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First Doctor

Is the age of the sun at noon its past age, the age it was when the light on her now was emanating from it; or is the age of the sun at noon its present age? The past, present and future are all contained in such a telling. Conscious living through conscious decision making might entail all kinds of research and planning.

Where she shops, and works; how she lives and loves must be connected to her belief system and understanding of value. She knows this will take a long time to figure out, but she knows this is the right path. The sun casts shadows showing a passage of time, reviving the question of how old that light is, and bringing the meaningful life she has dreamt of more fully into consciousness. She had shattered archetypes and socially implicated mores just by driving out here, just by sitting here after hiking; just as she had shattered these fetters she was using their pieces to create a new life, a new mode of transport for her spirit, a new archetype.

Being lured away from frequented paths is a good thing. Chapter 8 Memory: the end of dreaming high school She stood quietly waiting to be called on stage to accept her award. Her life had been passing her by and then she is told she won an award for starting a small school within the large, racially segregated African American, inner city high school and somehow working there made sense.

She waited calmly in order to remember this moment. Then she saw her principal go up to the MC. She thought it had to do with her and she was right. His kente cloth was pressed so straight it stood away from his chest. The MC announced the prize she was winning and her smile spread wider as she stepped forward. She ran out of the banquet hall crying. Those Badlands Badland National Park, South Dakota The rugged, alien landscape was as familiar to her as the street she had grown up on. She found it beautiful and quiet. After her initial shock that her dreams are real, she also felt safe and secure here as she had never before felt.

In the foreground is the Chadron Formations with their crumbling, rounded forms that contain fragile fossils and quartz crystals. As the temperature climbs toward degrees, she stays seated in the shadow of the car considering the connection she also felt with the skeleton dancers from yesterday. She wondered how real it could have been and how immediately upon arriving in the Badlands she had known where to walk and had stayed there almost 24 hours before returning to her car. No food the whole time but she had emptied the hiking bladder in her backpack and this morning she had only wanted an apple.

Now she is finally feeling hungry and makes a peanut butter sandwich and grabs a coke out of the watery cooler. She sits back down making Berlin raise an ear to her movement but not even open an eye. Even the Doberman has felt at peace here. Since rescuing her from an abusive family in an upscale neighborhood two years ago, the dog had barely slept in her presence—always on guard and always at the door. So well mannered and trained, Berlin had to teach her some of the responsibilities of owning a dog.

It was easy living with such a fine creature and the increasing violence of her neighborhood had warranted the addition of a true watch dog even though at first she had resisted the idea. Berlin was a compromise between her and her family—a gun or a dog. She chose a dog. She takes a sip of water which turns into a raging waterfall crashing on top of her as it flows down her throat. She understands such sculpting, knowing the outcome is produced by hands moved by love. She also feels that she has been here before and has now been returned to finish her own sculpting, her own carving out a form that is her life out of the rock she has allowed to harden inside.

She knows another moment like the skeleton dancers is about to happen but is not as scared as she was yesterday when the vision starts to happen. Her car keys lay unclenched as she feels strength from having remembered her past so vividly yesterday and it is this strength that makes her eager for another experience.

How will she remember these experiences when back in the city? How can she remain the same person? She has no desire to run away to a mountain hermitage in order to remember or to give up on certain people in her life in order to integrate. A life of sacrifice may be inherent in her dreams and now these visions, but the sacrifice is of facades, artifices, seeming circus costumes and circus acts. Imbalance is the main sacrifice she needs to make since balance is needed in her life.

She takes her shoes off to feel the ground and sees how her pedicure is slowly chipping off. Usually she is very aware. She needs to sacrifice this preoccupation to see that not thinking about her life causes problems and suffering. Accepting the harvest that is hers means not being afraid of a new life, a new crop of ideas, a new field to plow.

Is that the harvest the raven refers to in her dreams? The winds begin murmuring, discussing her sacrifice and bringing in balance. The skies, the cliffs, the glistening rocks on the ground all cooperate to help ease her into a new understanding of reality. The cliffs look softer and unfocused as heat rises from the desert floor. Then the cliffs start melting away as prairie grasses start completely covering them. Tears fall down her face adding to the rushing river first pushing past her then spreading out over her.

Soon an ocean covers the rocks and her, making it very dark, as a tiny sun barely reaches this ocean bottom. She shivers, as the darkness grows deeper, wondering if this is really happening, if it ever really happened. But she realizes that she is sitting beneath the water breathing just fine. Then just as suddenly as it came, the water leaves. She is left sitting in a lake, then a pond, then a puddle, then a rainforest, then a prairie, then on the dry, desert floor, crying tears of dust swirling in the breeze.

Then, the whole cycle repeats itself. The water covers everything then leaves until dust conquers the land again. The cycles of this land are analogies for the cycles of life, of spirit. Just as she has walked this trail today, she has walked this trail in the past; she will walk this trail in the future. Thousands of years will flow through her spirit, and become nothing, and she will still come here to walk this trail, swim in its waters, see its visions.

That is why she had dreamt of this place without having known it before--because her spirit knows it. Macro and micro cosmos concentrically connect on this trail. Her little world passes through to a larger one. Circles within circles spin around her, through her, to teach her, to show her how each cycle supports the next: how the nutrients from the water cycle create rich soils to grow the next cycle, how the dust here is preparing for the next cycle. How can I contribute to this cycle and share the resources I have?

She realizes that maybe these are windows and not mirrors, but as that thought begins to take shape the rocks start to return to shining rocks losing all reflective quality and intuitively she knows the window idea to be wrong. The scene around her begins to return with her car, the waning sun and Berlin still sleeping soundly. Was she sculpting her mysteries onto these rocks as a conversation between her consciousness and unconsciousness or was the spirit of these rocks speaking its own language based in visuals and feelings? She had felt such a communication was still being sought when she saw the cave walls and now these rocks in the Badlands were communicating as well.

No human hand can do that. So why not…confine ourselves to scratching on them runes of our own mysteries? The rocks around her glisten and blink their shining surfaces reflecting the pink clouds overhead as she tries to understand. The sunset lingers for a long time after the sun drops beneath the western horizon, its colors spinning out from the west with circular patterns in pinks, purples and reds. The waning moon appears suddenly muted by the spinning, rounded colors until the earth revolves enough to provide a deeper blue sky on which it can project itself in red and orange hues.

Its decaying tip can be seen for a long time as if the earth pauses in its revolutions to provide this moment, this chance to further awaken to her life and her purpose in it. As she stands by her tent looking out at the sunset and then the setting moon behind the badland cliffs she sees a red string coming toward her which turns into the road burning red with fire which runs under her feet smoldering from the stars overhead that are reflected within it. Her energy rises to meet them.

Far off she hears drumbeats coming toward her, the notes march closer as the cliffs release their rhythm and residents. The castle formations show a kingdom at peace with its residents, the skeleton dancers, emerging from the cliffs and starting their dance on the red road. She rises to join them, her feet sending up white dust high into the sky where it forms new stars shining down on her. The stars shine so brightly they act like x-rays as she watches her flesh disappear to show her skeleton frame just like the skeleton dancers. Now that phrase has so much more meaning, it is not just a humbling statement it is an eternal truth—that we are the same as the ground we walk on and the dancers we dance with.

The stars show how timeless her soul is, how time-full her flesh is and yet the two have found a chance meeting, an eternal relationship with each other. The skeleton dancers start rising into the star filled sky forming a circle then moving into the dance. She joins the dance. The dance ends just before dawn. Exhilarated by her fearlessness and acceptance of herself she immediately hikes on the same trail which brings another form of silence, one of true familiarity and knowing herself a little bit better.

The weight of change falls upon her. Knowing her truth better means choosing lies will only be a deeper darkness, a further denial of her. She chooses the truth. Trying to learn her purpose requires true intention and even truer sacrifice, an erosion of her past instead of a forgetting. A beautiful sunrise or sunset helps her understand. She opened the door to see what the noise was and recognized one of her students who ran into the classroom to get away from a larger girl.

But the larger girl roughly brushes through the door and past her and continues the fight inside the classroom eventually pulling out a box cutter. Her student instantly takes a tall glass vase from the window sill and throws it missing the girl and smashing the vase into a million pieces on the hard wood floor. The broken glass shines on the brown wood and she sees galaxies surrounding her, just out of reach but circulating around her.

Security arrives and drags the larger girl off to leave her student to clean up the mess. The bell rings. Her lunch period is over. I just want a little job so I can get out of these projects. The gold flecks start impersonating stars and planets, configuring galaxies still beyond reach.

She remembers her first day teaching here. She had felt strange waiting in front of the empty classroom for her first Freshmen English class. The late August heat was already stifling and it was only 8am. The bell had rung and students had started coming in and sitting down. She had waited for the second bell before closing the door. Class had been good after that, she thought she had won. But now she knew no one could win if she gave up her life, gave up living her life, gave up living.

She had not come to this school to learn, but that had not stopped her students from teaching her. She sat in her chair for a long time, not even rising to greet the students coming in for the next class as was her custom. She even began class from the chair, until her passion for teaching had her on her feet and enjoying the moment. Each time she slips back into a suicidal way of life, where her life is slowly killing her, more galaxies appear in puddles, on her windshield, or on the floor of an office until she allows those galaxies to shine in her heart—so she can live her life knowing there is more than just this life.

Chapter 11 Buying a Red Blanket at Wall Drug The day becomes unbearably hot adding to her exhaustion after hiking the Castle Trail and dancing all night with the skeletons, so she drives into the town of Wall. All the tourists entering and exiting Wall Drug with fun money and ice cream cones glance at her and move on. Her feet are slightly swollen and hot, could ice cream help them? Then she steps tenderly on the wood covered sidewalk echoing an eternal rhythm with each footfall. Surprisingly, the scene at Wall Drug is familiar enough to comfort her rather than bother even though the contrast of this world with the last few days of silence and visions is sharp.

