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May 11, The Capital Annapolis, Maryland. Archived from the original on May 15, Retrieved May 13, San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved January 3, Kerguelen Islands. Related Images. YouTube Videos. MacArthur Park in Westlake. A very clear evening view of Mount Lee and the Hollywood Sign from the Griffith Observatory lawn, one day after a rain.

With The state capital is Sacramento. Established in , it was the first of the California Missions. The original of Todd's Bear Flag , photographed in Miners during the California Gold Rush. City of Thousand Oaks sign and oak tree. Plaque by Norwegian Grade. The United States of America, commonly known as the United States or America, is a country composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

Death of Captain Cook by Johann Zoffany Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull. Three types of mariners, seen here in the wheelhouse of a ship: a master , an able seaman , and a harbour pilot. Portrait of a sailor taken on board the French aviso Ardent, Christians are people who follow or adhere to Christianity, a monotheistic Abrahamic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Nazareth is described as the childhood home of Jesus.

Many languages employ the word "Nazarene" as a general designation for those of Christian faith. Japanese Christians "Kurisuchan" in Portuguese costume, 16—17th century. A Bermuda rig, Bermudian rig, or Marconi rig is a configuration of mast and rigging for a type of sailboat and is the typical configuration for most modern sailboats. A three-masted Bermuda-rigged schooner of the Royal Navy circa , typical of the design of Bermudian ships by the 19th century.

Cape Horn, seen from the Chilean Navy station location. The small lighthouse can be seen as a white spot close to the seaside. View from an unidentified sailing ship during a storm at Cape Horn, between and Approaching Cape Horn from the south-west. Male ostrich at the Cape of Good Hope. Cape Leeuwin is the most south-westerly mainland point of the Australian continent, in the state of Western Australia. Cape Leeuwin and the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse as seen from the north. Cape Leeuwin area. Lighthouse and cottages upper right, with cars parked at the lighthouse carpark.

The waves breaking are at the furthest end of the land behind the lighthouse. The road to Augusta is hidden by vegetation. The swamp and spring that supply the water wheel in mid ground. The day photograph was taken both sides were calm, a yacht might be seen just left of the lighthouse in the distance. It is the imaginary line on the spheroid's surface, equidistant from its poles, dividing it into northern and southern hemispheres. A yacht is a watercraft used for pleasure or sports. The "Lazzara" 80' "Alchemist" on the California Coast. Sailing yacht " Zapata II ".

A yacht in Lorient, Brittany , France. A sloop is a sailing boat with a single mast and a fore-and-aft rig. A sloop has only one head-sail; if a vessel has two or more head-sails, the term cutter is used, and its mast may be set further aft than on a sloop. A masthead-rigged UFO A Marconi rig Ragtime designed by John Spencer. The working sloops that were used for weekend races were effectively smaller versions of the ocean-going Bermuda sloop.

University of Chicago Indian Institute of Management University of Oxford London School of Economics HEC Paris University of Cambridge National University of Singapore SP Jain Institute of Management University of Michigan Ann Arbor In other words, students themselves are ranking which schools they find most desirable. In the process, they are required to select 10 schools they are interested in applying to. Among its rankings, Ready4 also displays the average GMAT score, acceptance rate, and percentage of students who indicate the school as a top choice.

According to a Fortune report, top b-schools are seeing an increase in applicants. As a result, the survey is a measurement of school interest from the Class of and Not surprisingly, the big three — Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton — continued to garner the most interest. The majority were American — though by a slimmer to margin than might be expected. That said, several international schools, including the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Oxford, and the National University of Singapore experienced the biggest drops in interest.

It is also the record price for any wristwatch sold at auction, and is considered the most iconic wristwatch of the 20th Century. Previously the most expensive wristwatch sold at auction was a Patek Philippe Ref. It also has contrasting colored seconds scale along the periphery of the dial, and a Daytona signature over the lower subdial rather than under the upper signature, as on most other Daytonas. Officially called the Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Daytona, it was produced in six different series between and the late s, but was discontinued because of poor sales. Paul Newman wore the one auctioned today — a Ref.

For more of her stories see watchdetail. And why have two balances? Why would they do that? What impresses most is the addition of a second hairspring to the regulating organ of the calibre What could be the advantages of such a feature? There are different perspectives to take into account. The first one is about visual pleasure. The idea was to use the advantages of having two balance springs, without the issues that come with them. Having a double spring increases the precision. However, this construction when you have two hairsprings on the same side of a single balance is known to be difficult to adjust and does create extra friction on the balance staff.

In an escapement with one spring, an error occurs due to the point where the spring is attached to the hairspring stud. Another effect is the error you have in the alloy of the spring itself. Also, because the weight is equal on both sides of the balance staff, it means that frictions are reduced and also better distributed — explaining the advantage of a double-balance compared to a dual-hairspring on a single balance. The entire calibre is opened and completely hand finished, with numerous inner and outer angles that we know can only be the product of the human hand and of hours of painstaking work.

By Monochrome-watches. By midday this impression was shared by all the different participants, brokers or shipyards who already confirmed negotiations with visitors interested in chartering or purchasing a yacht. They make a perfect fit. A new yacht order generates important business activity for all sectors in the yachting industry. Owners are more and more involved in the building of their yachts. At the MYS, future buyers also meet the nautical suppliers to discover the latest interior designs, cutting-edge equipments or brand-new gadgets.

And they love it! An area unanimously praised by its exhibitors, who signed great sales and who have already requested bigger exhibition spaces for This success confirmed the boom of leisure activities linked with yachting, appreciated by a younger generation of clients for whom they represent one of the main reasons for chartering a yacht. For its second year of operation the Car Deck was again a great success, with the exhibition of 16 exclusive thoroughbred cars like the new Continental GT by Bentley unveiled for the first time in Europe at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Into the WIld Blue

The classic cars by Mercedes-Benz, integrally rebuilt by Hemmels, or the iconic Cobra models by the US manufacturer Shelby — represented by Gentleman Car — generated business leads that will surely turn into sales in the coming weeks. Launched in , the Car Deck exhibition is a response to this natural convergence between yachting and the luxury car manufacturers, whether for joint projects or for the buyers of rare prestige cars who would like to discover the world of yachting.

Travel within the port was made easier by the various transport services including electric golf carts, shuttle boats and the MYS official application that calculated the fastest way to reach a stand or a yacht. And even with its 37mm case, we told you why, as men, we also liked it. Because it is now featured on the robust 41mm Ref. The technique used here is named frosting, gold hammering or Florentine technique.


