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Brothers takes many stand alone stories and weaves them together into a series that flows well from one to the next. There is an overarching story to tell in the series as a whole, but so far, each novel can also stand on its own. Not only are you caught up in the suspense of the storyline but also in the beauty of the writing and of the world created by this talented author. I really appreciate how thoroughly developed everything in this story seems, while somehow still leaving room for further development in future installments.

This avoids any downtime in the storyline where the author is either regurgitating something from a previous novel or a lack of detail because everything has already been said. In this story we see further development of the main character. Not only does she grow as a person because of her experiences, but the reader also learns more about her past and what makes her tick. We also learn more about some of her friends in this installment. The increase development in the supporting cast gives the story an even more well rounded feel.

To top this all off, when new supernatural characters are introduced into the story we get to know about them as people, as well as learning about their species. This leads to a very complete sense of each character. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. And I must say Please note that I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. Oct 17, Rachael rated it really liked it. And to top that off, Allie is the Star Seeker prophesized pretty much to save the world. That would be all good and well except for the fact that Allie has seemed to have lost her powers, the powers she needs to defend herself against and ultimately defeat the evil Trimarks.

Talk about some baggage! But Allie has little time to dwell on the overall suckiness of her situation because the stakes have risen. Like its prequel, the plot of Moon Rise is filled to the brim with conflict after conflict, each larger or more convoluted than the previous. Though this ensures no shortage of action, it felt a little repetitive. Their predictable romance was one of the highlights of the story.

Nov 22, Peace Love and Reviews rated it it was amazing. The second book of Unbiddden Magic made this series "unputdownable", while I resent Faye for being an immature mom dating losers and being all patheic and sadly irresponsible it gave me a clue on why, she possess a secret that her daughter our refreshingly optomistic protagonist, Allie.

But that detail will have to wait until book 3, which sadly is not due until February of , and I have no information on the title yet. I will find out I promise Book two starts with Allie on her way to conj The second book of Unbiddden Magic made this series "unputdownable", while I resent Faye for being an immature mom dating losers and being all patheic and sadly irresponsible it gave me a clue on why, she possess a secret that her daughter our refreshingly optomistic protagonist, Allie. I will find out I promise Book two starts with Allie on her way to conjugate with the member of her world called the Star Seekers, where she was a guest of honor due to her previous adventures with the evil driven organization called Trimark, whose main purpose in life was to take the magical Moonstone from her by eliminating her out of their way and rule the world with their malevolent plans.

He previous used of her Telekinetic power resulted in killing a Trimark memeber which in turn unleased the power of three. The main result was she lost her juice. Coincidently, some one new was there to help her. Beck Bradford, easy on the eyes and born with special powers too.

Beck and her twin sister Nicole are half-demon. Their mother was raped by an incubus. How did Beck helped her? He is a healer or a Shaman, and did some chanting and ritual that helped her loose the nightmares and the feeling of guilt. Not only did he helped Allie got her juice back, he now also held Allie's heart at present.

Black Moon Rising (The Library Book 2) by D. J. MacHale | Books

Junior, Allie's supposedly boyfriend went to Mexico, possibly not returning anytime soon or ever. Book two also revealed that there are two prophecies, one we already knew was about her and the other one involves something about the Trimark themselves. There were three villains this time. The one was obvious but the two others snaked their way in to get close to her. They did some pretty interesting magic on their end too.

We also met Allie's estranged grandfather Claude, who gave Allie something to think about. Mar 03, Marybeth Manhattan Reader rated it really liked it Shelves: for-review , i-own. The second book in the series and so far everything is as I expected. Everything in Allie's life has somewhat returned back to normal now that her boyfriend returned to Mexico, her mom is acting like her mom, and aside from trying to get a little help, Allie's life is more or less back to normal.