The shop windows are like giant tv screens showing children, parents and elders merging their discontent onto a tshirt or a piece of silver jewelry. Occasionally a motorcycle couple or single passes by nodding hello. She feels uneasy that she might buy something and then sees her own discontent folded into a red blanket that makes her feel even warmer than the degrees outside, but she buys it; hoping it will stave off feelings of inadequacy and loneliness as she sits on it to watch the world move.

The tourists continue buying useless nick-knacks--plastic, lead painted and ready to sit on a shelf the posed animals and fake guns keep the economy moving as the tourists exchange their time at work for these things. Seeing all the families reminds her of her family, making her want to connect with them. Then she thinks about the students she teaches and how violent the summers in the neighborhood are; she worries that the substitute teacher is having trouble with the stressed out inner city children.

She searches for a pay phone. When she calls, one of her more disturbed students is in the main office yelling about life so loud she can hear him clearly as the assistant principal tries to show concern over her need to escape. She asks the assistant principal to put the student on the phone with her.

The contrast between the little girl eating ice cream in front of her and her student on the phone brings back memories from just a few nights ago as she crossed the Missouri River and noticed the contrast between the speed of her car and the slowness of the river, the contrast between the moon hanging low in the west and the abstract shadows playing with the sunrise.

Her taste of wild on that river gives her courage to listen to the student, but still plan on how to change careers. This student is living a fast life and pays constantly for it, the little girl in front of her moves slowly around the cone letting it melt over her and onto the wood sidewalk all while enjoying it. He knows even his remarkable intelligence may not be enough to get him away from this situation. She asks him to help her take this time off, to help the substitute and to help the other students. He agrees and she can feel his pride and self esteem grow as she asks him for help; her disconnection grows and she feels a million miles away when he asks when will she return?

She agrees, as sorrow for his lost youth weighs in on her. This student has been arrested for attempted murder and at 17 is facing an unknown life ahead of him. He cares deeply about his family and friends and is remarkably both sensitive to others and hard and cold when needed. How could she help this student see that dreams are real? When she returns to her work and life in the city will she even remember? When she hangs up the phone the little girl skips over to the trash can by the phone to throw away an unfinished ice cream.

She smiles at the little girl. The scene is surreal as the parents try to make a choice about free entertainment that is a few feet away, while she stands there trying to choose between returning home or going back to the badlands, back to her visions. They all laugh but as she turns away from them a tear comes down her face.

The students she teaches may never know a moment like this.

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The lives of those students is taking away any sense of her life as she watches her students die, have babies, take drugs, and join gangs. The students seem oblivious to their own lives, allowing historical and societal pressures to choose for them. She has tried to make a difference but knows now that she is to work elsewhere, there is too much stacked against success.

Her heart can only break so many times before there is nothing left to break. Her heart cries out to let it live a free life. She turns back toward the car parked under a giant cottonwood tree and she turns back again to the acceptance that dreams are real. But she is alarmed that the skeleton dancers are more connected to her than the parents and little girl were, the dancers seem more real than the students and staff she works with. Is it because her life is slowly dying? Or is it because right now those dancers hold the key to unlocking her life from the bondage she has placed it in?

It is not about choosing between what society accepts as real or unreal; instead, it is choosing to live her life or not live at all. Tears fall down her face and chest as she accepts her life as her own. After wiping her face with the back of her hand, the sun hits the wet hand now on the steering wheel creating shimmering galaxies on her sunburned skin. It rains while she shops at Wall Drug. The smell of hot pavement rises in a mist from the momentarily cooled streets, it rises straight up like tiny campfires on a still night.

The temperature sign on a bank reads degrees. Thunder rolls overhead moving south and toward the Badlands. She follows it back into the Park with simultaneous lightning and thunder high overhead, allowing blue skies with cumulus clouds to wander near the desert floor, accompanying her. She would take it in her hand and hide it inside hymnals. She was in 3 rd grade at a Catholic school. One day the principal made the school stay in church after the weekly mass. He demanded to know who was putting the hosts inside hymnals.

No one said a word. She raised her hand and asked if they could have bread. Many students clapped. The principal ignored. She continues to cry as she enters the national park hiding her emotions with sunglasses and a fake smile for the ranger at the entrance gate. Years of living a life not of her choosing, of slowly falling asleep to who she is and what she wants combines with the suddenness of having visions and learning that her dreams are real making the tears large and rolling.

At the time it was so clear that she was pure energy, but the more she lived a materialistic, fake life the more gravity persuaded her that she is only mass, not energy. In extending this idea she proposed a theory about actions people take in their lives where the actions could be attractors for similar actions so that actions could be like gravity—attracting other actions.

She saw how her intellectual life had fallen away, replaced by materialistic hedonism. She could easily blame her boyfriend for providing the stronger actions in that direction, or her friends who were the same as him, or her job teaching which increasingly depleted her inner resources; but the responsibility for her life was hers.

She knew there was no blame to pass out only ideas to remember and create, feelings to allow freedom place in her daily life and a physical life in harmony with the physical world. She thought of the dawns and dusks of the past few days, realizing she only glanced at these things in the past few years instead of watching them as she had done since childhood. Breezes then begin coming in thru her open window scented with sage, dust and the recent rain. There are whispered voices on these breezes which cause her to stop and listen. The abusive home Berlin used to live in, where an angry father beat her and allowed his young sons to set her on fire, was now just a faint memory for this wonderful dog.

It had taken a few months for Berlin to relax, but this guard dog was ever vigilant and over protective of her, but oh so sweet in nature. Now that they had gotten use to each other and Berlin had grown to trust her, there was a bond that had developed so that they were relaxed with each other.

The gusting wind grows stronger, making Berlin bob her head up and down to make both her ears flap. She laughs out loud at the sight of this majestic animal playing with the wind; Berlin shows her the still eerie Doberman smile. She parks at the fossil trail and rolls the water and a sandwich into the red blanket for carrying. The wind continues gusting with the fragrances and voices. They start off on the trail seeing the castle formations in the distance ahead as they slowly make their way through the dry cracked earth beneath them. There are deep ravines that need jumping and hillocks that need climbing before they climb up and onto the flat prairie Medicine Root Trail.

A thin, grooved line between tall grasses weaves across this prairie making the trail a little hard to walk on. To the south is the badlands wall, smaller than at the eastern entrance but a wall all the same. She walks for a while enjoying the emptiness that still allows life to bustle all around her. Then she sees two tall rocks with a space between them and is electrified with recognition since this is also one of her dreamscapes. She moves to the space between and spreads the new, red blanket.

It is large and Berlin and her stretch out to watch the earth turn towards night, bringing in dark clouds from the west. The sun starts setting mysteriously surrounded by only blue while everywhere else the sky is a conflict of thunder and lightning highlighting golden rain clouds and to the east night fights for its place.

The red blanket was a good purchase, it attempts to stave off loneliness and lunacy, like any good security blanket it also attempts to protect her from herself. The sun vibrates gold, transmuting its rays into a shining, luxurious bracelet on the wrist of the horizon. You know what needs to be done. Spirits can speak to you in. Chicago and not just here. You can learn anywhere, anytime you stop to listen.

Your life is yours to make. She thinks of all the distractions that lead her away from a truly examined, thoughtful life. She sees herself stuck in traffic, waiting in lines and paying a lot of money for gas. Her boyfriend and current group of friends do not share her values or interests. She may have to go it alone in order to find people she can share life with.

The sun nods as its shining gold bracelet drops from view, into the western jewelry box so the east can start night. The electrified air thickens with each breathe and charges her skin with a tautness. One plant tells her to pick it fully-roots and all. It easily comes loose from the dry dust it lived in. The plant has three stalks while similar plants around it have four stalks. She knows the number four to represent the four directions of north, south, west and east so she asks why this one has only three stalks.

She tells the plant she feels ready, since she knows the power is to help others. She looks down at the plant in her hand and it now has four stalks. She gives thanks for this experience and for these four directions she faces north and begins, praying and facing each direction in turn. Prayer to the Four Directions Thank you! Oh, four directions may my actions and thoughts be good as I reconnect with my family, friends, strangers I want for friends, strangers I have met, strangers I will meet, and strangers I will never meet.

Thank you north, my dreamland where my mind connects honestly with the reality that dreams are real, with your cold and my homeland; may the snow cover over the earth locking in oxygen for a future day as action may clothe my body keeping me always prepared to be with people who share my values, Thank you south with your warmth which heats my flesh to help me fusion action with knowledge: the sun strikes the puddle, the wet street, the snow covered mountains and I know where I belong, I know myself intimately--my fractures and fissures, I know me.

I am prepared in body and mind, exhaling carbon for the addicted trees. Thank you east where my spirit was born and where my spirit will return. Such immense power within beginnings and all endings. Curving horizons prepare me for the approach of dawn. Stretched out on the half circle of earth the dawn rises horizontally and vertically. I am prepared in my body, mind, ancestral soul and in my spirit. Holding the cold oxygen inside a moment longer before exhaling Thank you! Oh, four directions bless my actions and thoughts and watch over my family, friends, strangers I want for friends, strangers I have met, strangers I will meet, strangers I will never meet.

Stars punctuate the end of her prayer with Polaris showing Ursa Minor. She laughs after praying, thinking about Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin enjoying the acre wood while making up songs. Her fingers are tightly clutching the plant so she begins by loosening her grip. She is slightly stressed by this new way of thinking, not really scared of the visions and feelings she has had but worried about the intersection between her old life and this new understanding, her new life. She worries that seeing life in this light might isolate her, or ostracize her. Her shoulders droop under the weight of possible isolation.

