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The campground is one mile from the rim of the canyon. A visit to the canyon during sunrise and sunset yields spectacular views of yellow, orange, red and violet hues in the canyon walls. Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Trouble with Princesses , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Trouble with Princesses. Lists with This Book.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 04, Tracy Emro rated it really liked it. Ariadne and Rupert were great together - I loved them. Together they were HOT! The love scenes were steamy and well written just remembering the picnic scene makes me need to fan myself.

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Feelings were progressing and Rupert plays the hero and recuses Ariadne from an unwanted suitor and then the story starts to go south faster than geese in October! This is were my rant starts - this might be Spoilerish - so don't read any further if you don't want to know!!!!! I mean if Emma hadn't written to him and tricked him, would these two have ended up together - probably not!

That is not how I expected the book to end. I wanted to see these two happily ever after. We don't even get to see them get married!! I didn't hate the book, but I think it could have ending better and an epilogue would have gone a long way to making the ending more acceptable. Of the three books, I would have to say this was my least favorite. Tracy Anne Warren is a gifted writer and I will read any historical romance she publishes - in fact I am looking forward to the Bedding Proposal that was previewed at the end of this book. Apr 24, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-romance , books-read , romance.

Fun book. Ariadne would like to have a husband and family, but she won't settle for just anyone. She wants a man she can love, just like her two best friends have found. Since she hasn't been lucky enough to find him, she decides it's time to do her own pursuing. But instead of a husband, she's going to look for a lover, and not worry about her reputation.

The only thing stopping her is the interference she's getting from her best friend's brother, Prince Rupert. Rupert is prince of a small kingd Fun book. Rupert is prince of a small kingdom and he's getting pressure to marry someone appropriate. He's come to London to visit his sister Emma The Princess and the Peer , and enjoy some freedom before he chooses a wife.

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He's always considered Ariadne to be the wild one of his sister and friends and he's horrified by the scandal that would ruin her, and could also affect his sister. He's determined to stop her from doing such a reckless thing. There have been sparks between Rupert and Ariadne since the first book, though they have been expressed in antagonism up until now.

Ariadne is headstrong and independent and determined to follow the course she has set. She is also a bit naive, and believes that she can handle whatever her actions throw her way. When Rupert comes across her kissing a man, he breaks them up and lectures Ariadne about what could happen. When she refuses to listen, he demonstrates by capturing her and then kissing her senseless. He doesn't expect the kiss to affect him, but it does.

Still thinking about the kiss a few days later, he offers to teach Ariadne what she wants to know, keeping things discrete between them and thereby protecting her reputation. He intends to show her the passion she wants, but retaining enough control to keep it from going too far.

I really liked the interactions between Ariadne and Rupert. He is a bit on the stuffy side and is uncomfortable with his sister's public affection for her husband. It was fun to see Ariadne tease him about that. He's also very conscious of duty and honor, so Ariadne's plans are especially bothersome to him. His sudden attraction to her is a surprise, but he feels he can use it to help her while at the same time protecting her. Ariadne is focused on her goal and doesn't see the trouble she could get into.

She's been testing out possibilities by kissing various men, but hasn't been impressed by any of them. Rupert's kiss stuns her with the way it makes her feel. She's surprised by his offer to teach her what she wants to know, but can't resist him. Each "lesson" leaves her wanting more and she teases him trying to get him to give in. Rupert discovers that the control he's always had around other women isn't there when he's with Ariadne, and trying to keep to his plan is getting harder.

Their plans for a discrete liaison go out the window when Ariadne is kidnapped by a desperate suitor and Rupert rides to the rescue. Ariadne has confidence that Rupert will save her, but that doesn't stop her from making her own attempts. This puts them in the position of having to marry because of their being alone together.

Ariadne is determined that she will not force him into marrying her, or be forced into a loveless marriage herself, but Rupert is adamant. An emergency at home and pressure from outside drives a wedge between them, sending Ariadne running to their other friend. She believes it is best for him, even though it breaks her heart. Rupert has to look inside himself and his own feelings before he realizes that he can't live without her.

I loved the ending and seeing them finally admit their love.

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The only thing that would have made it better would be an epilogue. I really would have liked to see how they are doing a year or so down the road. Apr 06, Lover of Romance rated it it was amazing Shelves: regency , genre-historical-romance. Ariadne, after seeing her two closest friends, finding love, desires the same. She knows its real and does happen, even if its less common. Adriadne lost her family, and currently staying with her friend Emma, until she comes into her inheritance. She knows she will not settle for anything less than love in a marriage.

So realizing that may not happen, she decides to take a lover. She doesn't care about the consequences, she wants to live and to live passionatly. On her quest in finding a lover, Ariadne, after seeing her two closest friends, finding love, desires the same. On her quest in finding a lover, she keeps being sidelined by Prince Rupert, who is determined to save her. Rupert is the heir prince of a european kingdom, after Ariadne telling him of her plans, he decides if any man is going to be her lover, it will be him. He won't let her be taken advantage of. So he then begins a seduction, a seduction that turns into a fierce passionate love affair, one where Ariadne will steal away into his heart forever Now I have been a fan of Warren for quite some time, ever since I read her Byrons of Braebournne series.

This series has been so much fun reading, and I adored this latest addition.

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It was put in the category "impossible to put down" within a couple of chapters. I was completely drawn in from the beginning, and I definitely didn't mind at all. The story begins with Ariadne telling her latest plan, to find a lover. She is tired of the tedious life she is living and needs some excitement, well she is about to get some.

