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Elsewhere, the church becomes the stage for a highly charged confrontation between Liz, Jack, and Father McGinley. Will Jack be able to convince Liz of his love, or will this be the last time he wrongs her? S2, Ep4. Despite Jack's reputation, Eva takes him in when Liz kicks him out for good.

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When the teacher Trish has been seeing breaks off their relationship, she threatens to get him fired by exposing their affair. S2, Ep5. Trish takes a stand against going to school, but Eva breaks through to her. Debbie grows suspicious of Nick's meddling in Eva and Jack's affairs, while Liz wrestles with regret and self-doubt as her disgraced husband carries on with his second wife across the street.

S2, Ep6.

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After spending a passionate night with Father McGinley, Liz feels ashamed of their tryst. Meanwhile, Debbie gets close to Nick's dark secret--perhaps closer than she'd like. S2, Ep7. Debbie leaves Nick after he divulges his attraction to Eva, who must now sort things out between them. John Paul visits the church to seek advice from Father McGinley, but finds himself consoling the drunk priest and learning something he shouldn't in the process.

S2, Ep8. Given the fractured state of the Freemans, it should be a lively feast.

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S2, Ep9. Trish's melodramatics reach a new low, and no one escapes from her wrath unscathed. The incident leads to a fight between Eva and Liz and destroys any pretense of friendliness between them. S2, Ep After her fight with Eva and the fallout with Trish, Liz is paralyzed by depression and loneliness, afraid of losing everything.

Now John Paul and Anthony, the only remaining children still loyal to Liz, must try and resist Eva's temptation. Jamie and Sue have their bachelor and bachelorette parties, but what should be a night of rowdy celebration turns out to be relatively dull. Behind the scenes, however, the ultimate betrayal takes place.

Liz sits at home, nine months pregnant, and reflects on Jamie and Sue's wedding. She's due at any moment, surrounded by her caring family. By the time such extremes arrive, it just seems normal from the people living in Springhill. Such is the touch that Abbott, Russell and their writing cohorts bring to this obscure family in Liverpool.

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The show was shot on standard definition video. The audio is Dolby Digital Stereo. You might want to turn down the volume since the family yells a lot. The episodes are subtitled. Springhill: Series One is a soap opera that goes to the proper extremes within what seems like a normal family. This is the first of the two seasons it lasted on British television.

Acorn Media presents Springhill: Series One.

Springhill (Scenes filmed at Bootle High School)

Boxset Contents: 26 episodes on 4 DVDs. Released: June 18, Available at Amazon. Joe Corey is the writer and director of "Danger! He was Associate Producer of the documentary "Moving Midway. Dom DeLuise once said, "Joe, you look like an axe murderer. The Weekly Round-Up

The community blog for the Springhill neighborhood