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Lemurs are the World’s Oldest Living Primates

It really takes a very skillful writer to do that to a reader and have it work at least for me it did. I loved where Black placed me at the end of the book. Other than the ending, I simply love the way Black writes. He has a great sense of humor and timing. I want to go back and read it a second time. That said, I can see why some would feel dissatisfied with the book. I am quite impressed with how much Black has packed into pages.

And I guess I'll just end by saying that albeit the thin plot, this book is quite nicely constructed, and it did keep me in suspense. I think this is really a great book. Atypical, because I think the moral burden of the story lies outside of the narrative. It is not laid upon the shoulder of our protagonist, but the reader.

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Read it, and find out for yourself! Dec 27, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: audio-book. I didn't really know what to expect with this book, other than "Benjamin Black wrote it" rather than his alter ego, John Banville and "it's standalone, not in the 'Christine Falls' universe". At first, the "journalist writing a biography but gets sucked into a mystery" theme had me thinking Robert Harris' "The Ghost" a. Some reviewers have criticized the end I didn't really know what to expect with this book, other than "Benjamin Black wrote it" rather than his alter ego, John Banville and "it's standalone, not in the 'Christine Falls' universe".

Some reviewers have criticized the ending, stating it was a bit abrupt. The author clearly wanted the book to stop precisely at that point, leaving the reader to fill in the remaining blanks. Based on what we know of the characters, and of human nature in general, what would our protagonist do? And I thought it worth the time. Dec 14, Leah rated it really liked it.

How You Can Help Lemurs

I feel lazy for not having gotten around to reading any John Banville after having enjoyed The Lemur as much as I did. There is little I relish more than listening to foreign authors describe America and Americans, for all of their oddities and flaws and positive qualities; this book is a mystery set within an expatriate Irishman's privileged life in America and is full of these kinds of observations. I read that John Banville writes these Benjamin Black books much faster than his literary works I feel lazy for not having gotten around to reading any John Banville after having enjoyed The Lemur as much as I did.

I read that John Banville writes these Benjamin Black books much faster than his literary works around 1, words per day instead of, oh, a sentence a day yet The Lemur was as crisp and clean and elegant as anything. The plot leaves a lot to the imagination, but I enjoy quiet books. This one is short, but well-paced and pitched and finely pared.

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I imagine it'd be a fantastic palate-cleanser after having slogged through something long and sprawling. Then the summer came and that promise bore fruit, not all perfect but sufficiently sweet to sustain our relationship. By the fall, things had begun to over-ripen, and the rot had set in. Now that winter has come, there is nothing between us but dry dead prose. Jul 22, Jay Avillanosa rated it it was amazing. The events from the past to be connected to the present is completely baffling. And I admire Mr. Black for that. Unlike any other book I've read so far, every character in this one carries important role till the end.

There is a connection to each and every character that you might find yourself listing a bunch of names of characters as you turn pages. The ending, to me, is doubtfully predictable tha Mr.

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However, like any other book and story, there's a secret to be protected and there's people who will do anything to protect their secrets. Nov 20, Carol Masciola rated it liked it. A not terribly interesting novella. It started out with a very interesting premise. A washed-up journalist is hired by his extremely wealthy father-in-law to write his biography.

Newport Beach man who stole Isaac the lemur pleads guilty to federal charge

The journalist, in turn, hires a young, funny-looking like a lemur researcher to help him on the project. The lemur quickly discovers a terrible skeleton in the family closet and blackmails the would-be biographer to keep it a secret. The premise, sadly, was really the best part of the book. Mar 05, Ann rated it really liked it. Short, atmospheric and compelling. Benjamin Black conjures New York life and its inhabitants brilliantly. Former journalist John Glass has been offered a cool million dollars to write a biography of his famous father-in-law Big Bill Mulholland who is ex-CIA.

Glass hires a researcher who he thinks resembles a lemur and the story takes off as the man discovers how little he actually knows about his family.

Jan 29, Hari Brandl rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: True Crime devotees, as a diversion. One of those books I am sorry to finish. A captivating story, thoroughly realized characters, taut no frills writing, flawless syntax, excellent punctuation, spot on dialogue; wish it was more than pages. Noir-ish and acerbic. I think it would make for excellent modern black and white cinema. Dec 14, Joslyn rated it it was ok.

I had finished another mystery thriller, which was about more pages than The Lemur. And that book was incredibly aggravating to read, with a disappointing end. So I wanted to pick up a quick read and found The Lemur. It drew me in with its simple plot and setting. But no, another let down and beyond flat ending. The characters are boring, predictable, and unrelatable. Apr 26, Barbara rated it liked it.

It was short but I never could really like the protagonist, John Glass. He hires a researcher to help with a biography of his father in law. Then the researcher is killed. Apr 17, Mary Ann rated it liked it. I have read most of the Benjamin Black books. This mystery is not his best work, but has all of the characteristics of his writing that I enjoy.

Feb 03, Brent Forkner rated it really liked it. Short and very readable, an Irishman at sea in Manhattan, married to wealth and caught up in murder. Fine convoluted ending, lies and treachery, destroying family ties. Jul 18, Ann rated it it was ok. Not my cuppa tea at all. Apr 24, Megan Roberts rated it it was ok. Did not like any of the characters.

Dec 04, Betsy rated it liked it. What fun. Something different, not a Quirk story, but engrossing and a quick read.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Benjamin Black. Benjamin Black. His father worked in a garage and died when Banville was in his early thirties; his mother was a housewife. He is the youngest of three siblings; his older brother Vincent is also a novelist and has written under the name Vincent Lawrence as well as his own. His sister Vonnie Banville-Evans has written both a children's novel and a reminiscence of growing up in Wexford. Despite having intended to be a painter and an architect he did not attend university. Banville has described this as "A great mistake.

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  4. I should have gone. I regret not taking that four years of getting drunk and falling in love. But I wanted to get away from my family. I wanted to be free. He took advantage of this to travel in Greece and Italy.

    Lemur diversity

    He lived in the United States during and On his return to Ireland he became a sub-editor at the Irish Press, rising eventually to the position of chief sub-editor. His first book, Long Lankin, was published in After the Irish Press collapsed in , he became a sub-editor at the Irish Times. The disappearance of the lemurs would entail chain reactions: the disappearance of the remaining forests and the animals that depend on these forests to live….

    T-shirts, artwork, postcards, cartoons feed its popularity. The inhabitants derive a large part of their income from tourism activities, including guided tours to meet different species. If lemurs disappear, tourist and scientific frequentation will decrease, with a devastating impact on the local economy. In the Malagasy tradition, the protection of the lemur is important to guard against the evil eye. Offerings in the form of bananas and other fruits are made for them to fulfill the wishes of the villagers: health, fertility and wealth.

    Preserving the lemur. As soil depletion increases over time, reinforced by intensive farming, farmers must reiterate this practice on other plots. Several studies have shown that even after a few years, these abandoned agricultural lands are invaded by a herbaceous environment, but the forest is not able to regenerate on these burned lands. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. More About Lemur 6 references found in Britannica articles Assorted References major reference In primate classification In primate: Classification comparison with Notharctus In Notharctus contrasted with monkey In monkey danger of extinction In primate: Distribution and abundance teeth In primate: Teeth.

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