While, at first, the surface was created by hand by beating the gold with a diamond-tipped tool , in order to create the first prototypes as seen in the official images of the 37mm version , the brand finally achieved the development of a more industrialized process in order to increase precision and to make sure this surface could be applied in a commercial watches.

The main challenge was to create this frosted finish, only on flat surfaces top of the bezel, top of the case, top of the bracelet without altering the rest of the case and its sharp angles and polished or brushed surfaces. Specifications: 41mm diameter x 9. Without being a complete necessity, these might be some of the coolest accessories you can think of when wearing a Royal Oak.

It means that for each Royal Oak whether or , there will be the dedicated pair of cufflinks. Of course, these cufflinks use two of the most emblematic characteristics of the watch: the octagonal shape with vertical brushed flat surface, polished bevel and brushed flanks, just like the watch and the hexagonal screws always in white metal. The couple, both public health professionals, settled in Kigali, where roads were unpaved, electricity was sporadic and everyone they encountered, it seemed, was battling unspeakable grief.

She decided to do something about both. She was just trying to build a project that would help her community and also supply hungry expats with a decent place to eat. But the timing was right for Heaven, a dreamy open-air restaurant built into a tranquil hill and offering a small, curated menu of African fusion served by a team of young Rwandans eager for training in the hospitality sector. In Kigali, a slew of gleaming new luxury hotels, an international restaurant boom and sparkling-litter free streets are luring travellers who might otherwise have overlooked the city in favour of rural safaris.

Rwanda, which was ranked as the ninth-safest nation in the world and number one in Africa by the World Economic Forum this year, is changing its narrative. Radisson Blu launched a new Kigali complex in which consists of a room luxury hotel whose exterior is lined with colourful metal ribbons, and the egg-shaped glass-and-steel Kigali Convention Center, which was unveiled just in time for the African Union Summit last July. Marriott followed suit three months later, launching its first-ever property in sub-Saharan Africa on the opposite side of the city.

And cuisine and culture in Kigali have upped their game in tandem. Sushi lovers now have two duelling hotspots from which to source their sashimi: terrace-style Sakae and super-authentic Kiseki, while Sol E Luna and Brachetto offer top-notch Italian. And at Heaven, which locals point to as the spark that started the movement, Ruxin says she is just getting started. Heaven Boutique Hotel, a charming room lodging house with bright, eclectic rooms and soft, mosquito-net covered beds, opened adjacent to the restaurant in , and this summer, Ruxin welcomed the first guests to The Retreat, an room wellness-themed property offering bespoke luxury experiences on a level never before seen in Kigali.

I want to be their first night and their last night. The brand will be consolidated into Perini Navi. Picchiotti Yachts was one of the oldest brands in the yachting industry. Founded in Pisa, Italy in the 16th century, it was later acquired by Perini Navi, which gave the brand a chance to shine. Major exhibition announced by the Design Museum in London to mark the 70th anniversary of Ferrari - 15 November - 15 April The Design Museum in London announces Ferrari: Under the Skin, a major exhibition exploring the history and design of Ferrari.

The show celebrates 70 years of creative development since the launch of the first car in Displaying rarely seen material from private collections, the exhibition provides a unique insight into the meticulous and glamorous world of Ferrari. Together, these artefacts and original documents provide an unprecedented study of automotive design.

Placed against a backdrop of post-war austerity, Enzo Ferrari and a small but dedicated team decided to create an elite performance vehicle whilst many were manufacturing economy vehicles and scooters. The opening section of the exhibition charts the story of Enzo Ferrari and his remorseless drive to create the perfect driving machine for track and road.

The exhibition offers visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the secretive world of car design. Original hand-drawn sketches feature next to high-tech wind tunnel models and beautifully crafted early wooden master models to present a survey of the manufacturing process and the relationship between form and function.

The limited edition J50 was made in a run of only 10 cars exclusive to Japan, celebrating 50 years of Ferrari in the country. It was these discerning clients who helped establish Ferrari as the brand we know today. The centrepiece of the section is a GT Cabriolet owned by one of the most famous British racing drivers of all time — Peter Collins.

It is competitive racing that has remained at the heart of Ferrari from its inception to today. The evolution of racing car design is represented through the Ferrari F2 , which Alberto Ascari drove to victory at the F1 championship in and , and the Ferrari F , the championship-winning car driven by Michael Schumacher.

The exhibition culminates in a look at Ferrari today. This hybrid vehicle is accompanied by concept sketches and an in-depth look at the engine. The brand itself has become a worldwide symbol of design success, whether it is their road models or Grand Prix cars. The Ferrari story is truly one of the great adventure stories of the industrial age and I am very proud we are able to tell it at the Design Museum. The depth of emotion goes far beyond the external beauty of their cars: what excites me so much about this exhibition is the rare opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes and experience the dynamic between engineering, manufacturing and design, which produces Ferrari's magic ingredient.

It is a magic ingredient that means I am here, aged eighty-five and still lusting after the idea of owning a Ferrari — I want to go out with a beautiful, powerful and perfectly designed vroom! Ferrari uses the subtle and often unseen techniques of automobile design, but with the utmost care and precision. The exhibition provides an insight into the history and practice of the whole private world of automotive design. The Foundation will also present Special Awards to individuals who have carried out exemplary work in connection with environmental issues.

As well as competing in a convivial atmosphere with the likes of Masters winner Danny Willett and British Open winner Henrik Stenson, guests enjoyed the company of Serena Williams, another brand ambassador. Bennahmias is as competitive in business as he is on the golf course. He has ambitious plans to increase revenue by almost 50 percent, to 1. It would be accurate, however, to say that he started out in croissants. It was as an 8-year-old in Paris that he spied his first business opportunity, enlisting his 6-year-old brother as partner.

So we made a deal with the local baker. The territory remains its largest single market today. In January he became chief executive, and immediately began making changes to the business, which is still owned by the families that founded it in Bennahmias said. As well as making its communications and its retail spaces less masculine, the company has honed its watch range to suit a female customer who buys for herself.

It was Mr. Bennahmias who demanded a high jewelry collection that broke the mold of the diamond-encrusted flowers and butterfly-decorated timepieces that have long dominated the market. I want to see tomorrow, not yesterday. The overall retail strategy is now in Mr. The first are scheduled to open in London, Munich and New York by the end of this year. Innovations like these, as well as searching for a solution to the thorny problem of online watch retailing, are required, Mr.

Bennahmias said, to serve a new generation of consumers. A generation that includes his daughter, who recently received her first Audemars Piguet on her 20th birthday, and who is accustomed to plentiful choice and immediate gratification at the touch of a finger.

