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I tell you-all she's in the air and hell-bent for election.

Mystery Skulls - "Hellbent" [Official Audio]

View in context. I saw him yesterday, in a big hell-bent automobile.

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  • hell-bent (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

By the by, the terror groups never care about the spirit of such festivals like Christmas and they are only hell-bent on killing the people and disturbing the harmonious environment. Quetta attack. Mamata Govt. Dy added they played with such tenacity that they were hell-bent on handing FEU a quick loss. Pumped up La Salle regains confidence, says Dy.

“Hell-bent” and “Hell-for-leather”

Meanwhile, werewolf Tom is hell-bent on revenge and has returned to his former persona as a vampire killer - with one particular vamp in mind Finally, Alex has been imprisoned in a in a hellish jail by the vile Captain Hatch, who is no longer wheelchairbound and weak. And Reading's Adam Le Fondre seems hell-bent on proving us right - after his late double against Chelsea made it 11 goals in 15 matches, despite starting mostly as a substitute.

Ahh that is better. God Christburg. God Christein!

"Hell Bent"

Ooooh perfect! Donnalds in a Hamburgler outfit.

Then again, a Hamburgler outfit doesn't really make you inconspicuous. Even though i cant remember exactly how he looks. I know he has red hair and he's a raccoon man and he has a big burlap sack full of hamburgers that somehow never fall apart. July 8 Hook up with Tendoroni Titty Tuesday Overunder Tolongges Carrot Top Butter Churner The Butter Churn NTA Vellapanti