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Digital Marketing 101

10 Basic Digital Marketing Strategies to Use

You can build it, but it does not mean "they will come". This course will make you aware of the different traffic methods available and allow you to choose which will work best for you.

How Teenage Entrepreneurs Can Find a Mentor

The main feature of this course is, 4 hours of "one on one" training with me personally. We will start at the very beginning and break down every component you need to have in place for a seamless viewer or customer experience.

Omit these steps and you may as well not even get started. Again I do want to stress this is not a "get rich program". This program was designed to teach you the "process" in how money is made online using the "Affiliate Sales Model".

Launch your Dream Career in Digital Marketing | RevoU

I cannot and will not promise you a 6 figure income! What I can promise is this, if you learn the basics in this Internet Marketing course, you will have the basic knowledge and basic tools to help you discover your earning potential. Is online marketing right for you? Website development Engage, captivate and convert visitors on your website. Market Research Use the insight gleaned from research to inform every marketing decision you make.

Customer Insight Put an understanding of your customer at the centre of your strategy.

Your customer proposition Uncover your USP message to prospects. Segmentation Segment to ensure your marketing is relevant to each customer group. Campaign Management Learn how an agency responds to a client brief. Advertising Strategy How to use advertising to deliver set marketing objectives. Digital Strategy How to market effectively to a digital audience. Direct Marketing Strategy Create a personal and intermediary-free dialogue with customers.

The biggest mistakes online marketers make

Communication Strategy Work out who needs to know what and when and which channels to use. Develop practical digital marketing skills Email Marketing Your comprehensive guide. Content Marketing Your comprehensive guide. Social Media Marketing Your comprehensive guide. Mobile Marketing Your comprehensive guide. Video Marketing Your comprehensive guide. Website development Engage, captivate and convert visitors using your website. Equip yourself for a career in Marketing Create your personal brand Stand out from the crowd. Get the right experience Gain experience that is valuable to an employer.

The talent gap in Marketing Fill it and get your dream job. Small Business Marketing Bring this expertise to your work experience.

Why Mentors Are Needed For Professional Success

Jobs exist in almost every imaginable industry. In most cases, you can get into the field with a low cost of entry i. They make great money. Specifically, the Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Program does just that by covering all of the core digital disciplines in depth — SEO , PPC , social me dia , conversion optimization, content marketing, web analytics, mobile and email marketing — packaging in-depth knowledge into 14 courses 10 courses of the Digital Marketing Certified Associate program and 4 advanced courses to complete the learning path.

First, the program content goes both broad and deep. It arms learners with all of the vital skill sets needed for digital marketing and provides a wealth of practical knowledge to help you pass various expert exams, such as OMCA Online Marketing Certified Associate , Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, YouTube and more, which never looks bad on your resume.

Second, you nurture skills that are applicable in the real world.

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Simplilearn provides access to virtual simulations with their Mimic Pro environment powered by real-world Google data so you can step into the shoes of a real digital marketer, run marketing experiments, create virtual campaigns, conceptualize landing pages, and conceptualize other key tasks using virtual memory. Third, the course advisors are all highly-respected thought leaders and practitioners of digital marketing know-how, including:. The blended learning model combines instructor-led training in virtual live streaming classrooms with self-paced video so participants can follow at their own pace with full one-year anytime access to courses.

You can complete the course in 4 months by learning for 10 hours a week. There are no prerequisites for the course, just a passion for learning cutting-edge digital marketing techniques. The content is tailored to provide an understanding of the foundations of the new digital marketing landscape and acquire a new set of stories, concepts, and tools to help you digitally create, distribute, promote, and price products and services. The learning path is fairly extensive but focuses a good amount of its time on concepts and theory, with a drill-down on analytics and marketing channels.

Digital marketing c ourses offered include:.

What is PWN Global Mentoring?

The MBA methodology becomes apparent in many of the theory-based course modules, but as digital marketing is a hands-on discipline, it would have been better if practical application was in-built into each element rather than coming at the end. The course offers open availability, so virtually any job titles with any experience can enroll in the program, and they offer a certificate to highlight your new skills on LinkedIn.

Unfortunately, Coursera does not include on-demand support for premium customers such as companies who wish to up-skill their entire marketing teams. Each course takes four weeks with hours of work per week, per week for the first module.