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Who is the American Entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs are a different breed, across a number of dimensions you would never even think of. We gathered the data to prove it. IntroductionI started my first company when I was 24 years old. We left decent jobs, a predictable career path, and a guaranteed income to start a company from scratch. We had no business experience or education, no discernible high-value skills, and even less money. Still, somehow it worked. Sure, we owe a lot to good if dumb luck, fortuitous timing, and an immeasurable amount of hard work.

Beware, the EntrepreneurFriends often ask me if I would be willing to meet and counsel an aspiring business-starter they know. I always say yes I have a lot of past generosity in my career to pay forward and I always do it at the local coffee shop by our office. I can just sense whether they have the combination of courage, humility, commitment, and some degree of blissful ignorance and flexibility to see it through. My cousin Bob Merkel owns the only restaurant, catering business, and food truck in a tiny Western Pennsylvania town of less than 1, people.

I know too many people who failed miserably, wrecked their finances and their families, and had to work well into their golden years to make up for it. We tend to be overly self-centered, stubborn, and aloof in our other personal responsibilities. I would think twice before marrying an entrepreneur.

#sailday Stroies

My wife is a saint. We can compare them to their non- business-owning peers, on near-countless dimensions, and find the things that make them most different. We can see trends over time. So, I recently embarked on an extensive study — comparing these business owners to the general U. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

These individuals were analyzed across hundreds of dimensions ranging from their demographics, to their media consumption, shopping behaviors, lifestyles, and much more. The goal was to identify the ways in which entrepreneurs differ from non-entrepreneurs. What we found was an interesting mix of surprises and common sense validation. For example, if we wanted to compare people who use Snapchat to the general population, the majority of our findings would simply relate to the fact that Snapchat users are younger.

Instead, we need to use sampling and statistical techniques to prevent that from happening when we can. Because older business owners, many of whom are phasing out of their business operations, and those in their teens, who may believe that their grass-cutting gig qualifies, look nothing like those who are in the rush hour of their lives.

This brings our sample of business owners to 23,, still a sizable number for analysis. Second, we reweighted our numbers — within that age group — by gender. Despite a lot of progress in recent years, women still represent only about a third of U. Thus, our initial unweighted results merely yielded a bunch of gender-related differences. By multiplying our number of female respondents to line up with the Census, we were better able to contrast entrepreneurs, apples-to-apples, with the rest of the U. What We FoundThis link will take you to a PDF file of what we call a DeepProfileTM report, including category-by-category graphs, scales, and full results for most of the larger topic areas we studied.

Check it out if you want. Business owners were less likely to be between age 25 and 34 and most likely to be between 45 and Likewise, rates increased with rising income, though not as dramatically as we might expect. Rates of entrepreneurship correlate with education level, but only barely. Business owners were, however, much more likely than average to have a graduate degree. One finding that did surprise me: Entrepreneurship was more common in rural areas, less so in urban ones. Perhaps because there are less corporate centers in rural towns, more people turn to self-employment.

They also consult online reviews before buying. Entrepreneurs are more likely than other year-olds to favor locally-owned establishments but NOT socially-conscious ones. Overall, entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs are equally tech-savvy, but in very different ways. Our business owners over-index in terms of following technology trends and in adopting new technologies like augmented reality and smart home products.

Those differences can be largely attributed to the fact that entrepreneurs watch less television than others. They only over-index significantly as Documentary fans, while vastly under-indexing in the Sitcom and Drama department. Entrepreneurs are noticeably more likely than non-entrepreneurs to exercise, not smoke, take vitamins or nutritional supplements, and value health and fitness overall.

Entrepreneurs are also more likely to be passionate about food and cooking. They cook dinner most often in their homes, search for new recipes online, and follow food and cooking trends. Our business owner respondents, unsurprisingly, are more likely to eat out for lunch, eat at upscale restaurants, and order take-out. They donate to causes of all kinds more than non-entrepreneurs and even do volunteer work at a much higher rate. This socially-conscious streak can be found particularly in environmental areas. Entrepreneurs are more likely to buy environmentally-friendly products, use reusable shopping bags, and eat locally grown, and organic foods.

Here are a few interesting stats I uncovered. West or U. South, not the U. When making major decisions, however, entrepreneurs like to keep their options open, as opposed to having things settled. When discussing touchy issues, entrepreneurs are more straight-forward and direct, versus sensitive and diplomatic. And when someone is trying to convince them of something, they are more persuaded by logical, not emotional arguments. We already touched on the fact that income varied only slightly between the two groups. Marriage and divorce rates were virtually identical. When we looked at corresponding levels of reported stress, no group was better off than the other.

Age, education level and income are factors but not major ones. Business-starters have different shopping, media, technology, entertainment, and lifestyle attributes. Some of these may be a cause of entrepreneurship; some might be an effect. Maybe these are the things I can sense in a minute meeting with someone over coffee. Takes one to know one, I guess. In the end, happiness is what counts.

Automobile giant BMW hinted that the company might permanently replace car keys with Mobile phones apps. And now with the more and more apps keep popping out smartphone has become more involved in the lives of people. The smartphone does all the work. The device aside from completely replacing car keys also gives the liberty to control multiple features of a car from the smartphone using an app. London Fashion Week opens with the news that Chinese tourists are the biggest spenders in the UK luxury fashion marketLondon Fashion Week and the spring summer season kicked off on Friday, just as news came in that Chinese tourists collectively are the biggest spenders in the UK luxury fashion market, taking 23 per cent, and followed by the Americans.

BurberryThe walls of social portraiture and the clothes on the Burberry catwalk were a celebration of the British at play. Christopher Bailey was rebooting the brand that has been languishing of late, revisiting signatures like the famous Burberry check that he made so iconic in his early days, now as rain blousons and jockey hats, and the trench coat and shearling jacket marked with tattoo prints.

Tartan was also a big part of the story for skirts, military trews and coats that were slipped over embroidered tea dresses, as if heading to a party on a damp autumn evening. AndersonSimple silhouettes and the ease of the everyday symbolised J. Anderson referenced his heritage with Irish linen dresses and sweet crop tops and gathered skirts that had a soft artisanal air.

Embroidered daisies and naive figures skipped across her black and white cotton and nude tulle smocks, while painted flowers decorated black silk dresses. The silhouette that reminisced the famous drawings of Alice in Wonderland and Victorian dolls is essentially full, but bunchy skirts were balanced with neatly tailored jackets in woven ticking stripes.

Glossy and glamorous it is like their couture without all the embroidery, and presumably the big price tags. There were sportier looks such as the zipped blouson in a silk scuba fabric and the safari style dresses and jumpsuit. A trench coat and some studded black leather pieces, and a couple of shiny rose gold metallic dresses were simplified versions of the rose gold couture gowns on that feature in the haute couture.

