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Therefore, on March 5th, , at around in the afternoon, the group assembled for a session in EMI Studio Two to show him what they had. I would perch myself on a high stool and John and Paul would stand around me with their acoustic guitars ans play and sing it — usually without Ringo or George, unless George joined in the harmony. On this occasion, The Beatles premiered four songs to George Martin for consideration for their next single, two newly written compositions and two written many years before.

With a new set of verses written by Paul and Ringo in tow, they entered EMI Studio Two on this day at 11 pm for a late night session to get more needed work done for the album. Much preparatory work was first needed, so with all the arrangement bugs worked out, they recorded only one take of the rhythm track which was deemed good enough.

Mai Tai - What Goes On (Special Dance Mix) (Vinyl, 12", Maxi-Single, 45 RPM, EP) | Discogs

The instrumentation consisted of John on electric rhythm guitar, George on lead guitar, Paul on bass and Ringo on drums as well as a guide vocal off microphone to guide the song along. With this rhythm track complete, overdubs commenced.

Interestingly, the overdubbed lead guitar flourish, which presumably was recorded on a separate track, was inadvertently left out of the mono mix. Song Structure and Style.

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The Beatles seemed to go to great lengths to infuse some creativity into the structure and arrangement for this song which, to a lot of ears, appears to be a let-down in comparison to the sparkling and innovative songwriting that surrounds it on the album. I heartily implore you to take a closer look at the results so as to show that this is in fact a well-written song with many elements of an impressive performance.

A brief four-measure introduction, started off by three leading notes from George before the downbeat, establishes the key of E major and begins what has developed into a true country-and-western flavored piece. Being what Ringo has claimed at the time as being his favorite genre of music, the group was undoubtedly bowing to his favor, possibly purposely altering the previously-written composition to his style.

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  • Just before the first twenty-measure verse begins, we hear the three-part harmony of Ringo, John and Paul come in with the title of the song, which continues in this fashion for the entire verse. The first verse, like the other three, is fourteen measures long.

    What Goes On (Beatles song)

    However, extending it another two measures would be even more awkward so its best as it is. An identical repeat of the chorus comes next with Ringo hitting his snare unusually hard for the first beat. This is followed by the final chorus which is characterized by Ringo banging away loudly on his snare drum, noticeably different from the rest of the song.

    This last chorus is actually followed by another four measures that acts as a conclusion to the song. An overdubbed ending guitar flourish from George unheard in the mono mix brings the song to a conclusion with a mighty crash on a syncopated beat. The unfortunate final chord sounds out-of-tune but, with the time constraints, was deemed suitable enough. His forte on this song is his vocal work which, within the small amount of range written into his part, is done amazingly well.

    He keeps on pitch very well with some slight reaching for the notes in the choruses that actually work nicely with the country feel of the song. Arguably his best vocal performance up to this point. George is very to the fore on this song, channeling Carl Perkins for his flavored runs that ooze throughout the arrangement. Guitar solos were much more structured in their recent recordings of that day, Paul even playing them himself at times.

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    John declines the use of the expected acoustic guitar in favor of electric while playing an unusual staccato rhythm pattern which does get a little patchy at times. But what do the bakers think about this conundrum? In Devon typically they spread the clotted cream first followed by jam, whereas the Cornish tradition is to spread jam first followed by cream. Afternoon Tea is a delicious treat and you should enjoy it whatever way you want — even if that means cakes before sandwiches!

    “What Goes On” 1963 unreleased demo

    In , Darren McGrady, ex-chef to the royal family between and was caught in a Twitter storm after an article showed jam on top of the cream. MORE: How to make the ultimate cream tea. Follow Metro.