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It seems the dead bodies of Bastai, shapreshifters who are also cats, are beginning to be discovered around the city. What makes this so unusual is that cats have 99 lives and therefore, are not likely to be killed. So, who has managed to cause these murders? It seems that one common thread among "Green-Eyed Envy" begins a few months after the first book ended.

When Harper is brought in to identify one of the victims, Riss and Scott discover that she is engaged to none other than Scott's stuck up cousin, Penn Banoub. Yea, the very Banoub that had snubbed Scott's mother for marrying his father. Oh and let's complicate matters a little more by stating that interspecies marriage is hardly tolerated Ha! Guess whose coming to dinner?

She knows that Scott may be targeted by the serial killer because he and Harper once slept together. So, Harper constructs a unique plan to use Marissa as her wedding planner under the guise of Sierra Nieves, wedding planner to the stars. This way she can get close enough to both families to ferret out any problems as well as check on portential other victims. If all of this is not enough, Marissa's commatose grandmother, Nan has reawaken and called out one of the Fury edlers. She refuses to see Marissa's mother her daughter and is acting strange. Additionally, sister furies are attacking Marissa and her family.

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Not to mention that the Harpies are having some problems of their own. Life has just become complicated for Marissa and the gang. The characters in this second installment are quite a bit more interesting. Additionally, the plot has many unique twists and turns. However, I find that the writing still does not flow as fluidly as I would have desired. It is not clean cut and clear; so, I had to reread various sections to make sure I got the gist of the message the author was attempting to convey.

I will confess that this did interfere with my reading enjoyment at times. While the story resolved the problem with the serial killer, the issues with the fury attacks and Nan's awakenening from the comma is left as a cliffhanger. I for one do not mind a cliffhanger as long as it is done cleverly and Ms. Mackenzie accomplished this. I doubt that this series will ever be a favorite of mine; however, it is entertaining.

Aug 20, Ami rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy-paranormal-futuristic. I guess the identity from million miles away. I mean, the key is in the title, right? Green Eyed Envy. Plus, why can't Riss be suspicious regarding her reaction to Victor?? Especially since Riss loves Scott so much. Even I can sense that Riss's reaction to Victor is not normal. Oh, and that guy has in pharmaceutical background, for cryin' out loud! That is the reason why this book doesn't get the exact 4-stars rating. I think the writing is much more smooth, and it flows really nicely.

The world building and information about the terms used are better. I remember being confused about 'weps' in the first book, for example, and here it is described that weps are magically enhanced weapons. Riss is sassy and fun love her inner thoughts. She totally has the attitude I enjoy! I love it when she goes undercover as Harper's wedding planner, because her personality must be tone down she cannot go Rage in the middle of taking care of those female bitches, right? I appreciate how the book doesn't go with the "lone heroine" plots that I sometimes find in urban fantasy series -- how the heroine must do everything alone because it's her responsibility.

In here, Riss doesn't do that. She has her MCU detectives helping her, she has Scott and Trinity -- and she also asks helps from her little brother, Mac. It's a team effort, though Riss CAN kick ass when she's alone too. I wish Mac has more scenes, though, I like that guy!! It's awesome to see Cory fledges for the first time as Fury -- it will be exciting to see how Riss mentors her niece.

The book also continues the muddy and complicated politic problems of the Furies, as the aftermath of book one. I think it's a plot that will keep going even in the next book, since it is nowhere resolved in this one. Will definitely read the next book. This is the second book in her "Shades of Fury" series. I loved the first book and I love this one even more. I have already started her third entry to the series, so good was this second book.

KM creates wonderful, diverse, surprising and noticeably filled out characters. Her vision of an alternate reality is slowly being revealed, as she takes us through the trials and travails, politics and violence, love and hate in her alternate vision of Boston, a city I know fairly well. Her plotting is quite beautiful and has a magnetic character to it. I want to know more about these people.

I care about the people whom she brings to us so well. Further, her plotting skills make it clear what the next book will likely be about. That is clear in this volume, at least. Whether it will hold true for the continuing series remains to be seen. I find it a good choice that she resists the temptation to flesh out two competing plots in the same book.