This is ready-to-wear at a luxury, elevated level. A long-term collaboration, Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires has been set up to support the city's cultural ecosystem including artists, galleries, not- for-profit spaces and public institutions and to highlight its vibrant cultural scene, promoting it to a global audience and Art Basel's extensive network.

In the partnership will focus on providing structural support to the local art community with the launch of the Art Basel Cities Exchange, comprising several initiatives to help facilitate professional collaborations, catalyze support for cultural projects, and to strengthen the local artworld. Next year in September, Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires will launch a week of public art programing directed by Cecilia Alemani, which will take place throughout the city.

From November 2 to November 5, , the Art Basel Cities House will host a series of events and workshops and will launch a talks series to take place throughout the year, in which local cultural partners will be invited to collaborate and participate, and to learn more about the future program. Further partners will be selected in the next few years to be part of the wider Art Basel Cities initiative.

In addition, Buenos Aires will welcome an international delegation of artworld professionals including collectors, curators, and directors of museums and not-for-profit spaces, discovering and engaging with the vibrant local art scene during that week. Underlining the durational aspect of the multi-year partnership, Art Basel and the city of Buenos Aires have initiated the Art Basel Cities Exchange to help support and strengthen the local art scene on a long-term basis.

As Art Basel started working closely with key stakeholders in Buenos Aires to define the city's needs, it became clear that the first elements of this collaboration should support the City of Buenos Aires' own initiatives to help develop the key structures of the city's cultural scene. While first elements of Art Basel Cities Exchange such as the Project Bureau, an internship program and crowdfunding campaigns are launching this fall, further elements will be rolled out on an ongoing basis throughout this partnership. Over the coming months and years, the Art Basel Cities Exchange will host residencies around the world for Argentine professionals working in the arts: from internships and curatorial residencies to artist exchanges and mentorships.

This November at the Art Basel Cities House, the City of Buenos Aires will host an open call for an internship program, placing young artworld professionals from Buenos Aires with leading galleries from across the world. Further information on the application process will be shared at the Art Basel Cities House this November and will then also be available online. Further initiatives of the Art Basel Cities Exchange include the setting up of Project Bureau, a digital platform that aims to connect international art professionals with the local art scene to realize large-scale projects in Buenos Aires.

These will be reviewed by a committee consisting of Argentinian and international experts. Successful applicants will then be connected with potential partners in the Buenos Aires cultural landscape. Furthermore, the Art Basel Cities Exchange will put in place a number of structures to enable organizations, individuals and institutions to catalyze support and build resources for new projects.

In this context, Art Basel's Crowdfunding platform will be activated to support not-for profit institutions in Buenos Aires in realizing a wide variety of artistic projects, including exhibitions, public installations, films, artist books, education programs, artist residencies, talks programs, archives, libraries, and other innovative projects. Art Basel is now actively reaching out directly to not-for profit institutions in Buenos Aires and is guiding them through the application process, with the first crowdfunding projects from Buenos Aires launching in October.

Further information on the application process can be found on artbasel. In addition to these long-term structures, Art Basel and the city of Buenos Aires will next year launch a week of public arts programing in the city. Over the coming months, Alemani will work closely with cultural partners in Buenos Aires on the week's program. Finally, a newly formed advisory board — consisting of prominent artworld figures with strong ties to Buenos Aires — has been created to contribute to the further development and implementation of the partnership.

Members of the board comprise: Ariel Aisiks; Pablo Leo? Teetering on the cusp of a Kodak moment Vladimir Berezansky considers the implications of rapid technological change for regulatory and compliance specialistsThroughout human history, especially modern history, certain attributes or characteristics have been applied as cognitive placeholders for variouseras, usually grouped into decades: The Roaring s; The Great Depression of the s; the prosperous post- War s; the rebellious s.

Whilst such aggregative adjectives may be less than entirely accurate, they are more than mere cliche? But what remain under-represented in many of these collective recollections are the significant technological advances that often launched and even defined an historic era such as, for example, the Age of the Telegraph. This diminished appreciation for technological achievements and their significance in shaping historical eras can be traced at least in part to a collective fearof the uncontrollable consequences that technological developments might unleash.

In the latter instance, the customer is engaging the bank in a fundamentally di erent context. Many of the recognised captains —the CEOs and former CEOs such as Jenkins — and thought leaders in this sector seem to have an at least roughly- articulated concept of where banking-related financial services are headed, but with little idea — at least at present — as to how to get there. This cascading tide of technological innovation — the background music of Uber moments, as it were, but playing at an ever quickening pace — a ords neither the regulatory authorities nor their licensed entities the luxury of adhering to the rhythms of their traditional, genteel three-step.

Moreover, as previously discussed, an unquantifiable number of Kodak moments — i. This dynamic necessarily places both sides ofthe regulatory community on the receiving end of innovative forces and technological trends that neither controls. Collectively, these developments, in combination, yielda new dynamic that, for the banking and financial markets, constitutes a Kodak moment.

Fundamentally new challenges demand innovative solutions. A logical and adequate reaction to these profoundly changed circumstances would be a complete rethink of the relative positioning and interactions of the regulatory and regulated communities. Conceptually and perhaps even structurally, the time has come for the regulatory compliance function to approach its common task from the vantage of an interpenetrated, if not wholly integrated, approach. Given the rising tide of technological innovations likely to continue challenging the regulatory — including the in-house regulatory compliance — function, such fundamental changes to the structure and dynamic of ensuring robust regulatory oversight seem inevitable.

Our improving performance reflects rising demand for our new DB11 model, as well as for special edition vehicles and the ongoing benefits from our Second Century transformation plan. The offering of senior secured notes due in carry interest of 6. During the second quarter, Aston Martin continued its product offensive with the launch of the 4.

It also announced plans for its first all-electric, zero-emission model: the limited-edition RapidE set to begin production in Demand for the DB11 and continued strong sales of the Vpowered Vanquish S and Vantage S models coincided with sell-out success for special-edition vehicles such as the Vanquish Zagato Coupe and continued development work on the Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar in conjunction with Red Bull Advanced Technologies. As the company expands, conversion work is well underway on the new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in St Athan, where assembly of the upcoming DBX SUV model is due to start in , supporting up to new jobs in South Wales.

