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Lead poisoning lurks in scores of New York neighborhoods

These maps will serve as tools to identify lead hotspots and guide management of aging construction and new developments. The project team will collaborate with and enrich the ongoing work by the North Carolina Lead and Healthy Homes Task Force, and meet with lead exposure experts who will advise the project. The team will sample urban soils in public spaces, parks, school playgrounds, church grounds and other locations throughout Durham using a portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer.

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The team will then analyze soil samples for lead and other chemicals, as well as physical properties. Lesser known and possibly more important, are the threats from lead-contaminated soil and dust in homes and yards see link to Hidden Poison.


Merely touching lead dust then licking or sucking fingers can raise the amount of lead in a child's body to dangerous levels. Too much lead in our bodies results in lead poisoning. This entirely preventable disease still presents a major health threat in the U.

Legacy of Lead Shot

Even though children of all races and ethnic backgrounds are at risk, those most at risk are city dwellers, the poor and minority populations who live and work in the highest lead-contaminated environments. Despite decades of progress in reducing children's exposure to lead, America continues to have a toxic legacy of lead.

Mapping Legacy Lead in Urban Soils to Help Improve Children's Health (12222-2020)

In , Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC , estimated that approximately , children have elevated blood lead levels. Events in Flint and elsewhere underscore how difficult it is to safely manage the lead pipes that still provide drinking water for millions of Americans.

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EDF is working to accelerate replacement of lead pipes. Paint remains the most significant source of lead exposure in homes.