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Death and Taxes: Does Taxation Matter for Firm Survival?

After four months of training and an exam, I went to interview for a job at the company. The interview was set up like a theater audition. There was a makeshift office and an audience, and workers acted out client scenarios you would likely encounter on the job.

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The scene started with a handshake and a smile and a welcome. If you failed to make these gestures, you were asked to sit down and someone else would replace you immediately. The thing they wanted most was to get a client to book an appointment for next year.

Nothing is certain but death and taxes

The hiring team watched in real time and after every scene we would discuss what we could have done better. I acknowledged his feelings and agreed he had a right to be upset, and I pretended to take notes so he felt I could do something about it. Then, I offered a free return for his troubles and booked an appointment for him for next year.

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This turned out to be the right thing to do. Be calm, take notes. Make them feel you can do something to help. There is no reason to lose a client. And YES … book an appointment! This meant that on top of being a tax preparer, I would manage an office. The office was a kiosk. It was located near the cashiers of a big-box store. The location gave the office visibility. While people stood in the checkout line, they would notice us and come by to book an appointment.

At this office, there could only ever be one person working. Four padded walls, with one chair, one printer, one file drawer, one computer. I wanted to make sure I introduced myself to the other two women who worked there.

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When I started, I stayed to meet them, to help them get settled in. The first person who arrived for her shift was Mrs. She told me I had a nice face, that no one would yell at me.

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  • She said it was her second year working for the company. She had been an accountant in Ukraine. Whatever your views, remember that your little ones are watching. Hopefully, with a little more knowledge about the tax savings above, you might consider that paying taxes is less of a burden than you originally thought. I make money lessons fun, inter What Are Taxes?

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