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Letter Jump: Create a path of letter stones along the grass or paving, each placed a small step apart. Invite your child to jump from letter to letter, saying each letter name or letter sound aloud as they jump over it. You can try all different sorts of jumps too. Start with two footed kangaroo jumps, then move onto squatting frog jumps or try one-footed hops. For children who are learning to read sight words, arrange letters as individual words to read aloud as they are jumped over. Match lower to upper case letters: Using two sets of letter stones, one with upper case and one with lower case letters, use the letters in a matching game.

Ask your child to find the lowercase t and match it to the uppercase T. Again, start with a smaller collection of matching letters and add to them over time. Initial letter sounds: Place the stones around the garden in purposeful places. For instance, place T under a table, place P on a path, place F next to a flower and so on. Sight word hunt: Hide the letters around your garden again but this time arrange them as individual words example shown below. Invite your child to find and read each word.

Once all of the words have been found, have your child stand in the middle of your outdoor space. Call out a word and have them race to where that word was hidden and say it aloud. Making words: If your child has a good knowledge of the individual letter names and sounds, and is at the stage of making simple CVC words CVC words are made up of a consonant, vowel and consonant, like cup or dog , or if they are learning sight words, invite them to use the stones to find the correct letters to make individual words.

Renee is an Australian mother of two sweet, charismatic little learners and the founder of Play-based-parenting. Following this dream, she has recently completed her Bachelor of Social Science Psychology with Honours and has academic achievements in counselling, positive parenting, and personality development. Can you save the planet from the alpha bombs? Defeat the threat before our cities are destroyed! Type the letters and numbers as they appear to destroy the enemy.

In this game you will be given 5 letters.

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You will need to use these 5 letters to form words. The words need not contain all the 5 letters so you can form a lot of words. Choose your difficulty level and find the words on the list. Words can be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards, and backwards. To select a word click on the first letter and draw a line to the last letter.

Can you solve the crossword without using clues? Complete the crossword puzzle by guessing the letters. Solve the crossword puzzle. Position the cursor over a block to see the hint. Click to start entering words. Type to enter characters. Help keep the oceans clean by getting rid of the trash. Type the word that appears below each item of trash then hit enter. If the word is spelled correctly then the trash will be destroyed. From "aardvark" to "zymurgy," make words from a database of over ,! Click on letters to make a word. Letters do not have to be touching.

Welcome to the Chicken Ranch where every hen is busy laying lettered eggs.

Visual Learning Aids

You must spell the word that the eggs form before they fall off the conveyor belt. Enroll at the Dragon University as a young dragon and learn the skills and knowledge required before you can graduate and become a Naturally Speaking Dragon. On the game board, quotes by men of letters, thought and fame have been inscribed onto tiles, then scattered and reshuffled to make them illegible.

Use the unique chance to visit four continents with this outstanding puzzler based on the classic novel of the same name by Jules Verne. In this game you have to guess the word by picking the letter. Scores will be added or subtracted depending on whether you've picked up a correct letter. The Writer's Block has 3 visible sides, each showing 9 letters. Spell as many words as you can by typing the letters using your keyboard or clicking on the lettered tiles.

Rearrange the letters to form a valid word. You may click the hint button to get the meaning of word. Click on the red letters to link them into words. The first letter of valid words will be used to reveal letters in the hidden phrase. Games at PrimaryGames PrimaryGames is the fun place to learn and play! Play cool games , math games, reading games, girl games, puzzles, sports games, print coloring pages, read online storybooks, and hang out with friends while playing one of the many virtual worlds found on PrimaryGames.

Play your favorite Virtual Worlds right here on PrimaryGames. We have popular games like Fantage , ourWorld , and Roblox in our virtual worlds section. All games are free to play and new content is added every week. We work hard to bring you best gaming content on the web! Each game is reviewed to ensure that is is safe for all ages.

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With over 1, flash game titles and growing we have the largest collection of cool games online. Holidays at PrimaryGames PrimaryGames has a large collection of holiday games, crafts, coloring pages, postcards and stationery for the following holidays: Christmas , Halloween , Easter , Valentine's Day , St.

Every day is a day to celebrate! Learning at PrimaryGames Calling all Teachers! Visit our Curriculum Guide to find games and activities to meet your classroom's curriculum needs for Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. This quick guide contains content descriptions and grade level suggestions for all of the educational activities on PrimaryGames. But this durable board book was a fun surprise! A creative concept in a toddler-proof book. Love it! Highly recommended!

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Not only is this a gorgeous and unique book, but it also introduces kids to typography. A is for Salad , by Mike Lester. Is a B for viking? We appreciate the sophisticated humor for young listeners. And the pictures are great! My preschool curriculum for learning the alphabet has countless whole alphabet activities, including a printable list of alphabet books. All rights reserved. Thank You, for literacy this list of books if beyond perfect, it is my right hand for reading the alphabet to our Head Start Class.

What a lovely and useful list. I work for a literacy organisation and also collect Alphabet books just because I love them!

How to Teach the Alphabet Without Letter of the Week

Thank you. Whether you have your child match alphabet cards, do an alphabet puzzle, or read an alphabet book, be sure to bring your learning back to the whole […]. Your email address will not be published.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This post contains affiliate links. Have fun! Johnson On each page, children find a letter by looking at architecture or sights in the city. Demarest This firefighter-themed alphabet book is an action-filled story with bright letters to begin each page.

Farm Alphabet Book , by Jane Miller We like this simple, photo-illustrated book perfect for teaching young children about the farm. I Spy an Alphabet in Art , by Lucy Micklethwait On each page, children hunt for an object in famous artwork that begins with a particular letter. Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten , by Joseph Slate This book takes us through the first day of kindergarten, with Miss Bindergarten a collie filling and decorating the empty classroom as students get ready to arrive.

Into the A, B, Sea , by Deborah Lee Rose This book with stunning collage illustrations and lovely, rhythmic rhyme features animals who live in the ocean. Seuss Some books never get old, and this classic alphabet book is one of them. Animalia , by Graeme Base This is a positively breathtaking book that is more like a coffee table book than a book you will read aloud to your preschooler. I Spy Letters , by Jean Morzollo This board book was a favorite of my children as toddlers, probably because I created my own tune for it.

Bad Kitty , by Nick Bruel A naughty cat who is angry because his owners only have fruits and vegetables left in the house destroys the house from A-Z. Did you know?

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