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Dubey's most recent work Bol Bam is an account of the various spiritual journeys yatras made by devotees of Lord Shiva every year. Written as a travelogue, this book explores the various sites of Shiva pilgrimage across India through the author's own eyes as well as those of the many pilgrims who make these journeys.

This book has been well received and commended for its honest style and portrayal of the human side of faith in modern India. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Hindu. Retrieved 13 August Malwa: On My Mind.

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Children's Book Trust. Retrieved 15 August A Necessary Journey.

The Hanuman Heart. Rupa Publications. The Sunday Guardian. Business Standard. Indian Nerve. Oxygen Books.

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Portraits from Ayodhya. Anna and Us: The Lokpal Story. Retrieved 2 January Footloose on the West Coast. Children's Book Trust Nehru House. Icons Of Social Change.

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Penguin Books India. There I was watching perfect overhead lines […]. A great entry in our Surf Survival Camp Contest: Recently in San Diego, two dolphins appeared through a glass walled wave heading straight for me. No way to duck dive the six foot wave in fear of colliding with the dolphins who had just dove a little deeper to just grazing level I had to […].

ER Doc and author, Andrew Nathanson, tells the Harmony Blog about the surfing injury that inspired him to write a book on how to survive fin cuts, sting ray barbs to the shin and related big wave beat downs that can come with surfing. Andrew Nathanson, an ER doctor and avid waterman, is probably […]. The work in this installment represents some more experimental work I did during my stay. I use the word experimental to signify their incompleteness rather than in relation to their relative novelty.

I see the abstractions as drawings or sketches to be readdressed within my studio and repurposed within the context of their eventual exhibition […]. Jan 31, 1 Comment. This is a five-night event, and the entire local population, children and adults alike, Ticos locals , ex-pats, and tourists, all look forward to the event with great anticipation.

I decided to […].

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Jan 17, Comments Off on Michael Gaillard. Artist Michael Gaillard is grappling with too many names. Dec 05, 1 Comment. It was , and Christopher Totman was asking himself the harder questions. Where are you the happiest? Why is it so difficult to do what makes you the happiest?

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One of our goals for the Philosophy in Residence program was to finally launch the podcast series that we had been developing this past year. From the beginning, Dave and I loved the idea of presenting accessible and hopefully entertaining discussions about the central issues in science and ethics. But we had a problem: neither […]. Why would the Harmony Hotel care about what a philosopher and a psychologist have to say about ethics? Tamler the philosopher and I the psychologist had both been invited to stay for a […].

May 23, Comments Off on Toot Toot! What will this mean for Nosara? Dec 16, Comments Off on Postcard from the Farm.