The Skeleton Dancers then return to the badlands floor to end her worried reflections and show her more of her new understanding: The skeleton dancers are on the other side of the wall, their dancing shadows are huge in the sky as if illuminated from underneath.

A herd of white ghost buffalo, 's of them, are running on the desert floor beneath her. They shake the earth with their movement; they shake her soul with their spirits, their absence, their eventual return. The herd branches out in four directions as 's more charge out from the center. They pull at the center until it is empty and it seems millions of buffalo run in the four directions. The rhythm of their hooves on earth sends her to other lands and other times. The skeletons shift into trees, so that the horse is running through a forest. The thick stars of the Milky Way become a river the horse runs across as a faint trumpet plays accompanied by a drum beating--like two cultures learning to live together.

She rises to do this Red Road Dance, the fire on her feet engulfs her very organs replacing them with sparkling stones, stars and intense feelings. Tears stream down her face, not sad or happy, instead a cleansing rain from inside. Clouds of dust from the buffalo join the Milky Way river and the skeleton dancer trees.

She feels at peace, at home. Chapter 13 Dream: Our only chance She was running through the sunflowers in a white dress, no shoes, long hair and the sky reflected in her brown eyes as the sun danced westward with shadows mingling between tall sunflower stalks. A large, black raven made a sunflower head bend in front of her so she stopped. It is their only chance, and ours. The sunflower head popped back up, half its seeds still intact. She saw the hills beyond the field and started running towards them again. The raven was present in the sky, ever reducing as she continued running thru the sunflowers toward those hills beyond.

Chapter 14 Place Between Two Rocks The deep night hushes even the breezes as she wakes to a universe overhead and to a universe in her hand encompassed by the four stemmed plant she had picked. The two tall rocks on both sides of her tower 20, maybe 30, feet high and are radiating light from inside making them look peach and soft to the touch.

The red blanket beneath comforts her as she recalls the dream that woke her. She was still unsure what the seeds are and what to tell the world about, but it was becoming clearer that her connection to this place— to the natural world—has something to do with it. She sees herself tying a red string around the stem and drying it upside down in her Chicago kitchen. She will make tea from the faded yellow buds. She gives thanks to the plant shining from starlight; amazed at the stars sparkling in their jeweler's case of the night sky following a seemingly predetermined path around her as the Milky Way river flows freely across the sky.

The other plants around her start speaking and telling her to pick them, their roots have wild stories of years past and experiences in the soil: searching for water, extending past where they started, searching the skies for sun through long winters. Many have come here for healing and lessons. You come here to learn how to trust yourself. She understood her sudden leaving from Chicago a couple of days ago was not only because she had seen this place from her dreams on television and discovered that her.

It was also the simple act of remembering her dreams at all that had jolted her to wakefulness. She had dreamt of this place since childhood and in remembering those dreams she also remembered her childhood which she had tried to fall asleep to. In seeing the badlands on the television screen that night in Chicago, she had regained a connection to herself and to these dreams and to her life.

Even during her self-imposed amnesia she had these dreams. Without feeling it, she had been having a crisis in her life, a crisis of trying to disconnect from community, faith, love, life. She remembered thinking how his badge sparkled like her wedding ring now sitting hidden in a black box, she allowed that memory to pass through her with only a single tear falling since so many had fallen times before.

Her dreams of this place and these plants are the reasons these strange experiences are familiar. Her only fear now is how to find the right balance so she can share these experiences openly and honestly with others. The many dreams of this place she has had make her feel at home and safe between these two rocks, looking south out past the badlands, the prairie surrounding them to a dark hill in the distance while half expecting something weird, or dream-like to occur. This place is real and she is real. She has dreamt many times of being here.

There is a low, sloping hill she has yet to see which is quite different from the hill in the distance that looks more like an island in the prairie. She also dreamt of evergreen forests that many of her dreams of the badlands lead to. She knows she is on a vision quest, not on a mountain or hill but in her life, and the quest started with her first dream of this place and it will continue for the rest of her life. This quest is not really a Native American one; although, their naming of it makes the most sense.

Throughout history people have gone on quests to secure self knowledge and a better future for self and others. Gilgamesh, Moses and the Israelites, the knights of the round table, Dorothy on the yellow brick road, Neo in the Matrix are a few real and imaginary quests that she understands better than any periphery knowledge she currently has about Native American vision questing. All those quests were about coming to a deeper understanding of self alone and among others, but also those quests were about making things better for others.

The quest she is on occurs each day as she attempts to find out who she is and what she is to tell the world about. Each day she has a new opportunity to find the sacredness inside and to. The universe inside her mirrors and creates the universe outside her. We have been sending you visions and the information you needed to reach this point. Now recognize the power, which spins the earth, fires the sun, the same energy is inside you and me.

That energy is in your hands. The dark night makes them glow in the dark with a white light emanating from them. She is glowing just as the two rocks beside her are glowing from within. She thanks the plants around her for their lessons. They respond by swaying in the still air and turning upwards, waiting for the coming rain, teasing the air with fragrance.

She feels the chill and senses a change taking place as she effortlessly moves into another place and time, one that allows plants words and her own life to shine forth from within. Chapter 15 Vision: Medicine Routes or Roots? Wind and sky act as spirits showing her how the crossroads between theology and paleontology could help many understand themselves and others better. Bolts of lightning etch sections of the sky where clouds group to tell a story creating a levitating stage. They move in a processional, showing harmony and war, abundance and scarcity, dances and sitting.

Lit from behind, by the stars, the clouds look more like a stage play than a tv show. Each cloud transforms into a part of the procession moving west. Like a wagon train of evolutionary figures-some crawling, walking, running, riding, flying and then disappearing. Rain comes suddenly and hard from a large, black rain cloud; its few minutes of pouring does little for the desert floor or her sun burnt skin except to create rolling beads of water running down the hillsides and making tiny lines on her skin.

The lightning and little thunder move in from the north as she continues to watch the rotation seen in stars hitting the horizon: like lighthouses guiding ships in her mind to dock each star exits in the west, blazing brightly before disappearing. Her mind has docked, she follows them to shore and sees horses, men and huge boxes. She hears the water gently reaching the shore rocking the boat, but when she turns to watch it move, the boat is gone and she turns a full circle to find herself alone in the desert with spirals of energy coming out of everything. The rocks pulsate and breathe.

The dust examines every root, rock and her, hiding mysteries of past lives and times. Like flour, it gets kneaded into the bread of life. The energy swirls the dust and builds to a crescendo of pitch in its movement. But then the desert is lit by a lightning bolt that frames the distant horizon showing the dark hills in the distance and she feels stronger and more able to move forward with this quest.

Slowly the two rocks, Berlin, the stars and the red blanket rematerialize and she sits, a little shaken by how real this vision was. The desert below her is the ocean the boats rocked on and the spirits are dust swirls of rainbow in the awakening day. She must find the medicine she needs to become whole again and in that finding she can help others to find their medicine, their power to be whole. Whether in this finding her boyfriend would also find her suitable to his life disturbed her greatly since the thought of being alone worried her, yet as she thought how he did not know her or seem to want to know her the fear of loneliness started fading in the dawn light.

Was she not alone when no one knew her? Was she not alone in her crowd of friends because no one wanted to talk about anything other than clothing, make up and how to stay skinny? She already knew the medicine she searched for was within, but she was not ready to accept the choices she had to make in order to access that knowledge. The two rocks on either side of her were like a gateway for her to walk through. She could stay on this side, return to her car or jump into the abyss that lay before her, jump into the cracks and fissures that lay 20 feet beyond her, jump into her life.

A wind came to blow her hair from her face and bring another depth of cool to the desert around her. She stood up and felt like she was looking out over the Missouri River again, choosing to go further west, choosing to find her life in the shards she had left for herself to reconstruct. Goosebumps rose on her arms and legs as she considered her options. Returning to the textbooks seemed like prayers in the sand that get wiped clean by the tide they held little interest for her now, her love for knowledge was unabated; however, she wanted to teach students who wanted to learn, who wanted to grow into who they were meant to be.

She wondered if such students existed, had she even been such a student? She had made good friends and mentors with her college professors, but they were all older and now gone. She had learned much from them but now had to build on that knowledge on her own. The skeleton dancers start to swirl around her in the clear air. She is in the center of their circle and she hears a song on the breezes their dancing produces.

She starts to sing. Would you leave your world behind? Enter into another time? Would you hold me in your arms, look deeply in my eyes, Challenge ideas on life? Could we live without time? Could we trust in the Medicine Route? Could we trust in each other? To spend the summer long Beneath the Dakota sun? Big Bluestem Grass. Stars overhead begged her to wish upon them so she obliged: choosing herself, choosing her life, asking for companionship within those choices.

The stars seemed to say yes as they crowded the empty skies into full, while red lines inside the cliffs begin glowing, tracing a geology she had yet to learn. Sunburned and tired, she tries to remain vigilant to watch more stars appear to see the sky full. But dawn starts teasing on the eastern horizon, causing the rising stars to fade; so she rises and hikes to the Saddlepass Trail and climbs up into the cliffs for a closer view of heaven.

Some of the stars start blinking and talking while the lightning and little thunder start elucidating the sky. She falls asleep under her Wall Drug red blanket as dawn splashes color across the new day sky and the stars begin to uncover their hidden destinies mixed with hers.

