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IBM Support. Flashes Alerts Abstract There may be a potential WebSphere Application Server problem when deployed behind a WebSphere-aware proxy server Content If a WebSphere application running behind a HTTP proxy server begins experiencing failures with client certificate based authentication, or if client IP addresses or connection information are reported incorrectly as those of the proxy server, then it might be necessary to configure the " trustedSensitiveHeaderOrigin " custom property.

This property has a default value of "none", which means that a subset of WebSphere-specific HTTP headers will not be trusted from any host. For a secure deployment in which proxy servers are used, the " trustedSensitiveHeaderOrigin " property should be configured with a comma-separated list of IP addresses corresponding to those of any WebSphere-aware proxy servers in front of the WebSphere server. Now they talk of putting higher taxes on diesels that are already in use, banning them from cities etc.

Whenever governments meddle they usually mess up. Its purely economic. The 1. This story is being told in different ways in different news sources. Some are taking delight in being confirmed in their view that business always cheats i. Horse manure. Even more horse manure.

The business pages probably are closer to being right. They report that it was a seemingly clever but ultimately foolish effort to gain a competitive advantage that, now discovered, could seriously harm the company. Only a tiny few are noting that the regulatory bodies in Europe and North America share a significant part of the blame for letting this scam go on so long, because they must not have checked the accuracy of their own testing. No getout for VW here. We should all try to obey the law, even if we object to the rationale behind it. The trouble is, for that to work the law has to command near-universal respect, and that is increasingly not the case, with so much legislation e.

In UK we may get the chance to escape from the EU pray we take it! Have VW actually broken a law? They admit to cheating, agreed. If the law said they have to pass a test to be legal — and they did — then what is illegal about it? I think that about sums up the situation. The laws as written are now too simple. Is your Golf a little below Par?

Is the story on your Polo a little too holy? Emissions testing? Does anyone have a link to what tests VW was trying to circumvent?

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Specifically what levels? Also, anyone have any links to why NO2 is a pollutant — at what levels? Is it lighter than air or heavier? Just trying to be more educated. I would be interested in the test criteria myself. Perhaps some impossibly low number completely divorced from reality? A gasoline engine has the problem that the air-fuel mixture has to be closely controlled. You live and die by the stoichiometric ratio and that is affected by everything. The problem with a diesel engine is to squirt some fuel into the cylinder at the right time.

More fuel, up to a point, delivers more power.

It sounds like a much simpler problem than for gasoline. What am I missing here? You need to worry about the fuel-air mix with a diesel as well. A diesel has a much greater compression ratio than a gasoline engine. The higher pressure causes greater temperatures and both promote the formation of NOx. Running rich cools things down some and lessens NOx formation at the expense of power and economy. Running lean restores power, economy and NOx production. Running too lean gets things too hot and valves burn, and even pistons can get holes burnt through them.

Diesels operate at higher temperatures, and so are twice as efficient for the same fuel as gasoline engines the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Hence diesels are the engine of choice for ships, trains diesel engines drive generators that drive electric motors , and long-haul trucks. Note that legislators have not yet mandated lightning controls.

What you are missing is a knowledge of the evolution of diesel engines. This was a bad thing for the environment and for your pocket, that smoke is unburnt fuel and is costing you money. Modern diesels have computerized engine management systems linked to piezo electric injectors that squirt only as much fuel as is needed into the combustion chamber.

This is very important if you want your vehicles to work economically and pass emission control tests.

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Diesels are also easily turbocharged because only air is compressed. Increasing the manifold pressure by 15 psig effectively doubles the displacement. Tens of thousands of EPA employees whose jobs are to insure that vehicle emissions of toxic gasses and particulate do not exceed what is stipulated by federal Statutes …. I own a vehicle containing a Diesel ECOTECH engine manufactured in which gives me an impressive mpg, especially as I live in the country and hence drive mostly at a constant speed in a straight line.

Under this system my vehicle should seemingly qualify for a discount in road tax. BUT, included in the system is the bizarre requirement that my vehicle must be first registered after March No explanation is given. I only drive about miles per year so my contribution to pollutant levels and CO2 via this car is relatively very small. My mother drives a Prius about 20, miles per year and therefore create far more pollution than I do. Actually her mpg and mine do not significantly differ. So she produces approx 4 times the pollutants each year.

BUT — she pays NO road tax at all. Why am I being penalized for the fact that my car left the factory several months too early to qualify for the discount. On top of this observation, we already pay a tax which is precisely commensurate with the quantity of CO2 produced by our engines — because here in the UK we pay a high duty on every litre of fuel bought for road use. And since every litre of fuel completely combusted produces the same amount of CO2. There are differences depending on whether the fuel is petrol or diesel So the financial incentive for not excessively wasting expensive and highly taxed fuel already exists.