We exceeded our budget for the tenth consecutive quarter, giving us confidence that we will deliver a step-change in full-year performance. Floyd Mayweather won "the money fight" on Saturday and is now poised to enter a new arena: the billionaire athletes club. However, he had several lucrative endorsement deals, including a lifetime deal with Nike. Tiger Woods was also on the exclusive list, at least for a time. But his stock has fallen in recent years. Woods hasn't won a major tournament since And a high-profile sex scandal caused some sponsors to walk away from him.

The NBA player seems to be well on his way. And he's also befriended billionaire investor Warren Buffett. James' high school friend and business partner, Maverick Carter, told CNNMoney in that James' billion-dollar goal hinged on his investments more than his playing income or endorsement deals. It hopes to attract both foreign tourists and domestic visitors as part of efforts to diversify the Saudi economy, as oil prices have fallen. Visa restrictions on foreigners are to be eased in the tourist zone.

However, it is not clear whether dress codes and other restrictions in the conservative kingdom will be relaxed. Alcohol, cinemas and theatres are prohibited in Saudi Arabia. Women must wear loose-fitting, full-length robes known as "abayas" in public, as well as a headscarf if they are Muslim. They are not allowed to drive and often require a male guardian's permission to study or travel abroad.

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Construction of the new resorts is due to start in The first phase will include developing a new airport as well as luxury hotels and housing, and is expected to be complete in The tourism project is part of a plan, known as Vision , spearheaded by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was elevated to become the first in line to the Saudi throne in June. The Red Sea development will be built along miles km of Saudi's western coastline, according to the Vision fund. Among the attractions will be protected coral reefs, dormant volcanoes, and a nature reserve inhabited by rare wildlife like Arabian leopards and falcons.

Marketers have been laser-focused on speaking to millennials, but Gen Z is quickly becoming an important demographic for high-end brands to cultivate a relationship with. The unavoidable influence of streetwear is also making an impression of high-end consignment. Supreme, for example, saw a spike in consumer interest and demand. The streetwear label, fresh off the heels of its Louis Vuitton collaboration see story , saw its year-over-year search rate on The RealReal increase 1, percent.

The RealReal has also forecast a number of fashion trends based on what consignment consumers are buying from its marketplace. Also, colorful knitwear brand Missoni saw searches jump 30 percent and its sales increase by double digits on The RealReal. Additional trends include backpacks, which saw searches increase by 70 percent, and investment footwear. Vintage is also an attractive category with one-off pieces having increased by 60 percent.

Outside apparel and accessories, The RealReal reports home items on consignment increasing by percent and engagement rings sales rose percent year-over-year. As for the behavior of its consumers, The Real Real found that 85 percent of consignors use the commission of sale to shop on the full-price, primary market. Also, 70 percent of consumers research the resale value of a brand or product on The RealReal prior to making a full-priced purchase.

For the mid-year, The RealReal saw 33 percent of engagement rings being purchased via mobile devices, a rate 50 percent higher than average purchases. Interest in consignment has also heated up the competition for resale marketplaces. The jewelry resale site also saw 34 percent growth in the value of average orders. By Luxury Daily. Well, together we proved how wrong he was. But as the traditional airlines upped their games, and US carriers freshened up financially with Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the skies became more turbulent.

But the airline retained its identity. Well Willie, that five year point is up this December. And Virgin Atlantic is still flying strong. The Perfect Summer Luxury Watch? That means our thoughts turn to the seaside, sunshine, heatwave, mojitos, yacht deck, beach parties… and of course, what watch to wear this summer? But do you want to be part of this growing group of Submariner wearers? For this new reference, AP chose to only update the model, by giving it an extra color white, in addition to the black dial version , and the addition of a sapphire caseback, to reveal the calibre Colorful, very colorful, and popular too, as this new collection was more successful than we expected.

Yet, these colors do not feel out of context in the case of the ROO. Besides being priced over 20, Euro, besides its overall luxurious feel and besides the name that is printed on their dials, these new and colorful ROO Diver watches are still essentially what is indicated in their names: diving tools.

The overall construction of the Royal Oak Offshore Diver is extremely solid, and you can properly feel that quality when on the wrist. Adjustments on the case are precise and the overall assembly is what you would expect from such a high-end watch. Well, this technology will surely in time be passed on to less sophisticated consumer models.

This improvement in light sensitivity has another positive side effect. You may recall from previous articles my. This technological advance means newer future cameras will produce less noise at higher ISO settings, so 1, and 3, will start to look pretty good. It will also make those tiny oncamera flash units seem more powerful.

Eventually, they may no longer be needed, with the exception of flash fill, which is always helpful. You know how it works. You set your camera on self-timer, an option usually found on a main dial on the camera back. Your camera is already on a tripod or can be placed on a firm chair or table where you can compose the shot using the other people in the group to be taken. You press the shutter and hear the timer noise, as you run into an open spot left for you. Usually the flash is on for overall light or flash fill, and it will go off to take the shot, or otherwise you will hear a click.

Most of you have probably already tried the timer in this way using the second setting, as 2 seconds makes for a real sprint. So why do they give us the 2-second option? E-mail me your thoughts, but one good use for this short delay is during low light when you want to avoid hand-held camera shake. You can set it to 2 seconds, place your camera on a solid service, compose and take the shot within 2 seconds knowing it is steady. Here again the future increases in ISO will make this less of an issue.

Possibly the 2-second delay will be eliminated, but the second delay will remain. Time lapse recording: No This would allow you to capture, for instance, the opening of a flower bloom by automatically taking a photo repeatedly at an interval time set by you. Again, your camera will be fixed on a tripod or solid object. The result will give you a movie of stills showing the flower opening to full blossom. Even professional cameras do not have this built-in feature, but have it as an optional accessory device that will also do remote exposures. Pocket cameras will not have this accessory available as an option.

Comments on this column are welcome at james bestschot. Victoria is so British! Of course, it is always good to have an icon or two with which to associate a destination -- after all, where would New York be without its Statue of Liberty or San Francisco without its Golden Gate Bridge? Victoria is much more than the magical panorama of the nearcircular inner harbor and historic. While the city itself hosts a population of less than 80,, the region consists of 14 cities of , across the southern end of Vancouver Island.

First stop should be the office of Tourism Victoria www. According to federal government statistics, Victoria is the cycling capital of Canada, partly encouraged by its mild year-round weather and partly by the active, outdoor mindset of its population. Bike rental shops mean you may explore alone, or you can harness the expertise of a company such as. The full-day Seaside Touring Route is its most popular itinerary, covering essential Victoria highlights. Never may I be accused of underrating the remarkable 55 acres that make up the year-round floral masterpiece that is The Butchart Gardens www.

