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Recently, I was asked to describe briefly what staff development looked like at our church. After taking a few minutes to sketch out a response it seemed like something that might benefit others so I took a little more time to do this well. Here is a year in the life of staff development for me at Mosaic Church. Email address:.

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Phil Taylor My name is Phil. I'm into running and kayaking. Antone Goyak My name is Antone. I am happily married and have three kids and grandson. I love to mountain bike and backpack. Gabriel Forsyth My name is Gabriel. My wife and and I are passionate about serving our city and changing our world. To all of you married guys out there: this post is for you.

So let me ask you a question: are you a visible man for your wife?

[PDF] Backstage Student Ministry: How to survive and thrive behind the scenes of any Student

April 4, by Antone Goyak. Leadership General. November 26, by Antone Goyak. Church Planting. Come to ATC , our church in the Orlando area is hosting the next one! You know exactly what you hope your church will look like. As organic and free spirited as you might be, a few systems are non-negotiable. Communication Systems 2.

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Connection Systems 3. Leadership Systems 4. Reputation Systems 5. Soul Care systems. November 11, by Phil Taylor. Ministry Ideas. October 4, by Phil Taylor. October 1, by Phil Taylor. In Praise Of. I first heard William Vanderbloemen talk about staff culture during the XPastor Seminar in Dallas where we were both doing breakout sessions. His was way more interesting than mine. I knew in my gut that staff culture needed to become a bigger focus for me at our church because I could already see the cracks emerging as our team sought to keep up with a rapid growth curve following the opening of our new building.

September 20, by Phil Taylor.

September 15, by Phil Taylor. Building Projects.

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September 8, by Phil Taylor. August 26, by Phil Taylor. August 9, by Phil Taylor. July 13, by Phil Taylor. May 9, by Phil Taylor. April 9, by Phil Taylor.

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Missional Communities. Academics Elder is proud to offer a wide range of curricular offerings which challenge and nurture the interests of all students. Our curriculum — aligned with the A. College Readiness Standards — is comprised of required courses in various levels Advanced Placement, Honors, Advanced College Prep, College Prep and General and electives that allow students to customize their schedule to their individual interests and learning styles.

Spiritual Boosters. Ministry Compassion is at the heart of all authentic ministry. If our actions are not a result of a compassionate heart, we are but a noisy gong or a clanging symbol. We look first to our Elder family, then to the surrounding community, and finally to the world that is home to us all. An Elder student is taught to think globally but act locally.

He learns, in word and deed, to reflect Christ, whose spirit gives us the desire to minister. From music and art to electronic media, student-run clubs and more, there are abundant ways for o ur students to develop as leaders, writers, musicians, athletes, and artists Athletics Elder is an Ohio Division I school offering a competitive program in every sport. The Panthers have earned a strong athletic tradition and take great pride in their accomplishments.