Chapter 16 Memory: Riding Horses She loved horses and after several years of pestering, her parents relented and paid for riding lessons. One day, someone started feeding the horses while her riding lesson was still underway and her steed went berserk trying to run back to his stall to eat. He reared and took off in a jump and she fell off and had to go to the hospital. Years later she learned that evening her dad was going to try to reconnect with his brother by bringing the family over for dinner. Because of her fall, the family was late by several hours and her uncle was mad for several years.

Her mother went in to get her and then came out into the rain, lit by the headlights, holding one riding boot. Everyone knew something had happened. A few months before her father died he told her more about that day. He said when he saw her mom come out carrying that boot, there was a great sense of relief that he was being allowed to forgo doing what was right at least one time. It was as if they all knew her father was not a hunter and that this lake was a haven. She learned about her love of nature around this lake and always felt peace when there even when she was asleep to the rest of her life.

The stars speak through light moving with potential energy. The hills speak through history in their crumbling stones. The spirits dance. How did the geography of this trail change in the last one hundred years? How many of the spirits here are not Indian but pioneer? How many men and women denied the connection they felt with this land after crossing over this pass?

It must have been a difficult denial. The dramatic colors vibrate as the sun rises and the day begins to heat up; on the other side is the Medicine Route Trail. Emigrant singing from the pointed cliffs wakes her. The dark peaks mark notes in the brightening sky for a chorus of wind and breeze blowing through plant and rock. It sounds like chanting. Strong emotions and vivid visions build strength inside her as the stars and rocks speak clearly about destiny and choice.

The Saddlepass Trail is excellent for safe rock climbing but going down is much harder than going up. Seems the same is true in life. Going down also takes longer and temperatures can rise quickly. The sun becomes brilliant and mesmerizes since it brings the colors inside the cliffs to life then as the sun grows brighter everything turns to white showing its amazing fragility and starkness.

This curve is the best representation of going over to the other side. Einstein claimed that space outer and inner is curved and once joked that the curve assists us in getting over to the other side. The warmth feels nice after the cold desert night. But once steam rises from the rocks, releasing small fragments of dew left from the sunrise, she knows to get up and get going.

She adds her descending, percussive footfalls as syncopation to the chant. It is a paean to morning, to awakening from a lifelong sleep, for the desire of sleeping is to wake. It's a miracle to wake from dreaming and see a whole new dream: a dream that is real. The horizon lit by thunder last night stays on her mind.

The hills from her dreams were in that light and now she must go there. But in the ever brightening sun, she cannot see these hills and is unsure how to get to them. The Saddlepass vantage point spreads the prairie out before her: decimation, desecration, desolation, an entire ecosystem profaned for contemporary regalia. The PBS program about the badlands had showed its past: mountain goats kicking rocks in acrobatic fleeing, small color bursts of wildflowers growing in the cliffs' cracks, humbling any descent; tiny birds adding voice to the cliff's chant-but no more.

Today there is nothing to hear or see, just an emptiness that feels lonely. It is almost like a ghost town. Is the loss of environmental variety a deciduous achievement? Is it merely a shedding after a stage of development? Or is nature stolen for simple, insidious additions to culture used to mark rank and membership? Even hiking certain trails provides selective membership and a personal ranking system, causing some hikers to hike on already depleted trails. Should this be? The solution surfaces once she sees herself as part of the problem, simply by being here she is contributing to the degradation of this fragile environment.

Shadows show the sun pushing up from behind the Badlands' wall, drawing counterparts on the ground below and placing these ideas in her. Suddenly a snake crosses her path, electrifying her further with life's hidden diversity and the earth's unrelenting willingness to support everything. Shadows float over the hot desert floor like a realization of absent landscape, of missing pieces: stolen, crushed or absconded for cultural purposes.

First Doctor

There is certainly no trash or graffiti, but a presence is here. Is this presence robbing these places of exactly what is loved about them? Does each hiker steal wilderness simply by their own presence? How much land should be protected from those who love it in order to continue its natural state? Is there a balance between. Maybe places like the Badlands National Park should be closed for a few years to empower nature's resurrection. Released from a constant flood of people, inherent natural tendencies may win out and return the land to itself.

What if part of our nation's defense budget went toward defending nature and wilderness? What if the traces we left of ourselves were of stewardship and service to the earth? What if we released ourselves to our own natural will and necessity? What if we visit places and take something of them away inside us?

What if we visit places and leave something of ourselves behind? In the end, either no one should know we have been there or the places we visit should be better off from our having been there. The trace of hikers on these trails is like the ecosystem itself: both grow with interconnections. One footprint means an enlarged trail, a broken plant, a scared animal who chooses to go elsewhere. Like gravity being a distortion in space and time, hikers have become distortions of spaces in time. The subsequent gravity waves that emanate from every piece of mass also distort every piece of mass nearby.

The tree she sits beneath has a harder time capturing water, the flower she stops to view has a few moments less of sunlight. Has her spirit been calling her here to realize this? Instead of telling people to come here and experience this place should she tell them not to? She decides to push on and go further west at that moment. One less person, she reasons, is better than one more right now, right here.

Chapter 18 Memory: Everything had been perfect Everything had been perfect. She had never had a pair of shoes that cost so much: plaid, low heeled with tiny green velvet bows and bells surrounded by mink with a matching purse. She felt happy. The shoes had not made her happy; they had simply replaced a need to be herself, to find herself.

She was falling into a material consumption abyss. Then he came up behind her naked figure watching dawn unfold over the lake and wrapped a diamond necklace around her neck. It took years to remember… Everything had been perfect. A single rose, a violinist, a dark secluded table and him on one knee with a beautiful ring in a black box. Yes, she still remembered. So she cried; they held. As long as she believed in the life he wanted, everything was fine. He put down her teaching job and the students she taught. Later that evening, she compared the new black box with the old black box to see both men had chosen the same jeweler.

She had merely nodded when asked if she needed more time. Chapter 19 Winged Victory She easily finds the Black Hills in the atlas just west of the Badlands and takes Route 44 leaving the desert behind, moving toward the hills lit last night by lightning. Each mile makes the hills rise higher in front of her, so that instead of getting closer they seem the same distance away. Acres of tall grasses resemble windswept individuals surrounding badland formations that crumble as she passes. It blows through her dancing soul restoring wakefulness in this ongoing dream of life. But vigilance pays off and the curvy road begins to rise into the hills with evergreens from her dreams on either side of her, the dark green hills round off against the clear sky harmonizing with her movement.

These are the hills from her dreams. Lush, oxygenated air hits her full force through open windows. She realizes how dry the desert was once she reaches the top of one of the hills and can see the great expanse of evergreen forest and rock. The Black Hills spreads out before her.

In the atlas they had seemed small compared to the rest of South Dakota but parked on this hilltop, looking out upon them; she can see an entire world she has dreamt of for many years. She still feels alert and awake from the stimulating skeleton dances and visions in the badlands; she feels a renewed sense of connection to life as if her spirit has returned to her body to facilitate this connection. The expansive scenery each hilltop offers mirrors her inner state of expansion after so many years in contraction. Having danced to the beating of her heart and followed the reality contained in her dreams has caused her spirit to return and connect her to life.

The change in her mind is amazing since she thinks more clearly and sees her current life in stark relief against the badlands walls and now against towering ponderosa pines and steep hills. Sleeping on the ground the last few evenings has made her back stronger, making her posture better. And her breathing is deeper from the fresh air and outdoor activity.

She is at peace. After looking at the scenery, she returns to her car and exhales. Had she been holding her breathe since the badlands? She inhales deeply, smelling the sweet pine resin and sun. The section of the ship which he was in went missing. He worked out that there was a pressure resistant cabin in which he and Olivan survived. He managed to create a device that would confuse the Shifts.

He tried to convince Arran that there was another way. Finding themselves in what appeared to be an English forest, the TARDIS crew soon learned that the situation was more complex than it appeared when they discovered a medieval camp, a crashed spaceship, and were attacked by a dragon before being rescued by a knight. Taken to a nearby castle, they learned of a current conflict against the sorcerer Marton Dhal , who sought further power by acquiring Merlin's old artefacts, the Doctor naturally puzzled at the existence of what appeared to be magic.

Participating in a quest to gain Merlin's Helm , the Doctor and Ian learned that the 'magic' was the result of a complex nanobot network that allowed those skilled in its use to manipulate the world around them. With tutoring from the leprechaun Kilvenny Odoyle , the Doctor was able to learn how to use the world's magic himself, joining Odoyle and witch Anni Glassfeather in a final duel against Gramling , Dahl's former master, who had manipulated Dahl in the name of his own dreams of power. With Dahl defeated, the Doctor was able to arrange for the nanobot network to be disabled, leaving the people to learn how to cope without magic.

He enlisted the aid of Eric the Red and his Viking crew to take him and his companions to Newfoundland to get the materials he needed for his ship. They were nearly left behind in Nova Scotia , but the Doctor convinced the Vikings to take them back. The TARDIS landed on an island on Marinus , where Arbitan asked the Doctor and his friends to search for the keys to the reprogrammed Conscience of Marinus to regain control over the Voord , as all of his other followers and family members failed to retrieve them.

They used Arbitan's travel dials to reach Morphoton. Barbara released Arbitan's daughter, Sabetha , and the rest of the city from the Morpho 's mind control, and retrieved the first key. The Doctor defends Ian in court. TV : " Sentence of Death ". The Doctor jumped ahead to Millennius , the location of the final key, to find Eprin. Once Ian had found two more keys, he was knocked out and framed for Eprin's murder. The Doctor stood as defence at Ian's trial, but Ian was sentenced to death. The Doctor learnt that one of the conspirators in the murder, the prosecutor, Eyesen , was ready to collect one of the keys and Ian was spared execution.

