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Theros Ironfeld. Don Perrin. The Doom Brigade. Don Perrin , Margaret Weis.

The Soulforge. Margaret Weis. Brothers in Arms. Dragons of a Fallen Sun.

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Margaret Weis , Tracy Hickman. Dragons of a Lost Star. Dragons of a Vanished Moon.

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Dragons of the Hourglass Mage. Dragons of the Dwarven Depths. Dragons of the Highlord Skies. Amber and Blood. Disgusted, Kang's regiment revolts, and returns to their town.

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On their return, however, they find their village in flames. They slaughter any dwarves that they can find in their village, and nail their bodies to posts. Meanwhile, four dwarves who regularly make trips to search for riches, Pestle, Mortar, Auger and Selquist discover a map leading to the lost treasures of Neraka while raiding Thorbardin through a secret passage.

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Plotting revenge, Kang orders a small group of five draconians, including himself and Slith, to enter the dwarven town to find out who burned down their village. Slith and the other three shape shift into dwarven guards, while Kang turns invisible. However, when the dwarves discover one of the draconians, the five beat a hasty retreat.

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Slith managed to steal a book with the map secreted within it from Selquist before they retreated; however, Selquist now pursues the draconians. After he catches Kang, he drives a knife into Kang's leg, temporarily crippling him. The dwarf and the draconians squabble over the book, ending up with the dwarf regaining the book, but the draconians keeping the cover, which has the map hidden inside it. The draconians retreat into their camp, unbeknownst to the fact they have the map to the Nerakan treasures. A few days later, Selquist appears at the draconian camp, begging Kang to remove a curse which he believes has been put on him.

Kang does so after being told that the map leads to unhatched draconian females. Knowing that "rescuing" the females is the only way to continue their own race, Kang and twenty-four other draconians set out to retrieve the eggs. Unfortunately, the four dwarves decide to destroy the eggs and steal the treasure. Joined by a retinue from Moorthane, the dwarven war chief, and twenty guards, the dwarves set out. For many days and nights, Kang's regiment follow the dwarves. Just before entering Thorbardin, however, Kang is visited by Huzzud, who warns him that the Dark Queen wishes him to complete some great task before he gains the eggs.

Unable to be told more, Kang leaves Huzzud.


After traveling for a long while in the tunnels of Thorbardin, the dwarves stumble upon a grell. Grells are large, green octopus-like creatures that float above the ground who live underground. Unfortunately, this one has a wand of The Dark Queen. After a long battle, the draconians join in, slaying the grell and taking the wand. Later, just before reaching their goal, they stumble on a lair of rock and molten lava.

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A nice piece of fantasy pulp fiction, if you like that sort of thing. The First Dragonarmy engineers featured in their second novel, this time with nothing less than the future of their race in their hands. Margaret Weis was born on March 16, in Independence, Missouri. She graduated from the University of Missouri in She worked for Herald Publishing House, starting as a proofreader and leaving as the editorial director of their trade press division. In , she went to work for TSR, Inc.