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  • Raise your hand if you remember when MySpace and Friendster were all the rage. It has to be at least nine years since I logged into MySpace.

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    Although, I created my Facebook account in Breaches the common law or statutory duty of care, for example, by exercising a power of investment without exercising such skill and care as is reasonable in the circumstances see Practice note, Trustees' duties of skill and care. Authorise a trustee to do something that is not permitted by the general law. For example, self-dealing may be allowed subject to conditions, and will then not be a breach of trust if those conditions are met.

    Excuse a trustee from liability for something that is a breach of trust a trustee exemption clause. However, trustees have a minimum duty to perform the trusts honestly and in good faith for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

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    In the Year Book, 21 H. If I deliver a jewel or money to my servant to keep, and he flees or goes from me with the jewel, is it felony?

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    • Cutler said, Yes : for so long as he is with me or in my house, that which I have delivered to him is adjudged to be in my possession; as my butler, who has my plate in keeping, if he flees with it, it is felony. Same law; if he who keeps my horse goes away with, him: The reason is, they are always in my possession.

      Breach of Trust

      But if I deliver a horse to my servant to ride to market or the fair and he flee with him, it is no felony; for e comes lawfully to the possession of the horse by delivery. And so it is, if I give him a jewel to carry to London, or to pay one, or to buy a thing, and he flee with it, it is not felony : for it is out of my possession, and he comes lawfully to it. It can well be: for the master in these cases has an action against him, viz. See this point fully discussed in Stamf.

      Breach of trust

      Also, 13 Ed. See: breach See: abuse , corruption , disloyalty , embezzlement , improbity , infidelity , infraction , misappropriation breach of trust a failure by a trustee to discharge the duties imposed on him by the terms of the trust or by the general law in relation to the trust property or the beneficiaries. Mentioned in? Sandford embezzlement imprescriptible obligations improbity inexcusable neglect infidelity infraction larceny Mechanical Jurisprudence Michigan. References in periodicals archive?