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Just be careful when buying bottled waters from street vendors because sometimes, they just refill them with tap water and reseal them again. So consider removing things that you can do without. Do not display your important and expensive belongings like cellphones, cameras, laptops, and the like especially in big cities where poverty forces people to commit crime. I had a teacher in college who went to Manila because he was headed to Singapore. He just hung his DSLR camera around his neck while walking and then he rode a jeepney.

Thas was stupid of him so his camera was snatched from him. So just surrender it instead of getting a whole in your stomach. Anyway, you can file a report in police stations.

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I know that most Filipinos are friendly and hospitable. It may take you a lot longer to gain her trust and her love, but when she gives it to you she will give it unreserved. Of course once you have a Filipina, you must always keep wooing her. As long as she knows that you love her and that you care, it will stop her from looking around.

There is a difference between scammers asking for money and being generous. If you take your girlfriend out to eat and the family comes along, there will be no fighting for the bill; you will be expected to pay it. If you travel and come back to the Philippines you will be expected to bring gifts. These things are assumed.

Do’s and Don’ts in the Philippines

The Philippines has a very low cost of living, so even being a little generosity will go a long way. You are learning a completely new set of rules.

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  4. In the Philippines the rules from home do not apply. You will have to be more observant than you would back home as to what is happening. If you take advantage of a conservative Filipina, you might have a large group of brothers and male cousins to contend with.

    Fair warning. Really it just boils down to a simple set of rules. Remember that family is priority, and watch out for scammers asking you for money.

    Do’s & Don’ts – Philippine Culture – Business Tips Philippines

    Filipinos are very loyal, loving and family oriented, so if you find a good one what more can you ask for. Good luck. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Next Post Is medical tourism really safe and worth it?


    Related Article. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Riding a jeepney or a bus will give you a more personal experience with regard to the place. As of press time, jeepney fare is at Php8.

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    You can also opt to ride in a taxi, the plug down rate is at Php Do eat the exotic foods sold in almost every corner of the place. So loosen up, try the kwek-kwek hard-boiled egg wrapped with a crispy, orange coating and other exotic foods that are readily available.

    Filipinos love to sing, and parties are no party without a videoke. This will not only give you good time, this will also help you to get to know better the jovial culture of the Filipino people. Do tag along with Filipino friends, their hospitality are real and they are willing to extend help when you need them.

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