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DX Journal. The lack of software support for the cable definitely prevented it from catching on. Another detracting factor is that making the cooperative mode even possible requires two Genesis systems, two copies of Zero Tolerance, hookups for both systems, two television sets, two controllers and one link cable. With all of these stipulations and variables involved it is a tad too much to ask out of gamers in the year It is no wonder why this accessary was not popular and has become one of the rarest, commanding relatively high prices on the internet, provided they can even be found.

Being supporting only supported by one title it is a heavy price to pay for such a device.

A Generation Later: What We’ve Learned about Zero Tolerance in Schools – CSG Justice Center

However, there are some great qualities to this cable. For one thing it is of a high build quality.

It does not feel frail in any way. The data communication speed between both systems seems to be borderline instantaneous.

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When in play, the game instantly tracks where every entity is within the playing environment without any lag aside from what is seen with the single player experience. For those who cannot afford the price of the cable are in luck. The remnants of the Technopop website, kept alive by founder Randel Reiss, reveal the technical details for creating a makeshift link cable with two cannibalized Sega Genesis controller cords. This is a good cheap alternative, provided that one has the aptitude for wire splicing and soldering.

If not, the easy way out would just be to pay the extra cash to get the real deal.

Zero Tolerance

As mentioned in our review of the game Zero Tolerance proper, the fun of the cooperative multiplayer mode in this title is unmatched for its era. In , Antonious Brown attended Therrell High in Southwest Atlanta, an area whose neighborhoods have long struggled with poverty and crime.

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Creative writing was his main escape. Brown had wanted to be a writer since middle school.

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But in March of that year, the school authorities got wind of one of his stories about an insane student who hunts down, kills, and cannibalizes classmates and teachers. Dark stuff, but hardly out-of-bounds for a horror story from a teenager.