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Hardy Boys Clues Bros

First they try their hand at a cool game called the Sword in the Stone. Whoever pulls out the blade becomes King for a Day.

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All hail King Chet—now he just has to deliver the sword to the Dragon Days sheriff to claim his crown. But suddenly a mysterious person in a black cloak steals the sword! Will they be able to catch the cloaked culprit in time for Chet to enjoy his prize? Pirates Ahoy! Could there be a pirate treasure buried in Bayport?

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Captain Sid, the owner of a souvenir shop, says there is. When Frank, Joe, and Chet meet Sid on their way to go sailing, he tells them about a pirate ship that sank off the coast of Bayport four hundred years ago. As the boys head to the boat, they find a strange silver coin on the ground Could Captain Sid have been right about the shipwreck?

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All Eyes on First Prize. Bayport Elementary School is holding a science fair, and first prize is a gift certificate to a cool store called The Nature Place.

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The Hardys have projects only detectives could dream up—a fingerprint collection and a special spy-scope. But when two of the best projects get smashed, bully Zack Jackson blames Billy McGee, the new kid in the fourth grade.

Billy can be clumsy, but is he really a walking natural disaster? The robot? Slip, Slide, and Slap Shot. But Frank and Chet are determined to keep Joe on the team. Even after Joe accidentally slams a slap shot straight into Jamie, a star figure skater. Then she accuses Joe of stealing her good luck charm, a fuzzy white seal.

Joe and Frank are determined to find the mascot—and the thief. The Fish-Faced Mask of Mystery. But when the assembly is interrupted by a fire drill, the mask is stolen—and the Hardys spring into action. More featuring detectives. Three-Ring Terror. The Hardy boys never dreamed they'd be swinging for their lives on the circus's flying trapeze, but that's exactly what happens when their pal Chet Morton discovers a college for clowns.

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But Frank and Joe have no time for clowning around, for they've intercepted a coded message that may turn the greatest show on earth into a carnival of crime. Eye on Crime. Even more suspicious: this is the second store robbery committed by teens in just two days!

Skin and Bones. The brothers are running hard and thinking fast—and up against a smart, desperate enemy ready to skin them alive! The Case of the Psychic's Vision. While lots of people are curious about the psychics, Frank and Joe Hardy are skeptical. Is this psychic family for real? When Colin, one member of the family, makes an extremely accurate prediction about a future event, the Hardys are shocked.

Had Colin not arrived, this mystery would surely have been left unsolved.

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  • The Chase for the Mystery Twister. The Hardy Boys head to Oklahoma, where crime is spinning out of control in the wide-open spaces of tornado alley. Frank and Joe encounter a bizarre phenomenon: the aftermath of a fierce twister that defies scientific explanation. I love this book! Cool, Mary! Wow, good review, Ann! I definitely look forward to reading it. Hope I find it somewhere in used bookstores or something.


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    The Hardy Boys are The Clues Brothers #13 Pirates Ahoy! ~ My Review

    Like this: Like Loading Thanks, Seema! Am enjoying the Nancy Drew books, once again. I thought Chet was the one with curly hair. With love Helena. Please leave a reply - that would be awesome!