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Everything about them feels authentic, genuine and focused on the graduate. Her invitations are hand written on nice card stock, with a photo of the graduate as a young child. Throughout the house she hangs outfits the graduate once wore. She also has many framed photos of the guest of honor. Fresh, seasonal flowers can be found throughout the house, casually arranged in an eclectic mix of vessels.

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A large table in the family room is laden with tasty tidbits, all to be consumed, deliciously, at room temperature. On the patio, a table is devoted to a self-serve bar, with beer, French wines and a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. What could be better than all of this?? Well, what really caught my eye at this party was a bit of humor in the cocktail napkin department. These napkins are ideal for any party when someone is graduating or moving or taking on any other big new step in life. They sell them on Amazon.

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Now is the perfect time to wade in and get your freak on. Everyone scares a little differently.

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Most horror games stick by a few time-tested styles of design that have become the hallmarks of the genre. Action-heavy horror games dominate the market these days, with first- and third-person shooters taking top spots in both sales and critical acclaim.

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  6. Games like Bioshock are easy to play, with control schemes that feel comfortable to practiced gamers, and mysterious settings that inspire fear and wonder in equal measure. This is also where the drawbacks creep in: First- and third-person action games are designed to entertain players with slick combat, so most of the satisfaction stems from actually fighting back against the darkness.

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    This boils down to using guns and clubs a lot, which is fine at the outset but usually spirals out of control in later acts, when baseball bats and scavenged pistols give way to chainsaws and rocket launchers. Players who prefer the third-person perspective have a variety of terrifying games available.

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    The Dead Space games—especially the second one, with its unforgettable opening sequence—are particularly adept at mixing scares and exotic weaponry without breaking your immersion. The game also asks you to collect the pages of a book you have written but do not remember. Each page provides clues and a backstory.

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    I prefer third-person horror games, but first-person shooters have a longer track record of tackling horror. The smorgasbord of psionic powers, puzzling mini-games, vending machine upgrades, and audio logs went on to become the de facto diet of the genre, and every action game on this list owes it a design debt.