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2. Pangolin

Photo credit: NOAA 6. Naked mole rats live in communities with several dozen rats. The colony is led by one rat queen; she is the only female in the group that breeds. Naked mole rat.

Top Ten Ugliest Animals

Photo credit: Kevin McGee 7. The Roti Island snake necked turtle has a neck as long as its body. Roti Island snake necked turtle.


Photo credit: Flickr user: Silvain de Munck 8. Aye-ayes are critically endangered and can only be found on the island of Madagascar. Photo credit: Flickr User Frank Vassen 9. The Monkfish is a bottom-dwelling fish that lives in the western Atlantic. Monk fish. An ostrich can easily kick a grown man to death - an ability often used on predators in the wild. Despite having a mostly herbivorous diet, hippos are often cited as the most dangerous of all African animals. Male hippos fiercely protect their section of the river, and will often attack those that unwittingly encroach upon their territory.

Females are also quick to attack anyone that comes in between them and their calves. Both males and females have powerful jaws with enlarged canines and incisors, sometimes called tusks.

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The male hippo's canines can reach up to Other amazing hippo adaptations include their ability to hold their breath for over five minutes, and their skin, which produces its own natural sunscreen - a useful defense against the relentless African sun. Hyenas are more closely related to cats than dogs. They live in matriarchal clans, with some groups numbering over 70 members. Hyena cubs are usually born in pairs, and if they are the same sex, they may try to kill each other.

Although hyenas are known as scavengers, they also regularly hunt live prey. A team of researchers excavating a cave near Johannesburg , South Africa, discovered five human hairs preserved in fossilized hyena dung.

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Thought to be at least , years old, the hairs exceeded the previous record for the oldest known human hair by more than , years. Striped hyenas are born with adult markings, closed eyes, and small ears. Spotted hyenas are born with eyes wide open and teeth intact. It is one of the most exciting animals to see on safari.

However, you're more likely to see one sleeping than hunting because lions rest for an average of 20 hours every day. Because they hunt primarily at night, they do most of their sleeping during daylight hours. In this, lions are similar to many other cat species.

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However, they are also unique in many ways. They are the only cats with marked differences between males and females, and unlike house cats, they cannot purr. They are also the only cats to live in large family groups, or prides. Living, hunting and raising cubs together is a survival tactic that allows for greater hunting success and a higher rate of infant survival. Elephant calves are amongst the most adorable of all baby safari animals , with their tiny trunks and a light covering of fine orange fuzz.

Elephant babies are often seen sucking their trunks, in the same way that a human baby might suck its thumb. This is a natural reflex, and a source of comfort in between feeding sessions. Trunk-sucking is sometimes seen in older elephants, too, especially when they are uncertain of their surroundings.

Wolves live and hunt in packs, learning to survive in the wild from an early age. Find out how they hunt, what their pups are like and other interesting wolf facts.

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Rats breed so quickly that in just 18 months, 2 rats could have created over 1 million relatives. The blue whale can produce the loudest sound of any animal. At decibels, the noise can be detected over kilometres away. Locusts have leg muscles that are about times more powerful than an equal weight of human muscle.

Insects such as bees, mosquitoes and cicadas make noise by rapidly moving their wings. The horn of a rhinoceros is made from compacted hair rather than bone or another substance. Unlike humans, sheep have four stomachs, each one helps them digest the food they eat. Despite the white, fluffy appearance of Polar Bears fur which is transparent , it actually has black skin. As well as being a famous Looney Tunes character, the Tasmanian Devil is a real animal that is only found in the wild in Tasmania, Australia.

It is the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world. Mosquitoes can be annoying insects but did you know that it's only the female mosquito that actually bites humans.

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  • Cats use their whiskers to check whether a space is too small for them to fit through or not. Animal Facts Enjoy our wide range of fun animal facts for kids. Sponsored Links.

    11 Amazing Rainforest Animals

    Dogs Dogs are popular animals which make for great family pets as well as reliable workers. Tigers Tigers are the largest members of the cat family. Sharks We've all had nightmares about a great white shark attack like that in 'Jaws' but that's just one of many different types of shark species that swim through our oceans. Dolphins Dolphins are intelligent animals that display a wide range of unique behaviors. Lions Lions are powerful and ferocious but did you know that female lions do most of the hunting?

    Gorillas Gorillas are imposing beasts that live in tropical and subtropical forests.