Honestly, I don't know what to say about this book. It felt a little uninteresting, like there was very little point to it. Or at least that's how I felt when I first started it. There are some new kids on The second book in the series and so far everything is as I expected. There are some new kids on the block, who come with their own secrets and powers. More details are revealed about the prophesy that surrounds Allie. Familiar faces return and new ones show up, and the Star Seeker and Tri-marks return to hassle Allie.

There really isn't much to say about this book that I won't reveal a little bit of the other ones as well. What I can share are some of my general feelings, which is simply indifference. For some reason I don't feel much connection with the character or the book. This is drastically different then the first book, which is why this book got a lower rating.

Sometimes I wonder if Allie could just step outside of herself for a minute and see herself in true light, or at least what I think is true light. Maybe it's just my growing dislike towards her, but there are moments I have to wonder. With some of these characters I feel like they are very plain. The bad guys try to be bad and a mystery and suspense tries to develop, but I feel like it just falls short of what is given.

The way the other two books pan out isn't as great either, which makes me wonder how I even finished them all. A simple, paranormal read that I don't feel has much body or anything to it, but at least the author, in a lot of ways, is trying, which is evident in the books. In a lot of ways this book can either be someone's favorite cup of tea or not, depending how you take to Allie's character, which isn't very creative or whole, but I would say go to the library for these books, they are not really worth the money.

Since becoming privy to the fact that she's the Star Seeker, Allie Emerson's life has gone from bad to worse. Her mother might have risen from her sick bed, and gotten a job, but not much has changed. She's still doing her best to take care of Faye, while trying to make sense of who she now is, and the powers she's recently acquired.

Powers that suddenly seem non-existent. Allie finds herself doing her best to overcome several disappointments. Most especially the one involving Junior's going off Since becoming privy to the fact that she's the Star Seeker, Allie Emerson's life has gone from bad to worse. Most especially the one involving Junior's going off to Mexico, and leaving her behind. In her mind, she'd thought they had something great going, but sometimes things can be deceiving. Never-the-less, she's putting up a good front, and pretending that his being away doesn't really bother her that much. When it becomes apparent that the Star Seeker society is counting on her abilities in hopes of making things better, she tries very hard to make her powers come back in order to fulfill the uncanny prophecy she's now been saddled with.

Unfortunately, her powers aren't cooperating. An unexpected guardian is soon assigned to her in hopes of protecting her, at all costs. Sadly, Beck is more trouble than he's worth. He's a demon, one who's wreaking havoc on her equilibrium. Despite this fact, Allie is willing to give him the benefit of a doubt. The Trimarks are hot on her tail, intent on getting their grubby hands on her Moonstone.

Vowing to thwart their plans at every turn, she has no other choice but to place her trust in Beck's hands before things get way out of hand. I must admit that I enjoyed this next book in the series. Marilee did a pretty good job in showing just how much Allie has grown. Granted, she still has a way to go before she's firmly cemented in her new role in life, but she's honestly come along way.

There were quite a few unexpected twists and turns in this book, but I think it sets the stage for what comes next. Definitely looking forward to book three. Feb 27, Vanya D. Okay, so I was so swiped into this series, I went straight onto book two. It had as much zest and even more romance than Moonstone. It raised lots of questions, and even answered some of them. I really liked it and would surely continue to read on. Now first of all, let me say that I missed Junior, who wasn't featured at all in this book.

Yeah, he was mentioned a couple of times, but I could feel the bitterness and hurt in Allie's heart every time she heard his name. Well, I couldn't blame her - Okay, so I was so swiped into this series, I went straight onto book two. Well, I couldn't blame her - he went off to Mexico without calling even once. Could he still count as a boyfriend?

Surely not. Especially as this gorgeous new boy arrives to town. And guess what? He's not fully human. Beck and his sister Nicole have some different genes and skills that one can only dream of. It would be them that Allie must depend on in order to figure out some things about her moonstone talisman. She isn't all that trusting, which is good, being who she is. Still, there are troubles stirring, and she has to figure out how to deal with her own fears and her own heart. If there ever was a good replacement for Junior, perhaps Beck would be it.

