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Next day, in came the lady in green as before, with her bag of money. Taking her seat at the round table, near the fire, she poured out the gold. Then jingling the coins in the pile, she said:. The young widow, feeling sure that she had the old fairy in a trap, thought she would have some fun first. The widow rattled off a string of names, English, Welsh and Biblical; but every time the fairy shook her head.

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Her eyes began to gleam, as if she felt certain of getting the boy. She even moved her chair around to the side nearest the cradle. At this sound, the fairy turned red with rage. At the same moment, the door opened wide and a blast of wind made the hearth fire flare up. Leaving her gold behind her, the old woman flew up the chimney, and disappeared over the housetops. The widow scooped up the gold, bought two cows, furnished her cottage with new chairs and tfresh flowers, and put the rest of the coins away under one of the flag stones at the hearth.

When her boy grew up, she gave him a good education, and he became one of the fearless judges, who, with the aid of Baron Owen, rooted out the Red Bandits, that had robbed his mother. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Makes me happy to listen to these stories. This is ok kkkkklkkkkkkkkkk this is OK ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so funny ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I love Storynory so much. Bertie — February 14, Hey I love your stories and I really want to know who wrote rumple stiltskin? I like it its a good story i like the background at the beginning i like this one the most outof all of them:. Is that a true story?! No bad..

The Red Bandits of Montgomery - Storynory

Thank you Melah. Still like it though. Umathe fox: I thought it was a vary funny and nice story. It was also weird. This story was very interesting.

It paints a picture in your head of what the widow had to do to get her son back and it describes what the lady in green looked like. I really like this story and I would read it again any-time.


Home Storynory. Leave a reply Cancel comment Did you like this story? Please write in English. Comments are moderated. It is weird but good at the same time you should read it. LOL p. I love storynory. Such a great story!! But can we put some mythology from India on storynory? In his spare time, Mr. Stilton enjoys collecting antique cheese rinds, playing golf, and telling stories to his nephew Benjamin.

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Visit Geronimo online at www. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Kids' Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 7. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview One hot summer afternoon, I was trying to write, but I just couldn't get inspired. Product Details About the Author. Age Range: 7 - 10 Years. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

Flight Of The Red Bandit (Geronimo Stilton)

Love is conceived in the mind of a vampire long before it is ever realized. Vampire prince, Sebastian Pearce, has waited six hundred years for the right human mate. While vampires no longer require live donors for sustenance, Mother Nature View Product. Double Fault Red Rock Series 7. A vandal is on the loose at the local country club, and Bryce Timberline is A vandal is on the loose at the local country club, and Bryce Timberline is the number-one suspect.

Geronimo Stilton #56: Flight of the Red Bandit

The first installment of David Peace's electrifying Red Riding Quartet vividly brings to life a gritty, dangerous working class city tormented by a series of brutal murders. It's summer in Leeds and the city is anxiously awaiting the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth's reign.

Detective Bob Fraser and Jack Whitehead, a reporter at the Red Fury Revolt: Agricola series book one. Something keeps drawing G.