Especially for visitors who count gardening as a significant hobby, the chance to explore these hidden gems beyond the garden hedge and talk to enthusiasts who. In North America, Victoria ranks only second to San Francisco in the number of restaurants per capita. Lower Vancouver Island offers the perfect climate to produce unique grape varieties that are transformed into wines at owner-operated wineries. Travel with Taste Tours www. My favorite is a full-day tour with entertaining tour owner and gourmet guide Kathy McAree, driving 45 minutes up-island through the Cowichan Valley.

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  • The day passes too quickly visiting boutique wineries and a British cider apple orchard with six varieties of homegrown ciders to taste, and sampling a range of locally made cheeses. A signature chef lunch also makes the day memorable. Visitors may also rent a car and navigate the valley wine route themselves.

    A few minutes walk from the inner harbor is the oldest Chinatown in Canada, rich in color, authentic flavors and fragrances emanating from every sidewalk and historic alleyway. Offering small groups of guests a peek behind the great red gate, Chef Heidi Fink www. And there is always a Hidden Dragon tour and dinner show www. Over the past few decades, Victoria has increased its focus on year-round live theater, music, art and festivals, including the Victoria Tea Festival www.

    And if high tea at the iconic Empress Hotel remains a compelling item on your Victoria attractions checklist, why not consider a tea and history. When laced with a dash of history, the finely sliced cucumber and horseradish sandwiches and the raisin scones with strawberry preserves and Devonshire cream will taste all the more authentically British. Victoria-based Alison Gardner is a travel journalist and editor of Travel with a Challenge web magazine, www. Squat, crunch and push to increase upper body strength This workout is designed to focus on your upper body- biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and back.

    Select two sets of dumbbells; moderate weight and a few pounds heavier. Start with the lighter of the two sets working to complete between Keep It Up repetitions Beth Greenwald of each exercise. In between each exercise, jump rope, run in place, do jumping jacks or another form of cardio for one minute. Complete the circuit three times.

    into the wild blue the adventures of yacht delivery captain laurence sunderland Manual

    Make sure your knees do not move past the toes. Reverse the movement, bringing yourself back to a standing position while extending your arms in front of you-pushing the dumbbell away from your body. Stand with your feet hip width apart. Hold one end of the dumbbell in each hand at chest level, arms bent. Keep the dumbbell tucked into the chest as you begin your squat, knees bending, hips. Lie on the floor with your knees bent holding each end of a dumbbell in your hands. Keep elbows bent, triceps touching the floor. Using your. Bend your elbows keeping them pointed toward the sky, bringing the dumbbell behind your head and then extend your arms so that they are overhead again.

    Use your abdominals to slowly lower yourself back to the floor. Standing on one leg, hold a dumbbell in each hand, arms at sides, palms facing forward. Bend at the elbows, bringing the dumbbells to your shoulders in a smooth and controlled movement. Slowly lower the dumbbells back to starting position. After repetitions, switch legs and perform more repetitions. Lower into a lunge position, front thigh parallel to the ground, knee not over the toes, back knee bent, not touching the ground.

    With a dumbbell in each hand, bend elbows to a 90 degree angle and raise your hands to about the height of your ears, palms forward. Extend at the elbow, pressing your arms overhead, shoulders relaxed, wrists neutral. Slowly lower to starting position. Perform repetitions with left and right leg lunge position. Stand with feet hip width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand, arms in front of body palms facing thighs. Keeping your arms straight, lift dumbbells to shoulder height, then open the chest extending the arms out to the sides, forming a T and make one small circle forward with your arms.

    Move arms back together in front of you, then lower to starting position. Stand in a staggered stance, one foot in font of the other, both toes pointing forward. Bend the knee of your front leg and slightly lean forward, keep your pelvis in a neural position keeping your spine and back leg in a straight line. With a dumbell in each hand, let arms hang down in front of your body, palms facing each other. Slightly bend each elbow. Lift your arms so that your knuckles are aiming toward the sky and squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top of the movement.

    Lower the arms in a controlled manner, repeat for 10 repetitions. Switch legs and perform 10 more. Beth Greenwald is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and conducts personal training sessions as well as group fitness boot camp classes. Riverwalk from 11 to 2, Ft. Lauderdale, noon. Space is limited. Contact Associate Editor Dorie Cox at dorie the-triton. Includes builders of classic and modern boats, boat yards, marine equipment manufacturers and sail makers.

    Festival, Ft. More than regional and national artists exhibit on Las Olas Boulevard. This show kicks off the Mediterranean yachting season. Exhibitors from all aspects of yachting including brokers, equipment suppliers and designers are scheduled to attend. From Bastion St. Boat Show. The largest show in the region hosts a showcase of boats from local and international builders, marine equipment, supplies and services. The non-profit organization provides support and care for the visually impaired. The benefit includes door prizes, raffle, silent auction, drink tickets and appetizers.

    Lauderdale, 10 a. Party afterward at the Downtowner Saloon. March 13 St. Celebrate all things Irish with food, music, culture, kid zone. Miami International exhibition and conference serving the cruise industry. Attend the in-water portion and then take a free shuttle to the Palm Beach County Convention Center for the rest of the show. The in-water portion of the show is on the Intracoastal Waterway along Flagler Drive.

    Free shuttle buses connect the two. Flea Market, Dania Beach, Fla. Private individuals and corporate vendors sell everything from anchors to zinc collars, including marine equipment, antiques, used boats, fishing tackle, diving gear, marine artwork and more. Lauderdale Billfish Tournament and SeaFest.

    Las Olas Marina. Event includes two day offshore tournaments, family-friendly festival, music, silent auction and raffle. Naples, Fla. Topics include marina law, contracts, risks and liabilities, fire, emergency response and fuel management. Profit-management training course for senior marina professionals. Tennis tournament featuring the top 96 male and female tennis players in the world. For more information on courses in other locations visit www. Prix of St. Petersburg, Fla. The new foot tri-deck megayacht is due to arrive in South Florida this summer. After springtime in the Caribbean, the boat will go home to Jacksonville, Florida for paint work before a summer in the northeast Atlantic coast.

    Where have you taken your Triton recently? Send photos to lucy the-triton. If we print yours, you get a cool Triton T-shirt. All crew should remember that we are crew, not guests. The crew could eat the same as the owner and guests if they felt like. It happens. We all believe that we offer some of the best-looking dishes out there.

    I mean, that is our profession as chefs. I have recently had Culinary Waves moments when Mary Beth mine did not Lawton Johnson appear so well and it was on national television. Usually I have no problem in food styling, but on that day I did. It helps if you have a great camera or a professional photographer taking your photographs, but then sometimes it is the actual food that needs the help. If the food is pretty, then very little needs to be done to improve it. So with this in mind, do your food pictures actually cut the mustard? I have seen a lot of food photos.