Still though, I miss the hot Latino dude. Anyways, Beck is irresistible and has talents of his own. The best thing about him? He's totally smitten by Allie. I like her though, and her skills.

Common Sense says

She's impressive. Not that he's acting like one, but still. It's nice to know that there may be future development in that department Mar 26, Charlotte Black rated it really liked it. I had so much fun reading Moonstone that I had to follow straight on to Moon Rise. Again this book is quirky, funny with great humour moments but Moon Rise brings a darker side to Allie's life. The Trimarks are proper evil, no doubt about that, and her biggest danger is not only the lose of her powers but also who to trust.

With her boyfriend Junior making a quick exit prior to the start of this sequel, we feel Allie's pain as she's let down again by someone close to her. Her mother still drags h I had so much fun reading Moonstone that I had to follow straight on to Moon Rise. Her mother still drags home the obnoxious loser boyfriend and disregards her feelings on the matter, and her father still holds her at arms length. But things turn out more terrible when Allie finds out that the only person who can help regain her powers is the hot new guy at school with his own secrets and a weird stare.

He's half-demon with a twin sister who looks at Allie like she's puddle mud. The secrets come out and Allie begins to experience new adventures, especially when she's near Beck Bradford. His psychic healing involves a lot of touching, not something she's comfortable with. He can daze people with his amber eyes and draw in their emotions, turn them around and project a sense of calm. But does he only affect Allie this way because she's the bearer of the Moonstone. He says not but she's unsure.

An old enemy comes back to school which turns everything on its head in a bad way. Can anyone rescue her in time? Again Brothers pulls it out of the bag. The romance and the boys are hotter, the emotions are more acute and Allie still treats us to her quirky life full of twists and turns. I loved this one a little more than Moonstone and will continue with Moon Spun to discover whats next in Allie's quest for the Moonstone secrets. Will she fulfill the prophecy?

I can't wait to find out! Sep 11, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. Moon Rise is the second in the Unbidden Magic series. I really was impressed with the first in this series. I happened across and immediately was drawn into this new world. I was tired of the usual witch vampire werewolf sagas that seemed to be overflowing everywhere and this was a perfect escape. This follows a few months where the last one left off. I really liked Junior in the first one and was sad for his absence.

So we find Allie is dealing with some major stress over her recent attack and the consequential death of a man who wanted to kill her. She is drowning in it and has lost her powers on top of it. Slowly Allie learns to trust Beck and his sister Nikki who are half demon children. This addition to the series adds tremendously to the plot. You get to keep watching the current characters develop and meet some new ones. You are kept guessing like a good mystery as to who the Trimarks are in this book and the suspense is addictive. I am trying to pace myself since the author is still writing the 4th in the series and there is supposed to be 5 total.

Mar 14, Kelsey rated it really liked it Shelves: arcs. Moon Rise was a great sequel to Moonstone the first book in the Unbidden Magic series. It was very exciting with twists and turns in the plot on every page. I almost liked this book better than the first it was so hard to put down, with a bunch of excitements and secrets revealed.

Allie learned more about the moonstone and her powers and uncovered more secrets about her past. I also liked the new characters that were introduced in this book- Beck, Nicole, Luella, among others. Beck was great and Moon Rise was a great sequel to Moonstone the first book in the Unbidden Magic series. Beck was great and the truth about him and his sister is really neat.

All in all the plot was great, and the ending left me really eager for the next book in the series. It had suspense, romance, excitement, and much more. A great read that kept me on the edge of my seat. Overall: 4 out of 5 stars May 09, Sara Thompson rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley.

