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The following resources address the underlying values and principles of family-centered practice as well as key elements of providing family-centered services. Resources include State and local examples.

CWLA Standards of Excellence for Services to Strengthen and Preserve Families With Children Child Welfare League of America Describes the services and supports that should be available to all families, emphasizing three service strategies: family resource, support, and education; family-centered casework; and intensive family-centered crisis services. Key Lessons for Implementing a Family-Centered Approach PDF - 3, KB Children and Family Futures Highlights the Prevention and Family Recovery initiative, which strives to build the capacity of family drug courts and their partner agencies to provide a more comprehensive, family-centered approach grounded in cross-systems collaboration and evidence-based practices that strengthen the parent-child relationship and improve family well-being.

They are putting it into practice by urging the local church to recognize that it is in the essential nature of God to love the orphan.

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God commands His church to care for the orphan as it is an expression of His love and grace to love and care for them. Bethany is equipping the local church with resources to multiply their efforts and care for children based on biblical principles. In individual home visits, caseworkers strive to get to know the families intimately, encourage them, and join them in prayer and spiritual guidance for their family and child. Weekly small group meetings create a community of families to encourage, support, and pray for each other.

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Are Orphanages for Orphans? July 7, Advocate family-based nurturing care as the best environment for ECD We now have strong evidence that family-based nurturing care is a necessary condition for ECD to reach its full potential. Here, caretakers who are committed to a lifelong relationship with a child provide a safe and stable environment — a care setting that most closely resembles a family.

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Using this as a guiding principle, governments and stakeholders should reroute their funding pipeline towards protecting and advocating family-based nurturing care. Specifically, we may focus on preventing unnecessary family-child separation among vulnerable families, helping institutionalized children to reunite with families, and supporting quality family-like alternative care by supporting adoption and foster care.

Philosophy and Key Elements of Family-Centered Practice

One ECD intervention with strong evidence for cost-effectiveness in improving family-based nurturing care includes parent-directed programs especially for years olds with a combined focus on breastfeeding, complementary feeding and nutrition, and early stimulation and responsiveness.

To provide specialized policy trainings for ECD workers on children outside of family including institutionalized children, we can utilize global education platform such as the exciting step put forward by the Sustainable Development Goals Academy that offers free online courses by world experts on different areas of sustainable development.

Convene international communities around the task of deinstitutionalization Deinstitutionalization has not yet risen to the national agenda in most countries, especially outside of Europe. Countries with ongoing efforts on deinstitutionalization need to share not just scientific evidence but also their experiences in ending institutional care.