The guards captured Eyesen and the last key was found in the mace that killed Eprin. The Doctor and his companions returned to Arbitan's island, where Arbitan had been murdered. Ian handed the Voord leader Yartek a fake key, which destroyed the Conscience, along with the Voord. TV : The Keys of Marinus. Itennu planned to assassinate Pharaoh Menkaure with a poison dart and then blame the strangers. However, the Doctor inadvertently foiled the attempt with his walking stick and, when a more open attack began, the travellers fled back to the TARDIS, once again barely escaping with their lives.

The Doctor enjoys cocoa with the Aztec Cameca. TV : " The Bride of Sacrifice ". The Doctor and his companions arrived in an Aztec temple in Mexico. Barbara posed as the Aztec god , Yetaxa , with the others as her servants, to find a way back. Barbara tried and failed to change the Aztecs' history of human sacrifice for the better, which the Doctor strongly advised her against.

Susan was to be punished for denying marriage to the Perfect Victim of the Aztecs' sacrifice and Ian to be executed when he was framed by the High Priest of Sacrifice , Tlotoxl , for attacking the High Priest of Knowledge , Autloc.

Vicki Venus and the Alien Slave Collar

Autloc's faith in Yetaxa was shattered, and he left for the wilderness. The Doctor and Ian distracted Ian and Susan's guard to escape. As they departed, the sacrifice of the Perfect Victim continued as planned. TV : The Aztecs. The Doctor and his friends next arrived inside a spaceship in the 28th century , where two crewmembers were suspended in a state resembling death and another, John , had had his mind opened and turned insane, following an attack on their minds by the Sensorites.

The Sense Sphere , which the ship had been trapped around, had its aqueducts' water supply poisoned with atropine by survivors of a previous human expedition whose ship had been destroyed. The Doctor ponders the mysterious disease on the Sense Sphere. TV : " Hidden Danger ". After the Doctor and his companions resisted the Sensorites, the Doctor, Ian and Susan agreed to go down to the Sense Sphere, where the Doctor worked out the cure for this "disease", which had also afflicted Ian, while the Sensorite scientists treated John.

The Doctor and Ian, followed by Barbara, went to the aqueducts where Atropa belladonna had been growing. They found the human expedition and pretended to be a welcoming party for them and that the "war" against the Sensorites was won.

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The expedition was taken into custody on Maitland's ship. TV : The Sensorites. There, he and Ian met Captain James Cook , but, before Susan and Barbara could exit the ship, it was tossed overboard in a violent storm. Greatly saddened by the loss of the girls, the Doctor and Ian continued on the Endeavour 's voyage for several months towards Australia observing the transit of Venus along the way. Their time on the Endeavour ended when they discovered Susan had managed to swim out and attach a line to the sailing ship from the TARDIS and so be pulled along behind it.

The travellers' joy at being reunited was short lived when the Doctor became disgruntled again because the TARDIS floor was now covered in patches of water. They were immediately caught in the depth of the war, and Ian, Barbara and Susan were all sentenced to death. The Doctor helped find an English spy named James Stirling who could help them to escape. TV : The Reign of Terror. After escaping from France, the Doctor wanted to relax, but found himself on a planet with a fast time rate, and discovered that the entire civilisation of the planet had been based around him, Ian, Barbara and Susan.

He and his companions then watched the rise and fall of the civilisation in a matter of minutes. The Doctor next travelled to London during World War II and discovered the Bansharai , alien shapeshifters who survived on emotions, had been posing as dead people to make the wishes of their loved ones come true. He found the Library of Alexandria interesting when he visited it and decided to stay there for a while. He inspected the book that Ian found, he discovered that it was a Mim reconnaissance mission write up just before the Mim attacked. He tried to get them to stop killing too many people whilst they destroyed the Library.

The Doctor stopped a suicidal crew leader, Provost Rowd , from wiping out the last remnants of the dying Metraxis , and he later assisted a new leader, Egrabil , to find a new home for the Metraxi. They landed in Seville where The Doctor asked Barbara to show him around as she had been there on holiday. He pretended to be a cardinal from Rome with Susan in order to try and release Ian from the Spanish Inquisition.

He was found out and sentenced to death before Susan and Barbara saved him. When he heard from Barbara that Ian went to Cadiz to help Esteban Aribi on his mission, the Doctor thought he was trying to change history so attempted to stop him but in fact, Ian was part of history and the Doctor's intervention would change history. Soon after, the Doctor rescued Joseph Rennigan , the sole survivor of an American space mission that crashed on Mars , PROSE : Rennigan's Record and visited a dying world, where Barbara was infected by an alien parasite which distorted her memories.

However, the Doctor was able to free her of the infection. The first three Doctors try to plan their way out of the Master's trap. He turned the signal off, and thus the events of that day ceased to be. Unable to track them down, the Doctor spent a month gathering Afghan allies to help him rescue Ian and another British prisoner, Symonds. But he was too late to stop Zaheer killing Symonds, so an enraged Ian killed Zaheer by throwing him into a pit. They later landed in a flotilla of ships on the planet Hydra where they were captured by Amyra Kaan and Pan Vexel for being stowaways.

When he learned that Ian was in danger on a rescue mission when a Voord came close to them, he wanted Ian's team recalled. He ordered Susan and Barbara to evacuate the Fortitude whilst he helped Ian. He went into a coma after he escaped the ship but later escaped from the infirmary soon after. He then spent his time trying to work out how to defeat the Voord. Tarlak wanted to stop him by threatening to convert Susan into a Voord. He then used the machine the Voord were constructing against them to by confusing their foot soldiers and destroying it.

Arriving on the planet Sarath in the city of Arkhaven , facing destruction as its moon descended towards the planet, the TARDIS crew were separated when a meteor strike hit the building the ship had landed on, resulting in the Doctor and Ian being taken to an NC2 camp while Susan was sent to hospital and Barbara was lost in the sewers.

Although he lost his key to the TARDIS during a fight in the camp, the Doctor was able to tell his story to Captain Benadik Lant , who passed it on to Mayor Brantus Draad , who asked the Doctor to help them complete work on the ship that would take the survivors to Mirath in exchange for the facilities to build a new key. During his time working on the Ship, the Doctor realised that it was a monstrous deception, but despite being distracted by the twisted actions of Monitor , the city's supervisory A.

Telling Ian and Barbara they were still on probation, the Doctor and his fellow travellers began to explore and found the ship could punch holes through the fabric of space, appalling the Doctor. In a further attempt to return Ian and Barbara home, the TARDIS malfunctioned, and they landed in a place filled with giant bugs and long, winding paths. Ian and Susan found a gigantic matchbox, while the Doctor and Barbara found a worm. Ian was trapped in the matchbox, which was taken by a man named Farrow.

The Doctor deduced that they were on Earth, but they had been shrunk down to the size of an inch. The Doctor and Susan have that sinking feeling. TV : Planet of Giants. Farrow met with Forester to tell him that his insecticide had been rejected, and was killed by Forester. The crew, looking for Ian, heard the gunshot and ran to the scene, where they were menaced by a cat. Entering the house, Barbara began to die when she touched the insecticide.

She proceeded to contact someone through a telephone and reached Hilda Rowse and her husband Bert. They managed to grow back to size and Barbara recovered. Forester and his accomplice, Smithers , were handed over to the police. After landing in the year , the travellers found London deserted and in ruins, the effect of some recent war. The Doctor was also horrified to discover that the British Army have discovered time travel.

Having been captured by the Army, Colonel Andrews wanted to enlist the Doctor's help in perfecting a weapon to help the army gain an advantage in winning the war. The Doctor leaves Susan on Earth so that she can find peace in her life. TV : " Flashpoint ". In London during the time of the 22nd century Dalek invasion , Susan met David Campbell , a young man fighting against the Dalek occupation.

Shortly after leaving Susan in the 22nd century, the Doctor travelled to Venus to attend the funeral of Dharkhig , an old friend of his. There, the Doctor, Ian and Barbara became embroiled in the Venusians ' conflict with their would-be saviours, the Sou ou shi. However, Ian was separated from the Doctor and Barbara, and Barbara accidentally created an alternative timeline after being sent nine years into the past. In the alternate world, King Ptolemy and his warriors went to war with the alien Rhakotis , and Barbara soon fell in love with Ptolemy and married him, becoming Queen. After nine years of war, the Doctor used a book from Gallifrey to repair time, erasing the alternative history and costing Barbara her husband.

The Doctor returned to Earth, only to find that they had been miniaturised. The Doctor, Ian and Barbara returned to Skaro, where they were attacked by intelligent insects called Zomites. A group of Daleks arrived, killed the Zomites and allowed the Doctor and his companions to leave, warning them to never return to their planet again.

The Doctor and his friends visited the Aqua planet , where they became caught in the oceanpheric current and deposited in a patch of invisible liquid. Barbara was nearly eaten by an Aquamonster before the oceanphere moved, dropping the three back to dry land. The Doctor rescued Barbara when she became caught in it, and dematerialised just as the spider approached them.

The Doctor and his companions encountered Watermen from Q20 , whose spaceship had broken down. The Doctor repaired the fault, allowing them to return home. Who Meets the Watermen. An Aquafein grabbed Barbara, but Ian shot it with a ray gun, causing it to release her. The arrival of more Aquafeins prompted their departure. The Doctor visited a planet where Ian discovered dozens of huge diamonds. The Doctor told him that there were so many that they were worthless, and that if they carried any into the TARDIS they would disappear. The Doctor visited Earth during prehistoric times. The Doctor thanks Ian for freeing him from the grasp of the Daleks.