With the final book coming out this summer, Netgalley had an offer for their reviewers — all four of the current books of the Unbidden Magic Series as one long e-book. Allie is just a normal girl trying to survive what life has offered her. Her mother was suffering from a mysterious illness that With the final book coming out this summer, Netgalley had an offer for their reviewers — all four of the current books of the Unbidden Magic Series as one long e-book. Her mother was suffering from a mysterious illness that prevented her from working.

That was until Allie fell off the porch and something strange happened. Her life would never be the same. Allie was meant for greater things that involved magic, demons, fairies and an upcoming war between the light and the dark. The stories are witty and entertaining. Especially since the fourth ended with such a cliffhanger. Feb 22, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: review , netgalley.

Poor, poor Allie. Life hasn't gotten any better for her, not really. She seems to be a magnet for trouble, this book being no exception to that. That being said, I really enjoyed this book. It was just as good as the first book, if not a little better. You jump right back into Allie's life and get to see if things have gotten "normal" for her. Well, when you have telepathic powers, life can't be normal. Once again, we have Trimarks trying to steal the moonstone from Allie. Trimarks are really ba Poor, poor Allie. Trimarks are really bad and they don't care who they have to kill to get the job done.

If they get the moonstone, really bad things will happen. So of course, Allie can't let them take it. But, the Trimarks will do anything to get their hands on it, so how can one girl stand against them? There is a new love interest in this book, since Junior has gone to Mexico and opted not to come back.

This book was full of action once again. I didn't really find that there were any dull moment and I had a hard time putting it down. The end was just so stressful and amazing, both at the same time. It is definitely a series that Urban Fanasty lovers should check out! It is really an enjoyable read!

Thank you to NetGalley for the oppertunity to read this book! For more reviews, visit Owl Read It Feb 10, Gaele rated it really liked it Shelves: net-galley , reviewed. With a simple good versus evil battle set up beautifully with not so simply recognized evildoers, this installment has plenty of twists and turns to keep readers engaged, and even giggling.

Seriously — who would think that a serial ass pincher could lead to so many interconnected yet outwardly unrelated events? Interactions, both with friends and potential foes is well written and the conversations are solid and real-feeling, despite the otherworldly nature of many of the topics up for discussion.

Moon Magic

I am very much looking forward to book 3 in this series. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility. This was a marked improvement over the first in the series. In fact, I would probably read the first just to get to this one only because I don't think you can really skip the first. I think all of what the first was lacking was made up in this one.

The beginning was a little choppy. For a little bit it was almost like the personalities of the characters changed, but then the story settled down. I was happy to see that Junior wasn't in this one. I just didn't feel the connection there.

I almost This was a marked improvement over the first in the series. I almost thought it was a little cliche that the new guy in the story was supernatural. But, it worked. Beck just had the extra something that Junior was missing. Add in his twin sister Nichole who seems to hate Allie and you have an interesting twist to the story. The action is spread out through the story and involved different things. I liked how Beck helps Allie get her powers back.

It adds to the tension. It also helps Allie realize that there are people who she can turn to that understand the supernatural part of this world. I also liked how the Tri-marks are still out to get her. I thought how that all played out in the end was intense. It seems to have a lot more magic involved that I originally thought. The characters are growing on me yes even Faye. I'll be reading the next in the series. I want to know what else is in store for Allie! Oct 13, Bridget R.

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Wilson rated it liked it Shelves: ya-fiction , ya-paranormal. The Trimarks are keeping a low profile. But Allie is still recovering from her last encounter with them. She has nightmares and her powers have deserted her. She needs a miracle, but what she gets is Beck Bradford, the gorgeous half demon boy who can heal her. As Allie regains her powers, she discovers the untapped capabilities of the moonstone.

No wonder the Trimarks want it. Will these newly discovered facets be enough to thwart another attempt to steal the moonstone? What I thought: Brothers drops you right into the action. Allie, despite her paranormal powers, is a typical angsty teenager. I liked the mysteries this book revealed. Did she have powers? These will keep readers wanting more. I want to know what happens with Beck. He definitely has the Edward Appeal.

