over-use of foreshadowing is written This book was mainly frustrating. The repeated over-use of foreshadowing is written like a sixth grader was writing.

And the main character, Dr. I think perhaps Reichs forgot a few times that she hadn't put certain details in to the story The doctor herself is fairly unlikeable - carrying random hatred for people for no particular reason and consistently letting it get in the way of her work. I can only assume this was a blatant attempt at a "red herring," move, but like the foreshadowing the "red" is so overdone that it practically glows in the dark.

In Brennan's personal life, she is carrying on an affair with a cop who has no apparent reason for being in the story. Seriously, if you are going to spend that much time on a character, DO something with them other than talk about how attractive they are! Someone must have told Reichs that sex sells. Still, if you take out all the cliched, overdone literary devices designed to sell books, Reichs could have had a passable story. Just don't read it if you like to analyze or think too hard because the inconsistencies will annoy you. Maybe have a beer first - the story will go down easier.

I am enjoying this story, but the reader makes a noise with her mouth between words, something like smacking. It is driving me nuts. Does she read all of this series? Also, the author seems to do a strange thing where instead of the saying "So and So said It took me a while to figure out why one person constantly said the name of the other after each quote in the conversation. Kind of strange. I would like to see I am enjoying this story, but the reader makes a noise with her mouth between words, something like smacking.

I would like to see how it is acutally written on page, or if is an artifact of the audiobook. Typically in a mystery, the author tries to keep up the suspense by tyring to keep the reader guessing about who really committed the crime. Well, it just doesn't say a lot about your skills as an author that you were able to keep the reader guessing when you never introduced the reader to the perpetrator. Yeah, I didn't see that one coming, cuz I hardly knew he existed. And honestly, there were so many characters, even if I had, I probably wouldn't remember. The wrap up section where they discuss how the crimes were committed, and by whom, was just about uninteligible to me.

There were so many names being thrown out, I got lost. Perhaps if I were reading it I could slow down and figure it out, but hearing 20 names in a row, I just couldn't keep up. It was a reasonably interesting story, but it wasn't my favorite by any stretch. Nov 23, Katie rated it it was amazing.

Bare Bones - (Temperance Brennan 6)

I adore this series of books and find them very easy going and a pleasure to read. I have enjoyed getting to know the characters over the various different books. I know the books are different to the tv show but i stared reading them before it was released so my view hasnt been tainted by that. Sometimes I think people tend to take books too seriously of this genre but at the end of the day its a fictional story that gives you an insight into the world of forensics with mystery and intrigue, a I adore this series of books and find them very easy going and a pleasure to read.

Sometimes I think people tend to take books too seriously of this genre but at the end of the day its a fictional story that gives you an insight into the world of forensics with mystery and intrigue, a human interest, good humour in places and a really enjoyable read able to paint a clear picture in your minds eye exaclty what I expect from a author of her calibure. May 15, stephanie rated it did not like it Shelves: trashythrillers. View 2 comments. Set entirely within the Queen City orbit -- just what I wanted. It's amazing when you get to finish a book and immediately start the next in a series, knowing you can read to your heart's content.

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The first day of funemployment is a lovely lazy day for that. Nor did the uptown traffic. Or was it downtown? Charlotteans have yet to agree on which way their city is turned.

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Myers Park. Most cling to the past like Boston biddies gripping the genealogy charts that identify them as Daughters of the American Revolution.

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Zoning is enforced. Trees are protected. Nontraditional architecture, if not banned outright by a homeowners' ordinance, is viewed with disapproval by obdurate residents. But that times-of-yore grip has slipped uptown, where the theme is concrete, glass, and steel. Those same Charlotteans who sip martinis on magnolia-shaded patios in the evening take pride in their city's skyscraper core during the working day. In fact, it is the preservationists who are on the run uptown.

That's not it. It's more a concern for me than them. At the end of the day, I need to leave those cadavers cold and silent on their stainless steel. I need to not think about them.

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I need to read a book, or see a movie, or discuss politics or art. I need to reestablish perspective and remind myself that life offers much more than violence and mayhem. But with certain cases, the emotional fire wall is harder to maintain. With certain cases, my mind loops back to the pure horror of it, no matter what rationalizations I make. The dead pilot and passenger are burned beyond recognition, and covered in an unknown substance.

And then a store of bones is found in a remote corner of the county. What has happened, and who will be the next victim? The answers lie hidden deep within the bones - but Tempe must find them in time to stop further disaster. Feisty forensic anthropologist Temperance Tempe Brennan is supposed to be on vacation, but body parts keep turning up. At the start of her sixth adventure, she's awaiting the arrival of her current flame, Quebecois sleuth Andrew Ryan, so she can head for the beach near her hometown of Charlotte, N. Before he shows up, she's called in to use her world-class forensics skills when a local janitor's infant granddaughter is found dead and charred in an oven.

Then some strange, decomposing remains " 'Human? Ryan finally arrives, but Brennan's vacation is indefinitely put on hold when a small plane crashes nearby. Two people are dead, and her expertise is required yet again "The skull had suffered massive communitive fracturing on impact. All the pieces of the mystery seem to lead back to an isolated farm. But what happened there and who will be the next victim?

Tempe must find the answers by teasing secrets from the bones - if only she can decipher them in time A superb new thriller from the number one bestselling author of Grave Secrets. Genre: Mystery. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.