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Later in the film, when Elizabeth and Jack Sparrow were marooned on an island, they sang the song near a bonfire. He remarked that he would later teach it to his crew who would sing it "all the time", a reference to the never-ending actions of the Audio Animatronics of the attraction. As the final lines of the film, Jack Sparrow hums a part of the song while taking the ship's wheel.

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While the song does not appear in the film, young Elizabeth Swann can be heard singing it in several trailers. The song doesn't appear until the very end of the film, in which Jack Sparrow mutters the song to himself. In the At World's End post-credits scene, the son of Elizabeth Swann sings part of the song before the green flash signaled Will Turner 's return. The version of the song by young Elizabeth Swann can be heard in several trailers.

In the film's soundtrack, the musical track "Drink Up Me Hearties" takes its title from the song. Like Dead Man's Chest , the song doesn't appear at all in the film. The closest is when Jack Sparrow tells Joshamee Gibbs "it's a pirate's life for me" as part of the film's final line. In Disney Adventures comic Revenge of the Pirates!

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The musical score can be heard in the first part of the ride, and the song would be sung in the rest of the ride until the end of the episode. It was performed by Iago voiced by Gilbert Gottfried and two other parrots.

A Pirate's Life for Keef! | Lanea Stagg

When you beat all the main story missions, collect all the Minikits, get True Pirate on all levels, and find all the secret compass locations, a bonus level is unlocked. The level is a recreation of the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride, playing the theme music and the song is sung in the background. The song's description is "Hum while searching for lost treasure. The song is used in the opening cutscenes for "The Caribbean" world with new expository lyrics to briefly summarize the events of Dead Man's Chest as the game chose to adapt At World's End instead.

A rousing rendition is played throughout the grotto scene partially on a harpsichord , and is later sung by pirates near the end of the ride. Since the refurbishments, Captain Jack Sparrow is seen singing the song at the end of the ride. The Disney's World of Color show briefly plays the song prior to the main Pirates of the Caribbean segment. At the end of the attraction, the talking skull tells guests to sing "A Pirate's Life for Me".

A Pirate's Life (Is a Wonderful Life)

The audio from the original Disney ride plays briefly as Jack Sparrow conducts the song before drinking a bottle of rum. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. In typical Richards fashion, he entertains you with his crass, abrupt, non-PC, fall on the floor funny stories which are probably more entertaining than seeing a Stones show. Written like a true swamp rat, Richards displays his intelligence which may surprise readers, unpredictable sensitivity and wicked sense of humor. My husband gave me the book for Christmas and he expressed that perhaps I'd like to read about another band I wasn't really too sure about that until I began reading "Keef's" pirate stories and I was "hooked.

The very obvious theme throughout the book is that Keith Richards plays by his own rules.

Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers - Yo Ho Ho (Pirate's Christmas)

Rock and Roll, Baby! The very intricate details he recalls during the days of his worst chemical addiction conjured the image of a warped James Bond movie. I pictured Keith Richards as himself, setting up specific plans to get drugs and intricate escape routes from coppers all over the world. The events developed into vivid and rollicking stories. I chuckled over the fact that he named his massive home in Connecticut "Camelot Costalot. He reflects upon these memories quite poignantly. Well, you can't compare the two, at least not in an honest musical manner.

Yes, they are both from England and most of the musicians were from meager backgrounds, and both bands launched the British Invasion. But the apples and oranges comparison can not be debated because both bands created different styles of rock and roll, which were trailblazing. In short, The Stones were a raw, dirty blues band and The Beatles were clean and innovative.

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Edgy and direct, Keith Richards extends a wavering middle finger as he shares his stories of "Life. He is doing it for Keith. I was a little sad when the tale was finished, and I highly recommend the story to you all. While I found the shock value highly entertaining, I believe that the rock and roll images should be read by only by mature folks. He will disclaim many times throughout the book that he in no way condones the behavior I enjoyed the hours hanging out with Mr.

I found his honesty to be the tragic formation of the man he is today. Richards IS the ultimate storytelling pirate of all time. He states that one of the best things that happened to him as a youth, was being a member of the Seventh Dartford Scouts, Beaver Patrol imagine that. Margaret's Church in Westminster Abbey, in front of the queen.