Question—Are demons more dangerous than vampires? Allie unintentionally seems to be boy-hopping. Mar 13, Julie-anne rated it really liked it. This is the second in the Unbidden Magic series and I'm still loving it. Allie is an extremely likeable lead, even if she is a little naive and trusting. This time round, she gets over Junior by meeting Beck who's all geeky by day and sexy half demony by night who turns out to be just what the moonstone ordered by healing her powers.

It bothers me that Allie mother, Faye, is so immature. Faye has said that her life was hard and she ran away from home, so how has this not forced her to grow up? She has a teenage daughter but still acts like a kid herself, somehow Allie has grown up as a very immature teenager or maybe this is exactly what has made her this way. But that aside, I like the little moments of mother daughter interaction we get to see, they really are very good together. Another little annoyance is how trusting Allie is, even after her mother getting kidnapped and Allie almost getting killed in the first book, she never seems suspicious enough for my liking.

All in all though, this is a nice addition to the Unbidden Magic series and I can't wait to read the next. First things first. Where the hell is Junior? Secondly, Woo-hoo! Beck is one hottie! He was supposed to return several months ago. Bad Junior! You piss me off! However there are a couple of new interesting students enrolled at Allie's school.

Since we left Allie she's kinda lost her powers from the trama of dealing with some Trimarks and suffering from nightmares. She is now in conta First things first.

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She is now in contact with her father "Magic Mike" and has been inducted into the Star Seekers orginization. She needs the help of a healer to regain her powers. Bring on Beck! He is her healer and her new "pretend" boyfriend. Her and Nicole don't get on so well at first, but the chemistry between Allie and Beck is electrifying. Once again Allie is in danger and those around her. The Trimarks are back and still want the Moonstone. Plus there is a second part of the prophecy that is for the Trimarks. What will happen between Allie and Beck? Will Nicole kill Allie?

And I now know what has happened to our yummy hispanic, Junior. Let's just say, I'm not his biggest fan right now. Ever heard of a telephone?!? Damn males Feb 28, Rhonda rated it really liked it. So far I have enjoyed reading these books and am going to start the third book in a few minutes. The books are clean good verses evil stories.

Allie is back in school but her powers are still gone. Her boyfriend junior has gone to Mexico. Her mom is acting like her mom. Allie is in counseling because of the trama before. Their are two new kids in town. Who are living in the house and land where Allie and her mom were kept while they were held hostage.

Beck and Nicole Bradford have their own secrets and power. Beck helps Allie get her power back and working. A lot of the characters from the first book are back as part of Allie life. New bad guys one she knows about is in her school Shane who is a gang member and has the triangle on his palm. Star Seekers learn their is a second prophecy about Allie and the moonstone.

They will stop at nothing to get it back. I was into the story and did not put it down till I had finshed it. I was given this ebook with all 4 stories in it to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. These are an absolutely fun read, and it really deserves a 4. The character is 15yo, and it is probably really a 'tweens novel. The pace is lively and the comic wit of our main fun girl is divine, and it's a good length. This definitely avoids the frivolity and shallowness that comes with the light page read.

The novel remains very contemporary, with good supporting high-school action, good friends and a great array of adults ranging from parents, school teachers, peers and grand parents. S These are an absolutely fun read, and it really deserves a 4. So, there's lots of variation in the book that never leaves that sinking feeling with the unnerving need to skim. That's a big thing for me and I'm sure I don't have a short attention span.

There's good paranormal stuff happening from astral travel, demons and magic. There's some kicking and fighting action, romance with a to-die-for sex demon, and good old teenage mum problems. Go it! If you like a fun teen novel this is it. I'd certainly recommend it to lovers of series The Mediator by Meg Cabot. May 01, Cheryl Christensen rated it it was amazing. Robert Beatty. The Door to the Lost. Jaleigh Johnson. Awesome Dog Book 1.

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