    Some are incredible while others are not so great. And unfortunately, I have the obligation to tell the chefs my opinion. It is not to burst their bubble but to help them in creating and branding themselves better. According to our survey this month, crew are often permitted to cook for themselves. Brian Cordial, above left, and Capt. Just plain, nice, homemade, simple food. Lauderdale on Jan. More than people filled the dock out back, enjoyed ceviche and burgers, and networked with their peers.

    Out front, guests played with the newest toys including a threewheeled scooter, the electric Trikke. Join us for events on the first and third Wednesday this month. Details on the following pages. Lauderdale on February The networkers mingled through the restaurant and into the cool night as Martin Hand played guitar. The aroma of fresh pizza wafted through the group as Fabio Cracco and his staff shared panarettos of pizza. In March The Triton will host two more events, see pages C for more details. Lauderdale with our event sponsor, HTH Worldwide, a health insurance plan provider.

    HTH is one of several insurance businesses that targets the yachting industry with individual and group plans for international travelers. Come to our networking event to meet with representatives from the company, as well as to mingle in a casual atmosphere, catch up with friends and make some new ones. Tell us about HTH Worldwide. HTH was founded in with the mission to make sure world travelers could find the best doctors and hospitals even if they were far from home. In addition to offering comprehensive, competitive health benefits, HTH helps members identify, access and pay for quality health care services all around the world.

    What sort of services do you offer yachties? HTH serves more than , global travelers and expatriates and has developed health plans and services specifically for yacht crews. We were introduced to the market by a number of our agent partners who were looking for a better set of solutions to offer the crew market. Services are available in many crew ports in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and elsewhere.

    HTH health plans are licensed and admitted in the United States,. Members also benefit from quality and convenience. Doctor and hospital bills can be settled directly with providers that are under contract to HTH in hundreds of key destinations. Our plans have unique features such as coverage for sailboat racing, no exclusion for injuries related to alcohol, and a waiver of the plan deductible when visiting a participating doctor.

    Are your coverage plans for individuals or through employers the boat? Both types of plans are available and customizable based on many features, including election of coverage in or out of the U. Do the U. It is possible healthcare reform efforts could affect our plans. One feature that is likely to be required under proposed reforms is coverage for pre-existing conditions. Fortunately, HTH already covers pre-existing conditions as long as members have credible health coverage in place prior to joining us.

    Ask any insurer what services they make available to help you find reliable health care services around the world. Ask for detailed profiles of participating doctors and hospitals. Ask if plan services include appointment scheduling and arrangements for the doctor or hospital to bill the plan directly. Look at more than price. The cheapest policy at purchase can become the most expensive when it comes time for claims to be paid. All captains, crew, advertisers and readers of The Triton are welcome to join us at S. E 17th St.

    We sold dynamite, axes, lanterns, chicken wire and other tools you needed to be a pioneer at the turn of the century. We grew with the times and eventually went from a hardware store to a furniture and soft goods store in the s and 50s. Toward the s with the big box stores taking more and more middle market share, my grandfather was asked how he was going to differentiate Pioneer Linens from the other stores. He said that he would have to start his inventory where theirs ends and that is why we are the largest and most prestigious boutique linens store on the continent of North America.

    Why should yachts do business with Pioneer Linens? We have a direct line to the top brass for just about every vendor we sell, and that means quick responses to our chief stewardesses and pursers. Also, with our long vendor relationships, we are able to work within the tight deadlines of the yacht industry. How would Pioneer Linens handle custom work, refits or new builds? Domestically, we will come to the. We have an understanding of time frames and budgets.

    Internationally, we FedEx samples and send pictures via e-mail. We are one of only a few retailers in the USA, because of our size and vendor relationships, that has the ability to drop ship some of our Italian and fine European linens within Europe and other nearby regions where yachts are built and refit. This saves the yacht time and money and sometimes a significant amount of taxes and duties. Can you help yachts in international ports? Where are you located and do you have a location in Ft.

    A: Wow, one big question rolled out into three small ones. The first question, can we help yachts in international ports, simple answer yes. Pioneer Linens Yacht Division has the capability to get our merchandise shipped anywhere, anytime around the world. We realize that our strength is in our product knowledge and not shipping. We utilize a few boutique expediters and provision companies to make sure our products get to where they need to go on time and safely. We have two locations. Lauderdale office is yacht central. The Yacht Division Office is at S. Do you offer anything special for crew?

    We noticed crew sheets on the Web site. A: With most of our yacht customers, we deal directly with the chief stewardess or purser. We watch them run themselves ragged trying to get the yacht perfect for the misses before she comes to town or before they head off for their next trip. We have a few vendors we work with that allow us to buy at deeper discounts so we can pass the savings on to the crew.

    We also offer great down pillows and towels specifically for the crew, too. Your networking event will be on St. Anyone Irish at Pioneer Linens? A: Well, my last name is Murphy, but half my heritage is Jewish. What do you sell that would surprise readers? A: We are famous for our rockstar toilet brush. It is made by the Windisch Company. What is your favorite product from Pioneer Linens for your personal use?

    A: Being the fourth generation of Pioneer Linens and growing up in it I have become very finicky about where and how I sleep. One of my latest custom creations is a 6-foot body pillow that is 20 inches wide and has more than 1, ounces of down in it. It has literally changed how well I sleep at night.

    Relevant voyages

    This pillow is amazing. The rest of The Yacht Division saw it and called it the other woman body pillow. For more information about Pioneer Linens visit www. Simple presentations, lighting will help plates look their best use that. Another problem I have seen with Here are some tips from the dishes that have large, heavy items professionals when you photograph as the entree such as crab legs, and a food for your resume and portfolio.

    This is a 1. The main problem I have found definite no-no. Take the meat out of with food photography is that the the shell whenever possible, condense decoration or trendy afterthought it into a nice recipe and use an placed as a topper is larger than the appropriate garnish. Artificial light such as florescent is than the actual entree does. Natural is the best.

    You first eat with your eyes. The 8. Ever notice in some photos food comes first, and the decoration that the fresh, vine-picked tomatoes should only were dull and enhance the dish, not juicy red or not overpower or the watermelon If your food is detract from it. Keep it the salad greens and fresh, keep it hot or simple. The final were wilted? Use the freshest a moist look. Add color ingredients whenever possible possible. If your food is supposed to look 4. Stay away from monochrome. A hot and fresh, keep it hot or use dry more subtle approach is best. In a lot ice for steam if you can or use glycerin of photos I have seen, there is a lack of to paint it or oil to lightly brush it to play on color.

