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Thursday - AM. Vinyasa Flow. Level 2. Saturday - AM.

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Gentle Yoga - Chair. Vi Senior Living. Read more. Sign up for motivational news, events, my 2-minute yoga practices,. Have questions? Shoot me an email at nancy motivationalyoga. I'd love to hear from you. When you wake up, celebrate! Contact Me. About Motivational Yoga. About Nancy Gerstein. Her classes feed body and mind, encouraging students to make conscious choices about how they direct thoughts, energy, and focus to live the best life they can. Teaching Style. Spiritually strengthening. All you have to do is make the decision.

Keep it simple, do the practice, and applaud your daily transformations. Read her most recent contribution about yoga and leadership in Elite Daily. Avoiding Distractions at Work. Write a comment. How Yoga Practice Effects Emotions. Guiding Yoga's Light presents 74, succinct and illuminating lesson plans for beginning to advanced students.

Each lesson embraces a wide array of yoga concepts from teaching basic diaphragmatic breathing to mindfulness training to applying the yamas and niyamas into hatha practice. Coming Soon! A stress free body and mind gets the maximum benefit with the practice of yoga poses or even pranayama. Prepare the body and mind for yoga : What better way to start the practice of yoga with relaxation. If this helps to improve body and breath awareness it can bring the best in any form of yoga practice.

Continue reading more on Instant Relaxation Technique Benefits. Instant Relaxation Technique Contraindications: While relaxation is always welcome and good for the body and mind to bring balance, yet there can be certain times this may not help a practitioner when practicing this technique of Instant Relaxation Technique IRT.

This yoga posture gives your immune system an instant boost

Not for those suffering with hypertension : The holding of the breath and the pulling of the muscles are not advisable for those suffering with Blood pressure. Not for those who have heart disease : Instant Relaxation Technique should be avoided by those suffering from heart ailments as holding the breath and pulling in the muscles will make it uncomfortable. Women who are pregnant : As the muscles are pulled in tight it is unsafe for pregnant women to practice causing loss of breath and uneasiness.

Avoid if suffering from fibromyalgia : Those suffering from fibromyalgia may find pulling in the muscles and holding of the breath painful, and hence best to avoid. Learn more: Instant Relaxation Technique Contraindications. Learn more: Instant Relaxation Technique Variations. Now to begin, work from the lower part of the body: Tighten the toes. Tighten the ankles. Tighten the calves. Tighten the knee cap. Tighten the thighs. Now moving towards the middle of the body: Tighten the hips.

Tighten the entire abdomen.

Pull the belly in. Exhale completely. Now moving towards the rest of the body: Tighten the fingers. Form a fist with the hands.

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Tighten the forearms. Tighten the upper arms. Inhale, and expand the chest filling in maximum. Tighten the shoulders.

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Tighten the neck and face muscles. Tighten the entire body, from the tips of the toes to the forehead. Bring all the muscles under your control.

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Pulling them all and be aware of the control and the sensation. Hold the breathing while the belly in sucked in and the chest is expanded. Hold the breath for about 30 seconds along with the muscles pulled in. Slowly exhale and begin to release the muscles from the face to the tips of the toes moving downwards. Release the tensions as you release the muscles. Relax and bring the breathing to normal. Repeat this again for about 3 rounds to start with, gradually going deeper and longer with the holding of the breath and the muscles.

For better results, the practicing of AUM at the end of the repeated rounds can be done. Chant the mantra AUM….