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Second Chance IV: Taking Chances

Akhmed Salamov. George Kosmidis. Submission, Rear-Naked choke Round 1 of 5. Sotiris Kaselouris. Prelim Ioannis Marathias. Submission, Rear-Naked choke Round 1 of 3. Paschalis Koulikas. Submission, Rear-Naked choke Round 3 of 3, Total. Ioannis Reppas. Michalis Kesidis. Nikos Deliolanis. Ahmad Kassem. Submission, Armbar Round 3 of 3, Total. Alexis Tsarmantidis. Antonis Rekas. Fation Seferi. Spirits appear to be controlling deadly objects to viciously attack him. As the murdering rampage continues, Campbell discovers Penelope has special, unbelievable abilities.

Raven cage

With his greatest nemesis in pursuit, Campbell seeks to hide this incredible woman who has become such an intimate part of his life. Their worst fears suddenly come true. Goro Sen and his family have been kidnapped. He wants Campbell to lead that army to conquer the world. With death surrounding him, Campbell struggles to find and save his true love, Penelope. Ai Eto are making a frantic escape back to Earth aboard a crippled clipper after destroying the moon base. The Master has fled to whereabouts unknown and taken Penelope with It. The Earth is in the midst of an apocalyptic destruction, and the dogs are trapped on the island of Hawaii.

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Campbell and the injured Eto become trapped on the erupting island. In a desperate search to escape before the island destroys itself, they encounter Lady Baldwin, a pirate who has vowed to kill Campbell. The threesome elude immediate death aboard an antiquated and flightless clipper which leaves them vulnerable to tsunamis and attack from other pirates. Her primary concern is saving mankind before the Master can dominate the planet. Yet Campbell is only worried about finding Penelope and avoiding Dr. Campbell also discovers a potentially great evil growing in the perceived tranquility of New Atlantis.

Abruptly, Penelope arrives at New Atlantis. In a final confrontation with the Master, Campbell meets his ultimate destiny. He vows to protect Ester and help her establish a new life. That includes Dr. Jessica Achew, the beautiful medical examiner that put together the murder case. Their only option to stop the murder spree is a sting operation using Jesse as bait.

Again, Rex is endangering someone he loves. Will he always be a destroyer of life? Check out the day planners to find out who will be speaking on what. Most seminars are 45 minutes except for our Bite Size stream that has some brand new speakers who will be doing talks in under 15 minutes.

Check out the sports venue, come and talk to our friendly team in the Chat Room or head to Rewind to kick the week off with a UV party! Day Two 9. God or not? This seminar will take a fresh, practical and encouraging look at the question, helping you gain confidence in hearing from God. Rewind, 16A This session asks: what does it mean to be innovative and cutting edge, even in the context of an underresourced local church youth group? Bite size Does God see me? Late Night Worship, 16A Where do clothes come from? Who made these clothes? Come and learn what we can do to create change and buy clothing without exploitation.

What does God want to do with my life? If he does, how do we go about working out what it is? Refreshers, 16A Text it to before the start of the seminar and our youth pastors Fiona and Bob will do their best to answer it! Main venue, 16A Come along to this series looking at how we can develop our gifts so we can be the best communicators we can be. In the first session Ali will look at how to prepare a talk, how to use the Bible well, and. We have the duty and the joy of loving the church; come and discover how we can be the change that we want to see within it.

Grab a slice of rocky road cheesecake in one of our cafes, get your skates on and head down to the sports arena or browse through the selection of books in the ToolShed. Chat to one of our hosts to get involved. Me, a vicar? Head to Rewind if you want to check out the Silent Disco! Head to Late Night Worship! CHRIS LANE A whistle stop guide to the apocalypse - looking at what Christians through the centuries have believed about the future of the universe, and what on earth it has to do with us today.

Rewind, 16A How does the average youth worker meaningfully engage with Syrian refugees, young people in poverty, children in care and more — especially when we have a host of other pressing responsibilities on our shoulders? We have been called to learn the ways of Jesus and to live out our faith in a real and relevant manner, come along and find out how! He can! Come and be encouraged to grow in leadership by focussing on the qualities God is looking for in potential leaders. I want justice— oceans of it. I want fairness—rivers of it. Films and TV series about the undead taking over the world seem to be taking over the world.