    An overcooked 5. Use a plate that will enhance your food item is not exactly appealing. You meal, not mesh with it or go against it. Try a neutralAgain, when I have perused colored salad oil. Keep salads in the refrigerator photographs, I have noticed that either until about 30 minutes prior to not enough attention was paid to the photography.

    Let the moisture wick actual plate it was plated on or too away or dry the plate with a towel much attention was paid to it. If you before photographing. Remember, can use white, do or if you have some condensation will form on the plate really new modern lines that fit the immediately upon removal so be actual style of your entree or dessert, patient. If you have a white plate, use it. If you have funky-colored or odd-shaped plates that go with the food style or theme, use them.

    Just know the difference. You want the concentration on food, not on the plate. Think small. Big is not attractive. Hire a professional photographer if you do not have a high-resolution camera. Make sure this professional has photographed food, and plenty of it, before. Ask to see credentials, check references. Cook the garlic and onions in a skillet over medium-high heat. Remove from the heat and set aside. Fill a large enough pot with water about 2 quarts , and bring to a boil.

    Add the pork and cover the pot. Return to a boil. Add the beets, and cook until they have lost their color. Add the carrots, turnips and potatoes, and cook until tender, about minutes. Add the cabbage, and the can of diced tomatoes. Stir in the tomato paste and water until well blended. Taste, and season with salt, pepper and sugar. As usual, this event pitted two non-chef crew members to produce two dishes each to be judged by the remaining crew. Judging criteria included taste, presentation, creativity and degree of difficulty. Brian Cordial squared off against Capt.

    Mac McDonald and the stage was set for a rambunctious event. On the evening of the competition, Brian showed up in traditional chef whites, while Mac sported a Hawaiian shirt as his uniform. Taking advantage of a new rule, Brian opted to present a main course and a dessert while Mac opted for the original requirement of starter and main course. His plate was a nod to the Beijing Olympics of with a garnish of slices from five different fruit representing the Olympic rings and a blowtorch to harden the glaze representing the Olympic torch.

    It was all topped off with a mini-Chinese flag. He followed that dish with Mu Shu Duck, complemented with hand-made crepes and freshly prepared tamarind sauce. Brian entered the fray with panchetta-wrapped Nassau grouper. His slicing and dicing was followed closely by those judges not in the midst of tasting the lovely Chardonnay and beautiful Shiraz that was available.

    The grouper was accompanied by cream potatoes and asparagus and complemented with a lemon mayonnaise. He followed up this delightful entree with a made-from-scratch tart tatin fresh from the oven that drew oohs and ahhs from the studio audience. It was served a la mode and no doubt was a very large factor in the judging. After 15 years in megayacht galleys, Chef Bill Fahey is back to what he does best: making pizza. Before he got into yachting in , he owned four pizzerias. So he took time off and then got work on a small cruise line.

    It was there that he met relief Capt. Steve Janzan. Fifteen years and three yachts later,. Both boats sold. Comments on this column are welcome at lucy the-triton. Dear Alene, was coming into being, as large I have knife rests on the boat I am households employed numerous staff working on, but I have never used to run their estates. If you set a table with two knives, The introduction of the knife rest do you put a rest was associated with a change in dining for each knife, or habits.

    The Victorian era is known for just one rest per its elaboration of all aspects of dining, place setting? Do but especially for the proliferation of you rest the clean cutlery and glassware. A different knife, fork and clean knife? Do you glass for every course was the norm. But as with table cloth? They were most onto the knife or place it in the resting certainly important for the protection position on the plate, then put the knife of the beautiful table linens that were into position on the plate when they in use during that time.

    Do you use Knife rests were made in almost any a knife rest during an material, shape, size, informal meal when and configuration you have only one you could imagine. The use of knife knife and the diner Silver, gold, pottery, will reuse it? Knife rests are these materials were similar to chopstick used. The Germans made them immaculate. In the late 17th and early 18th centuries. England, Davenport, Wedgewood and They were popular during the Victorian Coalport were big producers. Many of era. It was a period of great prosperity Over time the tableware became and innovation.

    Today they are emerging. I think that many of Revolution, the class system was us are familiar with chopstick rests, changing from a strictly hereditary and that is probably the only thing aristocracy to a combination of nobility comparable to the knife rests of the and the emerging wealthy commercial Victorian era. For our purposes, they class. Many during an informal meal. There we use on a daily basis, they may hold was a sense of modesty and propriety sentimental value for the hostess. I that are hard to understand today, yet would suggest that you ask her how many ideas that evolved during this she would like them used, as I am time are the basis of what is considered not aware of any hard and fast rules acceptable social behavior to this day.

    Much like today, more and more symbols of wealth became available to Alene Keenan has been a megayacht the higher social classes. These symbols stewardess for 19 years. She has recently were a way to publicly display your begun teaching a day intensive silver wealth and status. Much of what was service course at Maritime Professional becoming available to the masses had Training in Ft. She also only been available to royalty before offers onboard training through her this time. Based on items from the company, Stewardess Solutions www.

    Comments on being passed down to the masses. At this column are welcome at editorial the same time, the service profession the-triton. When the chef takes time off, the crew fridge is well stocked SURVEY, from page C1 waiting until the guests ate, but guests tend to eat dinner later, from 7 p. Crew usually want to have their dinner before the evening rush starts, so the chef makes something easier to be ready at On yachts with crew, On the largest yachts, those with more than 20 crew, just We have no budget regarding food and no regulations regarding food for crew.

    Delivering Sailboat sv Dodi sailing at night in storm The Boat Life Adventure Travel Vlog S1E15

    We know that when the owner trades up to a bigger boat and has more crew, a more formal procedure will be put in place regarding crew food provision. We know we are not typical of most crewed yachts, but enjoy this relaxed approach and it suits all parties involved. The next largest group was owners, followed closely by the chef. Management companies fell far behind. If in the Med or high tarriff areas, I adjust. The chef is responsible for lunch and dinner seven days a week with several breakfasts thrown in throughout the week.

    If he wants time off, like everyone else, he needs to ensure that there is food prepped in the crew fridge. What the crew eats is never an issue with the owners. If we are staying within the proposed budget, it should not make any difference to the owner what we are eating.

    Additionally, there are always enough funds for balanced meals, snacks, drinks and crew alcohol. About 47 percent of respondents said their vessel had a crew food allowance; 48 percent did not. We have limited food space, so we all eat from the same stock, no separate crew food. Anybody wants something specific, no worries, put it on the list. Want to fend for yourself, no worries. When the crew eats out, the boat pays for it.