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I thought he was a mutt when we took him in, but were concerned that he was a pit mix.

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I wanted to know what else he was. After a lot of research on various websites and finding pictures that showed his breed I now know that I have a Presa Caranio. This book gave me a history of the breed, its characristics and what to expect from my dog. I recommend this book to people who are looking into this breed as a pet.

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About this product Product Identifiers Publisher. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less. Best Selling in Nonfiction See all. Unfreedom of The Press by Mark R. Their bodies are broad and muscular, and their heads are powerful and square. Many Presa Canarios in the USA have had their ears surgically cropped, but this procedure, while still relatively common, is controversial.

Perro de Presa Canario

However, many dog owners have mixed feelings about putting their dogs through painful and unnecessary surgical procedures. We explore this issue in more detail in our article on Dog Ear Cropping. A Presa Canario female is smaller in both instances, standing from 56 — 62 cm at the withers. Females weigh around 40 — 55 kg. The United Kennel Club breed standard allows this.


Due to their short, single coat, the Presa Canario only needs a weekly brushing to look sleek and shiny. Nails must be trimmed regularly, as with any other dog. Presa Canarios can be prone to a build-up of wax in the ears. Presa Canarios are known for their intelligence, which can be combined with a gentle and affectionate nature towards their families. However, owners should be aware: if there is any sign that their family is in danger, they will not hesitate to protect them. A high degree of training is therefore necessary, so the owner is in full control.

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  • Care should be taken when introducing strangers. While a well-trained Presa Canario can make a wonderful family pet, they will always require careful and intelligent handling. However, any breed of dog has the potential to be aggressive — or well behaved — with the right socialization, training, and handling. Despite their size, Presa Canarios require relatively little exercise, and they will be happy with a medium-length walk each day. Mature dogs which have yet to undergo any formal or effective training can become stubborn, and prone to taking control of situations.

    Getting to know the Presa Canario

    This is a breed with a high level of self-confidence and assurance, so they are best handled by experiences and confident dog owners. Breeding dogs should also have their joints examined before mating takes place — find out how to understand the results here. Presa Canarios are strong-willed and independent. Owners with experience are therefore necessary. The Presa Canario temperament can certainly lend itself to life as a family dog and companion, but they are best suited to households with older children.

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    As well as recommending that aggressive Presa Canarios should be disqualified from the breed standard the FCI also caution that overly shy dogs should not be encouraged to breed. This is something to talk to any breeder about, especially when meeting puppies and their parents. If a breeder makes excuses to put you off meeting them, reconsider taking a puppy from their litter. Talk about any health tests that the Presa Canario puppies have undergone and the results. Any reputable breeder will be happy to provide this information.

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    They need lots of socializing and positive reinforcement training to become model canine citizens. Why crop his ears,just to make him look aggressive? I have a pres a scenario pup golden strip 5 months very active and highly alert smart as a whip. I want to crop his ears. When is the right time to have the surgery for him or is it too late? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.