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Authors who arrived after , sometimes as political exiles, were often inspired by socialist idealism. Yet even though their ideas greatly influenced Creole letters in the second half of the century, none of these writers can be considered Creole. Louisiana produced numerous exiles of her own, many seeking refuge in France.

All were Louisiana descendants of St. Domingue immigrants who completed their education in Paris. In the French capital, they discovered an artistic and personal freedom that stood in stark contrast to the humiliating quasi-citizenship they experienced in Louisiana, where anyone not of pure Caucasian descent, including Creoles of mixed racial heritage, was branded as inferior. These voluntary exiles soon distanced themselves from the degradations of racial prejudice and seldom addressed these issues in their writings. Their successful careers, however, offered a glaring reminder of what an individual could accomplish when unfettered by social injustice.

He went on to become a major playwright in Paris. Encouraged by these successes abroad, French-speaking Creoles of color hardly reacted passively to the worsening conditions in Louisiana. Joined by numerous French political exiles who participated in their struggle, they carried on a valiant resistance. Indeed, over the course of the nineteenth century, Louisiana Creoles scored numerous firsts in the realm of American literature.

Creole Literature | 64 Parishes

Their accomplishments in poetry, the short story, the theater, and journalism—echoed by the creation of the first literary review in Louisiana, the first anthology of Afro-Creole poetry, and the first black daily newspaper in the United States—offer ample proof of the sophistication of these francophone writers. Another example of this sophistication can be found in Les Cenelles , an anthology of poetry written by seventeen poets of color, edited by Armand Lanusse and published in Dalcour into exile?

What is the source of the regret, the preoccupation with departure and the fear of betrayal that seeps from every line of these works? With the advent of the Civil War , newspapers quickly became the forum of preference for this group of socially engaged writers. For the Creole community, literature was transformed into a political and socially engaged act. These events helped shape a new generation of activist Creole writers such as Pierre-Aristide Desdunes and Victor Rillieux.

Desdunes began what was to become one of the major literary accomplishments of Creole Louisiana in , the same year that mobs attacked the Tribune. Ferguson to the U. Supreme Court in The importance of his poetry, essays, and short fiction is just now beginning to be understood. Indeed, Creole writers of color founded a major American literary movement whose importance was analogous to the creation of jazz. Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, —. Article published September 14, David Johnson.

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Subjects Verse satire, French. French wit and humor.

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