And a punitive tax revenue from fuel guzzlers already existed. Hence, none of this silliness was necessary at all. Therefore, to any reasonable person the tax band system is both unfair and unreasonable and unnecessary.

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Once you have perceived that fact then it is hard to respect the regulatory imposition. If I could find a way to break the rules in order to make the situation for myself more fair and reasonable, then I would be very happy to break the rules. People struggle to take it seriously. This story is emblematic of why people become Libertarians.

At best, The State is an incompetent mess. We quit saying that in my household some years ago. In reality, it is the BBC and the Grauniad who are the extremists, because deception will always result in increasing death and destruction. The USSR ultimately collapsed because not one single agency, company or person told the truth. And the result was institutional incompetence, errors, lethargy, industrial decay, economic collapse, starvation and death.

I think an important point is being missed: Volkswagen should be lavishly praised for its innovative solution to the climate crisis: it has managed fix a huge problem created by errant software i.

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Bravo and well done! Whereas the car I drive — my Golf Four-Motion — is much closer in character to a really well administered blow job. But obviously, only do this if you feel comfortable with the idea of buying a car that feels like oral sex. If the anal douche is more your kind of thing, stick with the Prius or, if you want the premium, bells-and-whistles experience, a Tesla. We suffer from gasoline mixtures that return 10 percent less mileage in return for some paper reduction of emissions.

They push into a very less than optimal running condition to have a marginal improvement in some emission aspect. Every street legal or public land legal motorcycle sold here has to have elaborate equipment added to capture and return miniscule amounts of fuel vapor that would otherwise be vented to the atmosphere. We are talking grams per month. BTW, this is a cost that is spread out and borne by buyers in all the other states.

And, of course, since motorcycles are not inspected in Kali after purchase, this vapor return system is routinely removed, some kind of aftermarket engine control unit and exhaust added. When Ontario moved from an actual test of the exhaust gases to plugging into my OBDII port I thought it was bizarre and fraught with opportunities for tampering. But since then so many other things seem to be moving in the same direction. And of course no need to mention the climate debate. It seems we have a choice to make: we can either control real pollution such as aeorosols which can form smog which is unpleasant and health-damaging, or we can control the fake pollution, CO2.

The two are mutually-exclusive. Yes, Bruce, spot-on. One must stretch the science envelope with fantasy to have it both ways. But enough faith in the new ecology will allow any paradox necessary. Public ignorance of science beyond what the media dole out is most of the reason they think both can be reduced simultaneously. Well, not a hard choice, but a trade-off, and the trade-off that Diesel engines offer is simply the wrong one.

Petrol engines are actually quite efficient now — the efficiency gap between them and Diesel engines has narrowed. At the same time, petrol engines seem to be much easier to operate cleanly. I had already eliminated Diesel from consideration for my next car — this story just confirms it. Yes you are right and only thing which is convincing people to buy diesel now, especially in EU is tax punishment. Where gasoline is taxed more than diesel. Nothing more then market bending. Diesels work best in ag equipment and towing vehicles.

My V-8 diesel delivers better fuel economy and more torque at lower rpms than the V gas alternative in Ford trucks. I would not think of having a diesel car because of the extra cost of the option and in oil changes, double batteries, etc.. Dawgtomis — yes, Diesels make sense in trucks and in agriculture.

In those settings, NOx emissions are also less of an issue, since they will happen mostly or entirely outside the cities. Turbo vehicles can correct performance at altitude to that of sea level. Turbo-Diesel cars are wunderbar in mountain towns. In boats, trains and long haul freight the engine weight is a small portion of the total so diesels are the obvious choice. Reblogged this on gottadobetterthanthis and commented: — Sauce for the goose…. For that matter, neither is AGW. I turn around and it is always some Passat, Jetta or Audi.

When I went for vacation to Europe, after stepping out from Vienna Airport building my first notice was huge smell of diesels. Same in Bratislava. Funny is that locals are not feeling it anymore. Perfect timing for Paris. They now need to save their car industry! What sweet irony!

Germany has been protecting its auto industry for years. The U. He seems convinced that pollution in cities are getting worse, when just like in America, pollution has been dropping for years. Willful ignorance never helped anyone.

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I have a lot of hopes and dreams. Cannon and Sally Forth movies would be fun. Would like to click to enlarge some of those. Pingback: Comics A. Thanks for such a tasty compilation on such an overlooked master of sequential art!! Thanks for the Wally Wood Woody!! You must be logged in to post a comment.