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Like elements in several other myths. The name of Bolverk Evil-Doer assumed by Odin in Jotunheim and his ruthless treatment of the nine human serfs that he meets there represent another of Odin's masks — the God of War pdf. Lib Just another WordPress site. February 23, One of the most well known mythological horses is Pegasus. Nanabozho could hardly keep from crying aloud, for the tail of the monster prickled his sides.

Singing this song, they caused the mill Grotti to grind out an army to slay the people of King Frodi. But none of these things could praise them, so they formed more advanced beings of clay. The gods then took sparks from Muspellsheim to make the sun, and set the moon on its proper course. No valid distinction though can be drawn between the dwarfs and dark elves. While he broke out the razors for kittens, he was more focused on the aesthetic for their adult forms online.

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What do you have to say? He was surrounded by Odin and the twelve leading gods , e. Timeweave download pdf powertraders. Finegas the poet, who Fionn lived with, was supposed to. Burning his finger was an accident. The tree of life - Yggdrasil holds the nine worlds together. Evil are chewing on it to continually destroy the world. What was in the strange container housed in the coffin? As Harry begins to solve the mystery of Chaco Canyon, he learns an astonishing secret: the history of our planet is NOT what we've been taught!

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Create a List. February 8, Based on the classic comic strip of the same name. A comedy sci fi series about formerly dead people being recruited by God to fight evil demons. Now on NBC's Chiller horror channel. Ghost Hunters. October 6, October 26, Ghost Hunters Academy. Spin-off of Ghost Hunters. Ghost Hunters International. January 9, October 5, January 4, December 6, Drama , Black comedy , Fantasy , Action , Thriller.

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Paranormal , Documentary. December 18, Consisting of two investigating teams, Jack Osbourne and Dana Workman, and Jael de Pardo and Devin Marble drive across America's highways and back roads, investigating cases of various alleged cryptid sighting. March 24, Imported from Syfy Australia. The series' cancellation was announced ahead of the mid-season five premiere. January 10, A group of CDC scientists investigate a political outbreak of a disease.

The series was cancelled after two seasons. The show follows nine cast members as they compete in cosplay events at various conventions across the United States. October 27, September Reality television , Game show. Based on the novel Alien Hunter by Whitley Strieber. The remaining episodes were moved to Tuesdays at midnight due to poor ratings in the Monday night slot until the show was cancelled ahead of the last episode's airing.

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November 30, January 25, A young man tries to find the woman he loves by posing as an executive in order to infiltrate one of the corporate world. April 13, Each episode profiles the perspective from six different individuals who tell the dark side of social media and how it played a cruel part in their life. The Invisible Man. February 1, Sci-fi, Spy-fi. Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge.

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A group of Creature Designers compete against each other to create puppets and animatronics such as those found in science fiction, comedy and kids' and family shows. It was not renewed for a second season. Joe Rogan Questions Everything. September 25, December 4, December 19, A group of paranormal researchers investigate reported paranormal activity in haunted locations around the world including the notorious characters these locations are associated with through history.

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August 17, Historian and adventure-seeker Ashley Cowie hunts for one of the most powerful lost treasures in the world. April 18, April 26, A space ship crew consisting of the captain of the Lexx, Stanley H. Together they are looking for a new home. March 13, April 29, Reality game show where outsiders have to live with people with Alternative lifestyles as their judges. Marcel's Quantum Kitchen. Former Top Chef contestant Marcel Vigneron and his team create unique dishes with science for a client's event.

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Metal Hurlant Chronicles. Science fiction , Action , Fantasy.

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Imported from French channel France 4. Syfy aired some episodes from both seasons. Mission Genesis. November 14, The Journey of a multi-generation spaceship in search of a new home for humanity, called Deepwater Black in other countries. The first long original Syfy series. March 14, Reality show starring special effects artist Cleve Hall and his family, where they take on various projects. Mystery Science Theater January 31, Best Brains, Inc. October 29, December 3, December 2, December 13, Fevre River Jacket Co.

Based on the novella and short series of the same name by George R. Imported from Canadian channel Super Channel. The story of how several brave men and women banished the gods from Olympus to the unconscious realm, a place dubbed as the Kingdom of Hades, or the underworld. February 26, Based on the Chilean series Mundos Opuestos. The Outer Limits. Painkiller Jane.

September 21, Based on the comic book character of the same name. Spin-off of UK show, Primeval. At the time most of the episodes were airing months after the series was cancelled by their original network, Syfy burned off the final episodes in one day. Proof Positive. October 8, A paranormal investigations series hosted by Amanda Tapping. April 23, Robot fighting competition hosted by Chris Jericho. October 3, December 30, A doctor and her team study and protect the strange creatures living in their world. First North American series to be filmed with Red One camera.

Cancelled six months after the season four finale aired.

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October 28, August 1, Series where accounts of paranormal activity in schools and universities are told through reenactments. The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. The untold adventures of the famed writer and his friends.