Who and the Nerve Machine. The Doctor was paralysed by the Daleks' Nerve Machine. Ian used the telepathic helmet to reach the Doctor, who explained the situation. The Doctor was freed when Ian discovered the Machine and disabled it. The Doctor and his companions hid from a group of Daleks which were searching for them. The Daleks tried to find them with their new Earthmen Detector , but instead they only discovered a cat and left. On one planet the Doctor watched Ian use a ray gun to destroy a Dalek, which caused the remaining Daleks to leave for home, but wondered if they would return.

The Doctor landed in the Orkney isles in thinking he could get Barbara and Ian back home. He waited for Ian and Barbara to catch up with him. He had heard of the Marsh Wains and was intrigued why they were after his friends. The Doctor almost lost Ian and Barbara as companions when they considered settling down in s Shoreditch, and he spent four months investigating the Stone of Scone in Scotland. Defeating the Vril, who had possessed the Duke of Northumberland , the Doctor resisted the urge to alter Jane's fate and instead stayed by her side as she died.

Because he spent his time "hanging out with the two teachers", River considered the First Doctor to be "boring". River wiped his memory with mnemosine recall-wipe vapour so the timeline would remain intact. The Doctor tells Vicki how her father died. TV : " Desperate Measures ". Still struggling to adapt to life without Susan, the Doctor, Ian and Barbara ended up on Dido , where they met two survivors of a crashed spaceship, Vicki Pallister and Bennett , and learnt a being called Koquillion had embarked on a reign of terror, leaving those who survived his wraith greatly fearful of him.

However, the Doctor soon discovered Bennett was actually Koquillion after he caused the crash when he was unmasked as a killer to prevent the crew from radioing back to Earth. He killed the crew, many Dido natives, but spared Vicki so she would back up his story when the rescue crew came to collect them. Just as Bennett prepared to kill the Doctor, two Dido natives saved him and forced Bennett to his death.

TV : The Rescue. Despite the Doctor's resignation from visiting the Roman empire, the group made their way to the city. After a week in Byzantium, the group prepared to go back to the TARDIS but were instead caught up in a large Jewish revolt in the market-square, separating them. The Doctor enjoys playing the lyre. TV : Conspiracy. Arriving near Rome, the Doctor and Vicki came across a Roman villa, where they found the caretaker, Lucius , wounded after being attacked by a lion.

Shortly before his death, Lucius allowed them to stay in the villa in his master's absence, where they managed to kill the lion that attacked Lucius. However, on the way, the Doctor was mistaken for the famous lyre player Maximus Pettulian and was taken to meet Emperor Nero.

While at the palace, the Doctor discovered that prior to his death, Maximus was involved in a conspiracy to kill Nero, but was assassinated by Ascaris. After bluffing his way through a performance on the lyre, the Doctor inadvertently gave Nero the idea to start the Great Fire of Rome when the light reflected through his glasses caused some maps of Nero's plans for a new Rome the Senate rejected to catch fire. TV : The Romans. When they landed in London and met Violet and discovered she was a medium, the Doctor made it known that he disapproved of such a thing.

In China in the 19th century , the Doctor and his friends discovered general unrest being put down by the ten tigers of Canton in the city of Guangzhou, and also met Bill Chesterton, one of Ian's ancestors, who had been stationed there by the army. The Doctor is interrogated by the Animus. TV : " Escape to Danger ". Having escaped the city, the Doctor helped Barbara and a group of Menoptera defeat the Animus and free the mind controlled Zarbi. Having reunited, the travellers left with the inhabitants promising they would always sing songs about their great deeds in saving their planet.

TV : The Web Planet. He noticed that there was intelligent life on the planet.

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Escaping from the Arunde he fell into a river and was swept away. He managed to climb out of the river, but this was because of fallen nests. He had to explain to Barbara and Vicki who Jospa was. When Jospa stopped the Arunde he realised that he had been duped by him. He later realised that even though the memories he had of Jospa were fake, they were based on truth. There, they discovered a huge shining crystalline city. It soon became apparent that there were two species on this planet, beings of Light and beings of Dark, and their only desire was to see the total destruction of the other.

After fixing his ship, the Doctor whisked the schoolteachers away once more. The four of them travelled into the London Underground to investigate a group of missing students and discovered that the Zarbi had populated themselves in there. Travelling further into the sewers, they found the Animus, who had reformed itself and had moved to Earth to take revenge on the human race. Ian was able to kill it by driving a train into it.

The Doctor and his companions prepared to leave, but the Doctor discovered that his companions were missing; having been pulled out of time by Adam Mitchell. COMIC : Unnatural Selection Afterwards, the Doctor joined his ten future incarnations to save many companions from his future that Adam and the Master had kidnapped in their vendetta against him. When the Master killed Adam, the eleven Doctors honoured Adam as a "true companion".

The Doctor and the Earl of Leicester lock metaphorical swords. TV : " The Wheel of Fortune ". Just as the travellers exited the ship, a scuffle took place between a group of Saracens and a group including Richard the Lionheart. With Ian sent to search for Barbara, the Doctor discovered the King wished to marry his sister, Joanna , to his enemy 's brother, Saphadin. However, Joanna was told of this arrangement and, after an argument, with her brother, he accused the Doctor of revealing the secret. However, it was the Earl of Leicester who was indiscrete and, having left Jaffa and reunited with their friends in the forest, the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki made their escape before the Earl could arrest them under suspicion of witchcraft.

TV : The Crusade. The Doctor hides in a Dalek casing. TV : " The Dimensions of Time ". The Doctor and his companions landed on Xeros , only to find their future selves exhibits in display cases. While they began trying to avoid this version of the future, the Doctor was taken by the Moroks to be prepared for the exhibit, though Ian saved him. They were recaptured, but the Xerons rebelled and freed them, preventing the future the Doctor had seen. TV : The Space Museum. The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki became trapped in a time loop, forcing them to relive Christmas Day in for two weeks with the Smythe family, which had been set by George Smythe as he couldn't bear to lose his children and his wife Patricia , who was leaving him for another man.

After George killed Patricia, the Doctor convinced him to break the loop after it reset and she was restored. The Doctor and Ian became the first travellers to visit Seetar , where they saved a group of savages from a giant worm and stopped a human sacrifice that was in their honour.

Their next adventure took the group to London, mere days away from the Gunpowder Plot. After encouraging Barbara and Ian to enjoy a showing of Shakespeare 's plays at the Theatre, the Doctor took Vicki to the court of King James I , disguised as a priest of York, with Vicki as his young male ward. Following the Doctor's unravelling of the true mastermind of the plot, a young member of a secret society plotting for England to fall into darkness, the group left once more in the TARDIS, which was undergoing a lengthy exorcism, believed to be a temple of Satan.

He later decided to move to a retirement home as part of his investigation. He realised that the society was being manipulated to forget a terrible war. When the Doctor and his friends arrived in he caught a cold. He decided to visit Sonning Palace under the guise of being a pilgrimage. At the Epiphany feast, he pretended to be the lord of misrule and entertained the people. He later went on a pilgrimage with Barbara to Canterbury.

Whilst in London he suggested to Geoffrey Chaucer that he should flee. He was later imprisoned with Ian and Chaucer at Thomas Arundel 's whim. He pretended to have plague to escape the guards. With the Daleks in hot pursuit in their time vessel, the Doctor went to many different times and places to shake them off, including the Empire State Building in and the sailing ship Mary Celeste.

The Doctor battles his robot double. There, the Daleks created an android version of the Doctor, which Ian believed to be the Doctor and ended up fighting the "real" Doctor as he thought he was the fake until the Dalek-controlled Doctor called Vicki Susan. The next day, the Doctor and his friends were captured by the Mechonoids and imprisoned in the city with Steven Taylor , a stranded Earth astronaut.

The Doctor escaped, leaving the Daleks and Mechanoids to destroy themselves in a pitched battle for supremacy of the city. Preparing to leave, the Doctor was wary when Ian and Barbara asked him to help them use the Daleks time machine to finally return home. Although he was sorry to bid farewell to them, he did as they asked. A while later, he and Vicki observed them back in Shoreditch on the Visualiser. TV : The Chase. The Doctor confronts the Monk over his meddling ways. TV : " A Battle of Wits ". To his great dismay, the Doctor discovered another member of his race, the Monk , was scheming to alter history by luring and destroying a Viking fleet with an atomic cannon , which would result in King Harold Godwinson winning the Battle of Hastings.

TV : The Time Meddler. From there, they arrived in England during the struggles of the Suffragettes in , where an alien skull created havoc in its conquest to kill all males. Vicki and Steven became telepathically linked with the alien, and through this bond, she was defeated. When Vicki found a television set in the attic he became agitated as they didn't exist in He couldn't identify the fungus that was growing in the attic but when he realised it was time active they had to make sure it wouldn't contaminate it and therefore the rest of time and space.

Whilst in a base on Ceres he was attacked by a robot. He became unconscious after being exposed to the elements but was revived using the base's cryogenics pods. Whilst in the pods, he heard a voice that wanted to kill him. He worked out using the data Vicki had collected for him that Thorn was behind the mysterious happenings on Ceres. He convinced his friends to go exploring.

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He met with Niccolo Machiavelli who he dined with and discussed how he could get Vicki and Steven. Machiavelli asked him to give Leo X a paper he had been writing. He pretended to be a tailor to gain audience with the Pope. Machiavelli accused him of planning to murder the Pope. He planed to drink the poisoned wine to show that he was innocent. Steven told him what had happened to him in the kitchens. Vicki helped him to escape from the dungeons and he went to collect Machiavelli's document. He later found Carla and help her make a "poison". He told the Pope that he believed that Machiavelli and Guiliano de Medici were working together and that the Ravelli's didn't exist.

