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External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. With the rising suicide rate amongst teens in the state of Utah Director: Don Argott. Sundance Trending Titles. Sundance Documentary Premieres. Dear Diary 2. Movies: to watch new Next: Watched movies. Share this Rating Title: Believer 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Credited cast: Dan Reynolds Himself Aja Volkman A powerful story of standing up for what you believe in and using your voice to amplify those unheard, Believer reminds us that through listening, learning and collaborating, acceptance and change are possible.

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The Believers inside the base were taken by surprise and the Cartel wiped out all of the laboratory's inhabitants. The Believers hired the assassin Melo Centris to help them to disperse the virus in Caarimon's upper atmosphere, which they hoped would kill more than half of Caarimon's native Caarite population.

In addition, the cultists schemed to cause a major environmental catastrophe on Caarimon, by crashing escape pods packed with explosives into some fault-lines in the Desolation region of Caarimon, to trigger a groundquake. The three Believer transports from Genarius arrived in the Carimoos system under the escort of the Z Headhunter Ku'Amo , and two of the starships docked with Creautaa-V , a research station that orbited Caarimon.

Centris and a group of Believers led by the former Jedi Crymsin Ost , the commander of the Caarimon operation, entered the station and released the virus, killing all of the Caarites aboard the facility. Meanwhile, the third transport landed in the city Joventusek on Caarimon and a team of four Human Believers disembarked from the vessel. The Believer team then hired some T3-OR speeder bikes and traveled to the city Effelis , where they contacted a local information broker and obtained some data regarding the world's fault-lines.

Afterward, the team biked to the Desolation and planted a homing beacon , to guide the explosive-filled escape pods to the fault-lines. To prevent anyone from interfering in the cult's plans, the Believer team took up a position 30 kilometers north of Joventusek, under orders to kill any off-worlders that attempted to travel toward the Desolation. The Cularin Militia , a military force that was active in the Cularin system, received intelligence reports that stated that a number of Believers were converging on Caarimon, and the Militia deduced that the cultists planned to release the anti-Caarite virus on the planet.

To prevent the Believers from completing their plan, the Cularin Militia hired the Heroes of Cularin to thwart the cult's activities on Caarimon.

The agents traveled to Caarimon and attempted to make their way to the Desolation. However, en-route the agents were ambushed by the Believer guards stationed north of Joventusek, who engaged the agents in a speeder bike chase.

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However, the agents defeated the Believer team and disabled the Believers' homing beacon. The agents proceeded to fly to Creautaa-V and they confronted Centris and Crymsin Ost's Believers aboard the station and prevented them from releasing the virus. During the skirmish, the agents also recovered information from Centris' datapad that implicated the Thaereian military , an armed force based in the Thaere system , as having conspired with the Believers to attempt to wipe out the Caarites. However, the agents were uncertain as to whether the data was genuine.

To congratulate the Heroes of Cularin for preventing the Believers from releasing the anti-Caarite virus on Caarimon, the Metatheran Cartel held a celebratory party on Dorumaa , the moon of Almas.

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  • During the event, a rumor circulated that someone was planning to attack the party, and some of the attendees falsely suspected that the Believers were going to launch a strike against the celebration. At some point afterward, the Heroes of Cularin came into contact with the " shadow lurkers ," disembodied spirits of the Oblee species that resided in the Cularin asteroid belt. The Darkstaff was able to draw energy from the shadow lurkers via three crystal shards that were located in the asteroid belt and the spirits requested that the freelance agents destroy the shards, to sever the Oblees' connection to the staff.

    The Darkstaff sensed that someone other than the shadow lurkers had came into contact with the shards and at the artifact's behest, Len Markus sent a group of Believers to the asteroid belt, under orders to either kill the individuals that had disturbed the shards, or alternately to recover the three shards.

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    The group of Believers, which included the Trandoshans Gaar and Ulis , the Wookiee Rorvek , and several others, landed on the asteroid that housed the shards, and they attacked the Heroes of Cularin. However, the agents defeated the Believers [3] and freed the Oblee from the clutches of the Darkstaff.

    At around this time, a slicer posted a message on the Cularin holonet node , which discussed the creation and role of the Sith battlelords , a class of warriors that had served Darth Rivan. However, the Cularin system's media subsequently refused to discuss the article, out of fear that doing so would attract the attention of the Believers to the posting. The Believers began working with the Wyrd and the cultists hoped to be able to usurp the Tarasin witches' Force abilities, to use the Wyrd's powers against the Jedi.

    To that end, the Believers and the Wyrd conspired to attempt to link the self-governance movement with the Confederacy of Independent Systems , [8] a separatist government that opposed the Galactic Republic.

    In addition, the cult also established links with the Thaereian military. The Clone Wars progressed and at some point, the protest group Truth For Cularin produced a number of HoloNet documentaries, in which they speculated on issues that affected the Cularin system. In one such documentary, the Human Jarik Vuintor claimed that the Believers were an arm of the Jedi Order, to which the Jedi transferred failed Jedi students that were found to be not suited to the rigors of the life of the Jedi. Vuintor also speculated that the cult was funded by Lavin Wren , the Cularin system's senator , to allow Wren to use the cult to further her political career.

    With the help of Markus' information, the Wyrd developed the Ritual of the Power of the Dark , which they attempted to use to turn the World Tree , an inter-connected network of ch'hala trees that grew on Cularin, to the dark side. However, the Wyrd's plans failed and the Cularin Armed Forces subsequently obtained evidence that the Believers had supplied the Wyrd with the knowledge that had enabled them to perform the ritual.

    The CAF also learned that the Believers were operating from the abandoned Separatist facility and the Armed Forces began planning an attack on the base, to capture Markus. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Perhaps the archives are incomplete. This article has an excess of redlinks in it. This article is about the Sith cult. You may be looking for the Wizards.