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Here is where I talk about behind-the-scene stuff that readers may want to know more about. RSS Feed. I write sweet and steamy rom-coms with tear-jerker happy-ever-afters. This is the story of Domenico Moretti, heir to the alpha of the Moretti pack, and his human employee. Both Wolf Fight and Wolf Games are out now.

The Werewolf Prince and I (Moretti Werewolves, #1)

The last book of the trilogy, Wolf Kisses , is now out! This is a short story with a happy-for-now ending about Alejandro's twin Alessandro Moretti, who in the human world takes the role of a professor.

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In this story, he receives a love confession from his young student Kassia. Find out what happens next! Finally, there's My Werewolf Husband. In this story, Domenico and Misy are back and they'll have quite the adventure.

The Werewolf Prince and I Read Online Free by Marian Tee - Bluenovels

Let's just say that one day, Misty is the beloved wife of the most powerful and gorgeous werewolf prince Likewise, Domenico Moretti plays a minor role in Suit and Fangs. In this story, Luka Georgiades - a Caro creatures who draw sustenance from blood - finds himself playing "babysitter" of sorts to his former best friend, Caylie Sonora.

Some say it's even hotter! Once you're done with all these books, I hope you'll be glad to know that you'll see more characters from this world having their stories shared next year. Her knees shook so hard she felt like she was about to fall on her face any second. She was thankful her family was with her.


That night, they stood side by side as they accepted belated congratulations for their marriage. Misty rolled her eyes.


So many girls are more attractive than I am here. I doubt anyone actually pays attention to me. She shook her head, still amazed that he could be jealous. That he loved her. It was a truth she hugged to herself with every morning that she woke up and saw Domenico at her side. The Fiarinos were another powerful Lyccan clan, one with a promising heir Domenico said he had his eye on.

It was enough for now. Misty remembered her promise and she told herself she would work on that soon.

The Werewolf Prince and I (Moretti Werewolves, #1)

Did you like the battle I gave you? But he succeeded like you said he would. She told him what happened, with the exception of the bit that Daryl was a faerie.