He helped him with his experiments on electricity. He initially believed that Abigail Holt came from the future. The Doctor communicated with his two successors. TV : The Three Doctors. The Doctor was pulled out of time by the Time Lords , who wanted his help in getting the Second and Third Doctor to work together to stop Omega , but he became trapped in a Time eddy.

After discovering a curious invitation on his person, the Doctor brought Vicki and Steven to Venice in , where he met Galileo Galilei and his brother, Irving Braxiatel. The Doctor talks with the Drahvin leader Maaga. TV : Galaxy 4. The Doctor and his friends arrived on a doomed planet, where they met the beautiful Drahvins and the hideous Rills , who had crashed on the planet after a confrontation in space. They discovered the Drahvin matriarch, Maaga , had secretly terrorised the Drahvin to instigate a battle between Drahvin and Rills. She tried to convince the Doctor to kill the Rills so she could escape the disintegrating planet.

The Doctor helped a stranded Lapino , a member of a species that fed on emotions, to gather enough emotional energy to send a message to his home planet. The Doctor, Vicki and Steven defeated a toy snowman that had become animated due to contact with an alien bacteria in New York City at Christmas in , PROSE : Snowman in Manhattan and stopped off at the lunar station on Phobos , a moon of Mars, where they got caught in a sandstorm on the planet's surface with a Jarnian rescue crew.

The Doctor, Vicki and Steven visited Ca-Mon Green , where they ended a war between humanity and the Kel-T over the mining rights of a mysterious blue liquid that bestows superpowers, PROSE : The Power Supply and went to Prague in , participating in the celebration of the th anniversary of the Charles University and prevented scientist Jane Childress from erasing human evolution. In BC Troy , the Doctor was mistaken for Zeus and taken to a Greek camp, where he was held prisoner by Odysseus and offered his freedom on the condition he help them fight against the Trojans.

With the help of Cassandra's handmaiden, Katarina , the Doctor rescued an injured Steven from his fights with Trojan soldiers. Vicki fell in love with Cassandra's brother, Troilus , and remained in Troy with the Doctor's blessing, whilst he gained a new companion in Katarina. TV : The Myth Makers. The Doctor visited the Lakhotha tribe to seek Healing Song 's help to treat the injured Steven, but the entity Conduit violently transformed the whole tribe into plant and animal life. As he had to save Steven from his severe injuries, the Doctor did not have time to deal with the Conduit.

He knocked him out and took his keys, entering the ship and demanding that Katarina pilot it. Steven soon woke up and, seeing the Doctor looking angry on the scanner, knocked Bret out and let the Doctor in. After securing Bret to a chair, the Doctor soon went outside again, where he heard a spaceship landing, and decided to head towards it in search of the needed medicine, only to learn to his horror that it was actually a ship belonging to the Daleks. After moving away from the Daleks unseen the Doctor discovered a magnetic tape in the jungle undergrowth.

Bret however brought bad news, the Daleks have started to burn down the jungle. With the Doctor resolved to find out what the Daleks are doing here and stop them, he and the others discovered a large landing bay with ships from the many outer galaxies and a Spar ship Bret recognised as belonging to Mavic Chen , the Guardian of the Solar System. After capturing one of the delegates, Zephon , the Doctor used his cloak as a disguise and infiltrated the meeting.

However, the Doctor stole the Taranium and ran off before the meeting was concluded. He only just managed to get aboard Chen's Spar in time before Bret and the others blasted off, stealing it in the process. The new crew of the Spar listened to the tape the Doctor had retrieved earlier and discovered it was a message from Marc Cory , another SSS Agent and associate of Bret's, warning of the Daleks' plans. The Doctor and Bret agreed to head back to Earth and warn the authorities of the Dalek threat.

However, the Daleks seized control of the Spar and forced it to crash-land on the planet Desperus , where convicted criminals were sent. With Steven and Bret having fixed the Spar and the Doctor having used his ingenuity to prevent some prisoners getting on board, the ship took off again with everyone relieved to have gotten away. However, another prisoner, Kirksen , had snuck on board and took Katarina hostage inside the airlock. Despite Steven and the Doctor's protests, Bret was forced to turn the ship back towards Kembel. But before he could do this, without warning, Katarina opened the outer door of the ship, sending her and Kirksen out into the vacuum of space and to their deaths.

Shaken, the Doctor lamented that, while Katarina couldn't have understood what she was doing, he would always remember her as one of the daughter's of the gods. After landing on Earth they went to see Daxtar , a friend of Bret's who he thought would believe their story, at a nearby research complex. Daxtar proved to be untrustworthy when he let slip he knew about the Taranium.

Suspecting him to be in league with Chen, Bret shot Daxtar dead. Showing no mercy, she killed Bret before he had a chance to explain himself. Running through the complex, the Doctor and Steven discovered a large, empty chamber with only a glass container of white mice inside. Sara caught up with them before the whole room became fuzzy and they began to scream in agony.

The Doctor finally came to his senses on the swampy planet Mira. He reasoned that he and the others were part of a molecular dissemination experiment and had been transmitted to this far-off planet. The Daleks had also arrived on Mira with a small task force to apprehend the travellers and regain the Taranium. After the Doctor found Steven and Sara again they made their way to a nearby cave for shelter and tried to persuade Sara about the Daleks' plot with Mavic Chen.

Steven was also furious with Sara for killing Bret in cold blood.

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Reacting to this provocation, Sara admitted that Bret Vyon was her brother. Suddenly the invisible inhabitants of Mira, the Visians , surrounded the cave but a Dalek appeared and shot one of them dead. Luckily the other Visians began to attack the Daleks and in the confusion, the travellers evaded capture, stole the Daleks' spaceship and escape Mira. The Doctor landed outside a police station on 25 December , where he was arrested. After being rescued by Steven, they visited a Hollywood film studio in the s , though they did not know where they had landed and thought they were in an insane asylum.

The Doctor was mistaken for an expert on Arab customs and had an encounter with Bing Crosby. Shortly after celebrating Christmas, the Doctor found that the TARDIS was locked onto the signal of another time machine, which was travelling to several different Christmases throughout Earth's history. Eventually, Sara realised that the other time machine belonged to Robert , who had become trapped in the machine after the death of his twin brother Christopher and unintentionally trapped it in a loop where it would perpetually visit different Christmases trying to fulfil Robert's wish to go back to before his brother died of leukaemia.

When the now-adult Robert touched the taranium core and reverted to his original age, the Doctor used the unique circumstances of the current situation to subtly change history, using the Fast return switch to take Robert back to the last Christmas so that he could take the place of his brother, the TARDIS crew then taking Christopher to Mars so that he could see something incredible before his death. They landed on a desert island with the crew of the other ship. He discovered that the ship was an experimental time ship which was going to be used in a war. Later he encountered a Time Sprite which he thought shouldn't exist.

While dreaming, the Doctor travelled to the Underworld to guide Katarina through it. On their travels, they landed on a planet covered in water, where they found a set of miners in a collapsed mine. Here they were attacked by a tentacled creature, but Sara and the Doctor were able to reason with it. When they visited the Great Clock , the Doctor thought he was being dragged there. He was intrigued by the working of the clock. He discovered that the clock was powered by prisoners and decided to sabotage it, which also saved Sara from her tentative earlier efforts to betray the Doctor and change history, Sara realising in time that her actions had actually become part of her past rather than changing it.

The Doctor, Steven and Sara then landed in Ely in a house which had a secret. He theorised that the house could sense what you desired. Exploring the house they found dead bodies. He wanted to investigate but Steven got annoyed when he couldn't find a way to get out of the house. He managed to escape after Steven found him and he managed to find Sara.

He went with Sara to a pub where he noticed that the changelings where near him by the fact that people from different races were integrating. He had to stay at the pub with Audrey Newman 's baby as he couldn't move. Attempting to rest on a moon-sized asteroid on a figure-of-eight asteroid belt between two gas giants, the TARDIS crew were caught in a conflict between members of the Space Security Services and a Sontaran platoon, the SSS forces seeking to take control of a Sontaran space cannon that would allow them to destroy any human ships passing through the only safe path through the asteroid belt.

This crisis was made more complicated as Sara knew of this event from history. With this example in mind, the Doctor, Steven and Sara decided that it was time to return to the battle with the Daleks. The Doctor discovered that another time machine was on the same flight path as their own, and thought it might be the Daleks pursuing them. After briefly materialising in the Oval during a cricket match, they landed on Tigus , where the Monk, having escaped being stranded in and seeking revenge, sabotaged the TARDIS lock, stranding the Doctor and his companions.

However, the Doctor quickly fixed the problem and departed, the Monk following close behind. After briefly materialising in Trafalgar Square immediately after midnight on 1 January , during New Year's Eve celebrations, they landed in ancient Egypt near a pyramid. Not only was the Monk there, but so were the Daleks, who had discovered that their Taranium Core was a fake.

The Doctor activated the Daleks' Time Destructor, which destroyed them, transformed Kembel into a desert, and rapidly aged Sara to death. The Doctor regretted the losses of Bret, Katarina and Sara. When the TARDIS materialised in London , the Doctor and Steven encountered the Fulgurites , who were involved in the trafficking of humans across the galaxy for slave labour with the full knowledge of the British government.

The duo put an end to the Fulgurites' activities with the assistance of a young homosexual city trader named Oliver Harper , who joined them in the TARDIS to escape being arrested for his sexuality. However, when a girl entered the TARDIS, he realised that she had accidentally caused the satellite to fall out of orbit, resulting in the satellite being fractured when it struck a piece of space debris, the Doctor and the Calleons in one part of the satellite while Oliver and Steven were in another.