Then the hero steps into the game, and at first Ariadne refuses him, but when one night he kisses with a passion she never imagined, she decides what can it hurt right? So they begin in lessons in passion. This story was fun and beyond thrilling. There is a bit of intrigue placed in the plot, that will put you at the edge quite a couple times. A romance that is tender and sweet, and dazzles the reader. The characters in this story were fun and I had no issues with them at all.

The hero in this story is Rupert, and boy he was sexy as sin!! I loved his confidence, his strong personality that reeked of command, and the way he puts himself out there for Ariadne. Definitely put him in the top of the "Swoon worthy" hero category. He was delectable and breathtaking and I wouldn't mind trading places with Ariadne.

Now Ariadne was a perfect match for him. She isn't a weakling, and gives in easily. She is a fighter that is for sure, especially when it comes to what she wants. She is not afraid of playing with fire, and I loved her insistance on making her own way, and doesn't care about consequences kinda attitude. She seemed to me very easy to like and I was rooting for her all the way.

The side characters were fun, and we see the two previous couples from the other books in the series, involved, which only made me want to re read the books again.

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Overall a brilliant romance that captures you from the first moment you begin reading! A well done job for Warren, she delivers once again. A entertaining and wild ride of a romance with endearing characters, exciting driven plot, and a story to steal your heart! Sep 05, Natalie rated it liked it Shelves: female-friendships-and-sisterhood , enemies-to-lovers , dirty-talk , regency-era , canoodling-in-carriages , spitfire-heroines , starchy-heroes , redheads-for-sam , childhood-friends , alpha-males.

You got two proud, stubborn people to humble themselves and admit to what they could not live without-- each other. So the premise is that Ariadne wants to take a lover, and her best friend Emma's older brother Rupert finds out and keeps trying to dissuade her from embarking on such a scandalous mission. Ariadne has resolved never to marry, she's quite happy "You and my sister have done what no one else could have. Ariadne has resolved never to marry, she's quite happy being independent thank you very much.

So of course she can't be dissuaded. So Rupert offers a compromise and offers to be her lover instead. Great plot twist. Now Rupert and Ariadne have always had a contentious relationship since Ariadne and Emma have been friends. So they know that the other is going to be a handful.

And what fun it was that the two of them were such a handful! The sexy stuff was sexy and fun and funny of course, because obviously Rupert is a skilled lover, but what I thought this book got really right was the dynamics between Rupert and Ariadne. Ariadne is hot headed, stubborn and a total force of a personality. Sometimes some personalities like these need a really soothing, calming partner. Not Ariadne though, she would get bored not to say that those pairings don't work, they do, i like some of them!

Therefore what Ariadne needs is another hurricane of a personality that will match her. She wanted someone that would challenge her at every turn, and so did Rupert. I was hoping very much that this would be the bickery bantery couple I have been waiting for. IT WAS. And I like how their bickering showed how well they knew each other, how comfortable they were with each other. It added a lot to their relationship that they knew each other's flaws beforeheand which are pretty similar mulishness, impulsiveness etc. I wasn't too happy Tracy Anne using a kidnapping by a jilted fortune hunter to throw Rupert and Ariadne together and have her reputation "compromised" but she needed that to have the road trip back and have all the shenanigans that would propel the events of the last act of the book.

The last act was the angst arc, which is always my favorite because I love angst and I love pining and longing and people realizing the force of their feelings! And it was great. I also loved how much Emma and Nick were in this book, I loved the dynamic of them as a couple opposite Rupert and Ariadne, and how much they both wanted Rupert and Ariadne to work their shit out.

The scene where Emma and Nick find out about Rupert and Ariadne's affair was amazing. Ariadne is the spitfire heroine i've been waiting for and Rupert more than her match.

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Feb 09, Esther rated it it was amazing Shelves: virgin , virgin-heroine. Excellent book!! At first I kind of didn't like the heroine but as the story progresses her character softened and she matured in the relationship department. The hero My favorite of the series! Nov 15, Caz rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , romance , 4-andstar-books , aar , dead-tree.

There is very little to criticize and I enjoyed the book. Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess is set to premiere next month on the Disney Channel, a TV movie that will launch the cartoon series about a half-Latina, half-Scandinavian princess. The downside, as we might have expected, is that Sofia is as pale as her royal predecessors, with blue eyes and light brown hair. You know what a daring multicultural experiment would be? The majority of multicultural folks according to the last Census were children of black and white couples.

I hope that at least her adventures will be more inclusive, but again, this is Disney here—not letting the minorities lead, just support. So is all this a moot argument over princesses? You know, the super-rich, the super-privileged, and the so overdone tales as old as time? Should Disney look to do the Latina version of Kim Possible? Or are you sick of the subject and want to go to a magical place where we never talk about princesses ever again? Monica Castillo is a freelance film critic. Get Bitch Media's top 9 reads of the week delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning!

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Sign up for the Weekly Reader:. Why make such a fuss about her being the first Latina princess and then half ass it? It makes no sense. I agree with the first commenter: Disney is taking the easy route by making their first "Latina" princess half European. As if they don't have enough European princesses already?

I think Disney is actually daunted by the task of basing a story around a real Latina princess. I don't think people at Disney have any fresh ideas, so they're making Sofia look like their older characters, but calling her "Latina" only in name so they attract media and the public's attention. I was a total 90s kid, and I grew up with Disney movies. Disney needs to invite people with fresh ideas into their team and create stories based around multicultural princesses instead of taking the easy route again.