While it may seem that nobody cares what we believe, putting each story into play will draw real interest and could change the way we share our faith forever. Who am I? In this session we are going to explore tools and processes that can help you know how God made you to be YOU! See if one takes your fancy in the ToolShed. Shoot some hoops over at sports, grab a slice of something delicious in one of our cafes, or come and see our team in the Chat Room. How can I know God in a real way? How can we get to know Jesus in a meaningful way today?

This is a practical guide for how to resist any temptation! Get stuck in at sports, or hang out on the brilliant XLP bus. What about our friends of other faiths and no faith? Is what they believe wrong? Can all religions be equally true or is there only one way to God? Come and puzzle through some of these questions. So how do we strike a balance between planning great youth work, and not making the programme the main thing? What the hell? Will there be fire, harps and clouds?

What happens when we die? Chris will address these questions and more! How do we become more fearless and step out in sharing Jesus with our mates and people we meet? Sink or swim? The university challenge. Freddie will look at how we can not only keep our heads above the water but actively swim and thrive in our faith at university. Ever feel under pressure to be perfect?

Yakuza's Revenge

Be THAT kind of girl! Happily ever after? Sadly not.

Final Fantasy IX - Soulcage (Final Boss of Disc 2)

Jesus never promised following him would be easy, and millions of your church family around the world experience the cost of following him every day. Can we make a difference? But what does it look like to bring change in reality? This is an opportunity to share your stories and hear from frontline experience of responding to the call of God to transform a broken world. Sports, cafes, the ToolShed and more! Get involved in the Soul Action Fun Run from 5. Want to be more?

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BLUE BRADLEY Building on the last seminar looking at what tools and processes we can use to understand ourselves, this session will help us understand some of the wrong thinking that stops us living the lives we are destined for. Student reception Heading off to uni?

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Come and meet others in the same boat to say hello, pray for one another and get some top tips on making the most of student life. How does it become something that breathes life into our relationship with God? Come along for a practical guide to making the Bible a key part of everyday life. In this session we'll explore ideas that we can put in place so that we can last the distance in life.

Drawing on his own life story, Tich will encourage us that we worship an amazing, gracious, good and merciful God. Refreshers, 16A Things every emerging leader absolutely has to know TIM ALFORD Do you find yourself naturally influencing your friends, rallying people together to get stuff done and taking the lead when no one else will?

Then perhaps God has given you a leadership gift to use for him! How do I know God's calling for my life? God has a dream for each one of us so how do we discover it and walk into it? So what would it look like if we lived like that all the time? What could happen if we do? What would it take and what might hold us back? Come and find out if you're up for the challenge! Late Night Worship. Discover how you naturally share Jesus and learn about your style and that of others. Make the most of the ToolShed and the sports arena, grab one more hot chocolate mountain or hang out on the XLP bus.

Lion, man, ox, eagle. How to discover your calling by understanding yourself. Many of us have an image of God that is a bit distorted because of bad things that have happened to us. Sometimes we project our experience of our own human parenting onto God, but he is a perfect Father. Come and hear the truth of what our good, good Father is really like. God has good plans for us, but they can also feel difficult, confusing and costly. Space for honest chats about what's hard about being a Christian and the adventure of following Jesus' way.

Registered charity no. She loves seeing young people meet Jesus, going on holiday especially to Canada and anything yellow! He is a passionate communicator of the gospel, having spoken at churches, conferences and events all over the world. Tim is the former frontman of [dweeb], a frustrated supporter of Arsenal, and admits that on more than one occasion he has been to the cinema in Star Wars fancy dress. Blue Bradley Blue has served as the Director of Easter Camp in New Zealand since way back and has been involved in youth work for over 30 years.

Claire Cooke Claire is training to be an Ordained Pioneer Minister and leads a team that is exploring different ways to plant churches with young adults in a semi-rural area. Claire loves having adventures with her husband Jim, their two daughters and puppy. Andy is a fan of complicated theology books, good tweet-able quotes and working out to the Rocky soundtrack.

Beth Croft Beth has been part of the Soul Survivor worship team for many years leading and heading up teams at both our conferences and our church. She is married to Andy, mum to Josiah, and — as you may notice from her bump — they have another little Crofty on the way. Chris Curtis Chris has been a youth worker for longer than he can remember — which turns out to be about thirty years. All of this busyness is fuelled by an addiction to flat whites.