After Steven was able to perform some complex flight calculations to nudge his fragment back to the Doctor's, the Doctor worked with Oliver and the Calleons to draw up new contracts that would help the humans benefit from the Calleons' work while Steven recovered. The Doctor didn't want to change history and took Oliver and Steven to Grace Alone , as he found their names on criminal records on a database in the future. He tried to hide his thoughts from the Vardans to stop them from learning knowledge about the TARDIS, going so far as to fake his death and trick his companions so that he could take the Vardans by surprise later.

Oliver would later meet his death at the hands of the Vardans while saving his friends' lives, disrupting the last Vardan in a final attack. TV : The Five Doctors. While he tried to look for ways of rectifying his relationship with Steven by visiting a rose garden for some peace and contemplation, PROSE : Roses the Doctor was taken by the Time scoop to the Death Zone , where he was briefly reunited with Susan. While there, he defeated a Dalek by trapping it in a narrow corridor, where its own weapons fire ricocheted back at itself, destroying it.

He was reunited with his second and third incarnations , and met his fifth incarnation , Tegan Jovanka and Vislor Turlough. He was the only one of the four incarnations of the Doctor present who realised the true meaning of the inscriptions related to the immortality offered by Rassilon and triggered the events leading to Borusa 's eternal imprisonment within a sarcophagus. After returning Susan to her new home, the Doctor began travelling on his own with the ability to pilot the TARDIS effectively, as a favour granted to him by Rassilon as he was approaching his first regeneration, allowing him to tie up some of the loose ends he had left.

The Doctor works with his future selves within the Void. Along with seven of his other incarnations, the First Doctor became trapped in the Void when it began to attack and devour the universe. He and the others were able to form a dimensional bridge to allow the Eighth Doctor to escape, and were then joined by the War Doctor , followed shortly by the ninth , tenth and twelfth incarnations , who ventured into the Type 1 TARDIS responsible for the disturbance. The Doctor visited Vortis again, at a time in which the Zarbi Supremo had moved the planet to the solar system. With the aid of Gordon Hamilton , he freed the crew of the Solar Queen from the Supremo's control, allowing them to turn on and kill the Zarbi leader.

After a narrow escape from the Mechanistrians , the Doctor took Drake back in time ten million years, where Drako hoped to prevent his world from becoming overly mechanised. The Doctor during the final moments of the Time War. TV : The Day of the Doctor. He was saved after the Graak defeated the Master and sacrificed its life force to free the trapped Doctors. The Doctor chides his future selves. The Doctor attempted to form a band with his second, third and fourth incarnations, but creative differences, and the fact that they all wanted to play the drums , broke them up.

After stopping off on Earth in , the Doctor arrived on the homeworld of the Ethereals and was captured by living clouds. He learned that they were Ethereals, who had been turned into clouds by their former servants, the Baggolts. The Doctor restored their original bodies and helped them put an end to the Baggolt rebellion. The Doctor arrived on a planet ruled by the sons of Grekk , who liked to imprison the native lifeforms. He helped the prisoners turn the tables on the captors and imprisoned them instead, hoping that this would improve their attitudes.

The Doctor returned to the planet Tiro , where he was reunited with Argon and helped him defeat Klarimo once more. The Doctor returned to the planet Birr , where he was caught in a trap and forced to fix a spaceship of aliens who had taken the inhabitants prisoner. The Doctor and his new friends landed on Rhoos , which was being terrorised by a Cyclops named Fo. Travelling alone once more, the Doctor arrived on Bruhl , home of the Glacians , which had been taken over by the tyrant Rraprro. The Doctor aided the rebels by discovering the location of the friendly Zilgor , but had to leave before he could witness their rescue.

The Doctor landed on the bottom of a sea, where he was captured by pirates. The Doctor helped an astronaut on the planet Zactus. Who on the Planet Zactus. The Doctor is attacked by a Voord. The Doctor landed on Marinus , and discovered a conflict between the Voord and the Daleks. The two species eventually forged a treaty, and both headed to Earth to locate the Great Power , taking the Doctor with them.

He attempted to sabotage their ship but was overpowered by the Voord, who launched him into space, although he was saved by the Daleks. He was able to warn the Earth of the fleet and told the Voord of the Daleks' plan to destroy them once finding the Great Power. The Voord and the Daleks began fighting again in Earth's atmosphere, as the Doctor landed in South America in an escape pod. In the pod, he was attacked by the Chief Voord but gained his trust after saving his life. The two then learned that the Great Power was a mushroom whose juice would expand minds to exponential amounts.

The Daleks were looking for the mushroom in the wilderness, and the pair hatched a scheme for the Chief Voord to lead them to the mushrooms.

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At first, the Daleks grew extremely intelligent due to the juice, but they all soon perished due to its poisonous nature. Shortly afterwards, the Doctor came to the assistance of the Daleks when their own creation, the machine brain , turned against them. He deactivated the machine, and the Daleks held a banquet in his honour. The Doctor landed in London during the Great Fire of , where he reluctantly rescued the Mortimer family: farmer George , his wife Helen and their children Ida and Alan. They arrived on a spacecraft leading an Andromedan armada, where they encountered androids called Aalas and met the One , the intelligence controlling the ship.

When the Doctor refused to help the One invade the Milky Way, this disobedience caused it to malfunction, and it self-destructed when Ida threw a bowl at one of its screens. The Doctor and the Mortimers departed, leaving the armada drifting aimlessly in space. The Doctor with Gillian and John. During that time, he made contact with his grandchildren, John and Gillian. When the children began fiddling with the ship's controls, the TARDIS was transported to the 30th century , the Doctor and his grandchildren saved the peaceful Thains from being enslaved by the Kleptons.

Declining the offer to stay a little longer with the Thains, the Doctor set about trying to return his grandchildren home. Trying to return them home, the Doctor crashed the TARDIS on an alien planet, where he and his grandchildren met Grig and accompanied him on a quest to find a cure for a disease that had crippled the Theros population. Investigating the disappearance of seven Earth spaceships in , the Doctor and his grandchildren were taken prisoner by Captain Anastas Thrax and his pirates, who had been drawing ships off course and selling their cargo.

Alongside a band of prisoners, the Doctor overpowered Anasta's ship and had him arrested. Taking his grandchildren to Vortis , the Doctor was attacked by the Zarbi and saved by the Menoptera, who asked him to investigate the Zarbi's strange new powers. They discovered a crashed spaceship and a slave camp of Menoptera in the mountains.

After being ambushed by Zarbi, the Doctor was held hostage and discovered the alien Skirkons were impersonating the Zarbi and using Galvinium X , the rarest mineral in the universe, to build bombs to engulf the universe. The Doctor was rescued by John and Gillian, and destroyed the Galvinium X machine, freeing the Menoptra slaves and defeating the Skirkons. The Doctor fought with a police officer who would not allow him entrance into a police box which he was guarding.

Visiting the planet Gyros , Gillian was kidnapped by the sphere-like Gyros. Aided by a group of tribesmen living in fear of the Gyros, the Doctor chased the Gyros to the Valley of Flames and stopped them from burning his granddaughter alive. Afterwards, he left the population to deal with the Gyros and whisked his grandchildren off to safety, away from the planet. The Doctor and his grandchildren visited the planet Spekra , where they found that the crew of an Earth spaceship had been imprisoned by order of Gritog , the ruler of the planet. They helped the prisoners escape with the aid of a dinosaur -like creature.

After fighting off a dragon and spending the night trapped in the castle, the Doctor confronted the Piper. The Piper told him that, if he wanted to save the children, he would have to pass three tests. The Doctor used his wit and gadgetry to best the Piper, and afterwards, the Pied Piper's castle vanished. When the astronauts fell through a crack in the moon's crust into a deep chasm, the Doctor ventured onto the moon and used a blackboard to communicate with the astronauts in the vacuum. He told them to use the moon's reduced gravity to jump out of the chasm, which resulted in them being freed.

The Doctor finds that time is going backwards. Rescued by a tribe and forced to join their camp, they discovered that time was going backwards due to a fault in the TARDIS. On a visit to another alien planet, the Doctor once again lost the TARDIS when it was taken by a giant lizard, but he retrieved it by hypnotising the lizards to sleep. The Doctor re-encountered the Kleptons when he and his grandchildren stumbled across the crashed Earth ship, Zero One Twenty.

The Kleptons begged the Doctor to assist them in their plans to invade Earth as their own planet had been increasingly hot, but he refused and thwarted their plans. The Doctor visited a jungle on Earth in , where he was captured by Caterpillar Men and held prisoner in their base with other scientists.

He was freed when World Pest Control , whom John and Gillian went to for help, sent a helicopter which sprayed the base with deadly pesticides. The Doctor has a hunch. The Doctor was invited to a banquet in the palace on Demeter , but the event was ruined when Demeter came under attack from robots on the neighbouring planet, Bellus. The Doctor helped evacuate the palace by taking everyone into the TARDIS, where he activated the tremulator, which deflected the destructive waves from Bellus back to that planet, destroying it.

In gratitude, the leader of Demeter presented the Doctor with a large, ancient jewel. On the planet Go-Ray , the Doctor, John and Gillian were accused by the inhabitants of depleting their nuclear pile's supply of cardium. But, with a little ingenuity, the Doctor was able to restore their power and was granted freedom in return.

The Doctor, John and Gillian next encountered a bat and a large crab, as well as helping a race of intelligent frogs catch a shark. The Doctor helped the ageing sailor build a new home. At Christmas , the Doctor took his grandchildren to meet Santa Claus at his relocated workshop on an alien planet and helped him defeat the Demon Magician , an entity who was intent on ruining Christmas by halting work at the toy shop. The Doctor ended up trapping it in a toy rocket.

When a police officer exited the box, he realised that he had the wrong police box and apologised.