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Marlow realizes that the cannibals must be terribly hungry, as they have not been allowed to go ashore to trade for supplies, and their only food, a supply of rotting hippo meat, was long since thrown overboard by the pilgrims. The manager authorizes Marlow to take every risk in continuing on in the fog, but Marlow refuses to do so, as they will surely ground the steamer if they proceed blindly.

Marlow says he does not think the natives will attack, particularly since their cries have sounded more sorrowful than warlike. After the fog lifts, at a spot a mile and a half from the station, the natives attempt to repulse the invaders. The steamer is in a narrow channel, moving along slowly next to a high bank overgrown with bushes, when suddenly the air fills with arrows. Marlow rushes inside the pilot-house. When he leans out to close the shutter on the window, he sees that the brush is swarming with natives.

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Suddenly, he notices a snag in the river a short way ahead of the steamer. The pilgrims open fire with rifles from below him, and the cloud of smoke they produce obscures his sight. Marlow grabs the wheel and crowds the steamer close to the bank to avoid the snag. Marlow frightens the attackers away by sounding the steam whistle repeatedly, and they give off a prolonged cry of fear and despair.

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One of the pilgrims enters the pilot-house and is shocked to see the wounded helmsman. The two white men stand over him as he dies quietly. Marlow expects that Kurtz is now dead as well, and he feels a terrible disappointment at the thought. Marlow laughs at the man, whose comfortable bourgeois existence has never brought him into contact with anything the likes of Africa.

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Marlow makes a major error of interpretation in this section, when he decides that the cries coming from the riverbank do not portend an attack. That he is wrong is more or less irrelevant, since the steamer has no real ability to escape. The fog that surrounds the boat is literal and metaphorical: it obscures, distorts, and leaves Marlow with only voices and words upon which to base his judgments.

The Cannibal Escape (Strange Stories)

This has been both enriching and dangerous for Marlow. On the one hand, having the figure of Kurtz available as an object for contemplation has provided a release for Marlow, a distraction from his unsavory surroundings, and Kurtz has also functioned as a kind of blank slate onto which Marlow can project his own opinions and values. Kurtz gives Marlow a sense of possibility. Android Down. Eight-foot warrior women from Venus. Chrome androids with terrible secrets.

Firewood for Cannibals: by Dan Manning

Shambling monsters with halitosis. Two pallets of saltines. Cranium sockets. Spaceships that leak hydraulic fluid. Amazing technologies. Evil corporate executives. Four-armed bartenders. Luxury hotels on asteroids. Deep within the bowels of Edinburgh Castle something sinister stirred.

What Cannibals Fear

A dark shadowy figure A dark shadowy figure in a grubby laboratory coat chuckled deviously as he stood in front of the rows of test tubes on the bench in front of him, A hysterical glimpse into the life and times of Dan Haggerty and his manager Terry A hysterical glimpse into the life and times of Dan Haggerty and his manager Terry Bomar over the past few years. It avoids the same old rerun information about the Grizzly Adams series.

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