Fiona Green Fiona has been the youth pastor at Christ Church in Chorleywood for the last five years and is currently taking a year out to spend time with her new daughter, Igg. Simon Holley Simon leads the eldership team at King's Arms Church, Bedford where getting out on to the streets to see the kingdom of God break out has become a core value of the church. Simon is married to Caroline and they have a lot of fun raising three lively children!

He loves football, cricket, and having overgrown eyebrows. John Kell John is from Bolton and is married to Rachel. John is passionate about Jesus, church, seeing people fulfil their God-given potential, making music, watching films and supporting his beloved football team Stoke City. He is married to Esther and is teaching his three children to follow Jesus and Manchester United, in that order. Rend Collective This group of musicians come from Northern Ireland where they grew their own particular brand of foot-stomping worship.

He is passionate about evangelism, is married to Joy and they have four kids. They now work in over 50 countries providing Bibles, Christian materials, and training, as well as doing advocacy work to help those who suffer because they follow Jesus. Freddie Pimm Freddie is a junior doctor working and living in London. He loves talking, especially about his two passions: great food and great hair. He travels around the world helping people understand the gospel, is married to Juliette and dad to Nathan and Noah.

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They have four children and eight grandchildren. Miriam Swaffield Miriam leads the student mission stuff for Fusion, a movement that connects students to church through studentlinkup. She travels a lot, loves the local church and thinks she's more of a surfer than she actually is. He loves sport, movies, the sea and seeing young people living out adventures with Jesus.

He was previously a church leader for over twenty years, supports Liverpool FC, loves music, and reads too many books at the same time. Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby Having worked in the oil industry for a number of years Archbishop Justin Welby got ordained 20 years ago and has been the head of the Church of England since John is married to Ruth they will be celebrating their anniversary this week! She is married to John and mum to Melody and Noah. Ness Wilson Ness, husband Rich, and two daughters, Amelie and Lauren, all live in a community household in Loughborough.

Ness leads Open Heaven Church which was planted with a bunch of friends in when they graduated from uni together. Tom is married to Susi, is a fan of Tottenham Hotspur and loves salted caramel ice cream. He enjoys skateboarding and well, pretty much any sport! Charlotte Instone Since graduating from London College of Fashion, Charlotte has started her own clothing brand called Know The Origin offering contemporary Fairtrade and organic clothing.

She has travelled to countries such as Bangladesh, India, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and a Zaatari refugee camp to share stories that explore the impact of our clothes on people around the world. Lara McCormack Lara is 19 and is on our Soul61 leadership course doing the youth work placement. Lara loves Taylor Swift and burritos. She loves music, being part of the worship team at her church, sport and hanging out with her friends.

She is passionate about living out her faith to the full and inspiring other people to do the same. Info Want to buy a day pass? Broken or lost a wristband? Got a question about local facilities? We have some large banners around the showground with huge maps and we also post lots of info on the screens in the main meetings so keep an eye out for those.

Soul Survivor app All of the info in this lovely programme can also be found in our online app. If you miss a talk you wanted to hear you'll be able to listen to it on our website after the event. Stewards Stewards are easy to identify by their fluorescent yellow jackets and their beautiful faces. Running low on juice?

Facilities for hearingimpaired The main meeting venue has a loop system facility. Please ask an usher those fine folk who wear bright orange jackets where the best place to sit will be. The main meetings will also be signed and there will be a designated area towards the front offering the best view. Details of how to access will be on the main meeting screens. If for any reason you have the wrong one, please pop to Info so we can sort that out for you. Your village hosts are there to make you feel at home and should be your first port of call if you have any questions, if you need to borrow a mallet to sort out your tent pegs, or if you fancy a hot chocolate and a chat.

Lost property Wondering where your wallet is? Misplaced your mobile? We take valuable items Bibles, phones, wallets back to our office in Watford and share them out amongst ourselves. Please note our events go on until 23rd August and then our office will be closed for a while so we can all recover. Pop along to the ToolShed to find a little stand selling camping essentials including gas. Our wonderful food vans will be offering burgers, hand cut chips with toppings, fresh doughnuts, thai food, and wood-fired pizza.

Tuck in! The address is:. Our lovely village hosts will be on hand if you get your meters and yards confused.