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Your Spouse,lover,partner,friend Or Coworker. Makes a perfect gift for the diamond painter pages, white paperGlossy paperback cover6x9 inches Actualizar estado comentar. Caylee Gracias, Selish! Hunter Solo tienes que seleccionar el clic a continuacion, el boton descargar y completar una oferta para iniciar la descarga del libro electronico. Jiangsu Education Publishing Hou.. Jiangsu Literature and Art Publi.. Jiangsu Science and Technology P..

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Sichuan People's Publishing Hous.. Sichuan Science and Technology P.. Sichuan wenyi yinxiang chubanshe.. Sing Tao Publishing Ltd. Sky Digi Entertainment Co. Sky Digi Entertainment, Co. Social Sciences Academic Press Solely distributed by Guangzhou.. Sony Music Entertainment China H.. Spring International Publishers.. Star East Press, a division of C.. Starry Night Culture and Creativ.. Wo xiao ma? Author s : Michele Wong McSween. Gordon and Li Li are cousins. Li Li is from Beijing, China, and speaks Mandarin. Gordon lives in Brooklyn, New York, and speaks English.

When Li Li visits Gordon for the first time, the cousins must learn to communicate using simple, everyday words. Children and caregivers can read along with Gordon and Li Li as they learn basic English and Mandarin words and their correct pronunciation. Each spread of this sturdy book spotlights a different theme, including greetings, everyday words, numbers, and animals!

And every word features the English and Pinyin spelling along with the Chinese character and the phonetic Mandarin pronunciation to help readers practice.

The Hare and The Tortoise - English-Chinese Version with Pinyin (Teaching Panda Series Book 4)

This is an adorable and informative must-have first words book for any family who wants to get little ones excited to open the door to learning a second language -- and future language success! Interactive Musical Sound Book for Toddlers. Author s : Li Jian. Long long ago, an old magic stone suddenly cracked open after lying in the sunlight and moonlight for thousands of years. From the shell of the stone, a little Monkey was born. Adopted by the Monkey King in the mountain, Little Monkey was very naughty and playful.

One day, while playing in a tree, he fell. When the Monkey King tried to save Little Monkey, he was terribly injured. To save the Monkey King, Little Monkey had to journey across the ocean in search of the immortal pill. Could he find his way home to save the Monkey King?

Author s : Tuttle Publishing. A fun and kid-friendly introduction to Chinese! The Tuttle Chinese for Kids Flash Cards Simplified Character Edition kit is an introductory Chinese language learning tool specially designed to help children from preschool through early elementary level acquire necessary words, Chinese characters, phrases, and sentences in Chinese in a fun and easy way. The flashcards can be used as a learning tool in a classroom setting, at home, or anywhere that learning takes place, and can easily be taped around the room for an interactive way to learn Chinese. All of the words are illustrated—the pictures serve as useful visual aids to help children learn and remember each word's meaning.