Rather, she teases the reader about the plot of the story that is in the background of this story. I don't think this is easy to do, nor do I know of many writers who can do this with such seductive skill. Like some of her arcane characters, Ms MacKenzie is a sublime, superb seductress. Since I don't summarize plots I will only say this about the plot of this book; it is about the developing of arcane and conventional science, especially in the medical field.

This is a nice parallel to what is happening in our reality with the slow merging of conventional medicine with alternative healing methods and quantum reality. The book is also about justice. So, in another way, our author here again parallels our reality where we are still trying to make the distribution of justice to be equal for ALL citizens, regardless of race, creed, color, etc. All in all I will recommend this book highly and it can stand alone. I don't often give a 2nd volume five stars; my style with any series I start to read is to get to the 3rd book.

In this case, I think this is already a winning series, worthy of the reader's time.

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I'll admit that what led me to read Kasey's first book was the knowledge that she was a local author and I just had to give her books a try! And they're really pretty good. Much different from my normal "save the world" urban fantasy books. There's still problems Riss has to deal with, but they tend to be more personal. And there's still lives at stake, just not the fate of humanity or supernatural well, sort of.. And there's still lives at stake, just not the fate of humanity or supernatural well, sort of This time the supernaturals at risk of dying by a possible serial killer, are the ex-lovers of Harper.

And they date back from high school. Someone is focusing on the old lovers, not so much the current one. So things are intense, Riss and her team go undercover to try to find out who the bad guy is, all while trying to plan a wedding! Won't say whose either! But the families of both the bride and groom are not at all pleased with the match, which just gives Riss a helluva lot of suspects to look at.

It doesn't help either knowing the Scott had a one-time fling with Harper. Will the killer mark Scott as someone to be killed? Does the killer know about the fling to begin with, since as far as Riss knows, she is the only one not directly involved in the relationship who knew about it. Green-Eyed Envy was a well told book.

Besides the ultimate trying to find the bad guy situation, Riss also has family drama to deal with. And in more than 1 dose.

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There's definite story potential there that will likely take place in future books, now was just the starting up of future problems. Riss is a fun character to know. She's sassy and witty. She's not a diva or girly girl. She's got edge.

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Like most UF heroines, but of course the true UF reader can see the different flavors the heroine has. Even if qualities are similar to other heroines, they always tend to shine in their own light. To me at least! There wasn't a whole lot of romance in this one, there was a lot of romantic tension and buildup. Riss and Scott are getting back into their relationship from before and seem to be easing into it, so there's no hot and heavy love to see, but there's still love between the two.

I can't wait to see where else the storyline will go with Riss, Scott and the others. The ending was good. After awhile I so totally nailed the killer before the big reveal. And there was still a nice little calm ending--can't quite say HEA since the story ain't over yet--for the characters. Got a chuckle out of me! Overall rating 4. Book Blurb: Jealousy can be a killer And since Harper and Riss's lover Scott Murphy enjoyed a one-night stand before he and Riss reunited, the Fury has twice the incentive to crack the case wide open, before the killer's green-eyed gaze turns in Scott's direction My thoughts: Marissa Holloway is the Chief of the Magical Crimes Unit in Boston, it is her job to investigate - and solve, any crimes committed by or against the supernatural community.

But Riss is much more than that. She is a Fury - an immortal being who polices the arcane races. Riss and Harper have a common factor as well - Scott. Determined to stop this serial killer before another body turns up - Riss and crew devise a plan to draw the killer out. I absolutely love this series! I give Green-Eyed Envy 5 out of 5 stars.

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Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy We can try hard not to judge a book by its cover, but even the most noble among us will fail to be completely impartial when they crack a book for the first time. Based on the cover alone, I was expecting a Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy We can try hard not to judge a book by its cover, but even the most noble among us will fail to be completely impartial when they crack a book for the first time.

Based on the cover alone, I was expecting a sexy, gritty urban fantasy with a tough as nails protagonist. The actual book turned out to be something quite different. It read more like Miss Congeniality takes on urban fantasy than anything else. I would describe her as spunky and maybe a bit sassy. The scenes with her boyfriend Scott were pretty innocuous too. No romantic tension, and barely any chemistry that I could detect either. This book is urban fantasy lite with a feisty rather than fierce protagonist in a story worthy of the next Miss Congeniality movie.

Sexual Content: Kissing. References to sex View all 4 comments. Mar 05, Kim rated it it was ok Shelves: has-read. This book falls in the typical "second book of the series" category. It wasn't horrible, but I felt that the author really over did it. There were to many storylines going on in this book. Had the author stuck with the main one and done it well, then this book would have gotten a far better rating from me. The main story is that a small time character in the first book is getting married.

She is a ca This book falls in the typical "second book of the series" category. Cue Riss and team to find out who is killing the dead exes while along the way finding certain secrets. However, add in Riss having issues with her sister furies trying to kill her and her family, well it sets itself up for to much going on for a good concise story. Basically overkill. There are ways to set up the next book, without having to intermingle a complete separate story within a story. But I digress, read the book and see for yourself. Do people really keep idiotic secrets from their loved ones like these that are wrote about?

I mean seriously. So juvenile. My hope is that the next book will have a well written and compact story to go along with this amazing world and great characters the author has wrote about. The book I'm reading is about this woman that investigates crimes and stuff like that. She is trying to find out who is committing a lot of murders.

The murders are having to do with this girl's exs. They came up with this conclusion because all the victims are guys and they all had a relationship with her.

Bad Relations

Later, the girl and his boyfriend interview a lot of people the seem like suspects to them. They find a lot of information and they get to one suspect that is really close to being the one t The book I'm reading is about this woman that investigates crimes and stuff like that. They find a lot of information and they get to one suspect that is really close to being the one that is murdering these men. The catch is that the one they think is the murderer is a man. They thought it was him because he knows a lot of information that they haven't let even the press know. When they are interviewing him, his acts make him look very suspicious.

He tells them to investigate another person and check his love life. At the end they find out it was someone eles he was Paul Meritton. What I think I didn't like about the book was that the aurthor took forever to actually get the reader into the story. I was like around half of the book to get into it. I got interested in the book when all the murdering started and then the author made you suspect who was the one killing everbody. That was about all I didn't like about the book. Something that I think that connects to me and the book is that once we had a student stealing a lot of things in the class and outside the class.

The teacher was trying really hard to find out who this person was it turned out to be a girl that mostly nobody liked. She was crying when they found out, but she learned her lesson I think. Sep 05, Stacy rated it liked it. Ryan leads with her jaw, and she gives her foul-mouthed lines rhythm and bite. She understands that an egotistical sinner always puts other people on the defensive.

Affleck has not been cowed by the success of the earlier movie; he digs even deeper into sordidness than Eastwood did. Affleck, who wrote the screenplay with Aaron Stockard, wants us to feel the dinginess of the place, as well as the endurance of the men and women who live there, and he mixes in among the actors and the professional extras some local people—including steady drinkers with red, swollen cheeks at a corner bar. The non-actors stand out; they have a guarded, almost hostile self-sufficiency—their faces yield nothing to the camera.

With his girlfriend, Angie Michelle Monaghan , Patrick searches for people who have disappeared. Most of the time, he mutters in a thick occasionally impenetrable street accent; his Patrick is reserved, and people underestimate him. But Affleck uses his untested appearance to dramatic effect. When someone challenges Patrick, he comes back hard with a bottom-dog snarl and a string of threats. The insults fly, and Ben Affleck and the actors make them sound like normal speech.

Yet the couple persists in looking, and the movie turns into a convoluted and, to my mind, largely improbable detective story, with Patrick developing into a supersleuth who steps into claustral, threatening places and takes enormous chances. Ben Affleck probably respects Lehane the genre writer there are five books with Patrick Kenzie as the hero more than he should. He also has some way to go before he becomes a good director of action.