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This is my way of giving back. Our number one concern is with being a woman, and our number two concern is with being a black woman.

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But this foundation is something that I feel I must do, as well as motivational speaking. This is not just for women but for people who have been involved in the streets, in the game, and to help others understand why you should stay out of that lifestyle.

You only have two options being in the game…death or jail!!! It is important for me now to reach back and to give back. Eventually being arrested or going to jail was going to happen. I never physically harmed anyone or had anyone harmed. I was blessed not lucky, but blessed that God was with me. I believe angels were sitting on my shoulders, and I walked away from the life not to ever look back. How do you handle that and keep yourself in good spirits to move forward? Thelma Wright: First and foremost, I understand that is to be expected.

I understand that everybody is not going to embrace me. Recently, I just lost a contract. This was a non-profit organization that was supposed to be empowering women. My documentary was re-aired October 1, , they found out about it, cut my contract in mid-stream, and impacted my livelihood. It kind of knocked the wind out of me for a minute. Did I do the right thing? You have to understand that everybody is not going to understand.

Everybody is not going to embrace you.

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Or how did I do that? Was it the right thing to do? But I did it and survived. If we can tell our stories and help somebody else, maybe they will reconsider the negative thoughts of us doing what we did. I had a close friend ask me about the domestic situation, and why I wrote that in the book?

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So to answer your question, I just keep my head up, Crystal. Stoffel's car was still being put back together after a floor change and some set up changes so we were only allowed to film on Fernando's side. Damon came in with me and it was a real privilege to be in there. There is a buzz in a garage that is hard to put into words. On the screens in front of us we could see the guys back in Woking in 'mission control' all on their headsets and talking to the team in Shanghai.

After practice on Friday I had a meeting in the paddock about a shoot I have planned for later in the year. We are trying to bring you more of the drivers this year, more of their lives and their personalities, so this shoot is based with that in mind. I can't say any more at the moment but it's very exciting and I am looking forward to it.

The idea began last year in Abu Dhabi and you won't see it until the second half of this season but that's how long some of these things take to plan. The drivers' lives are so busy that decent windows of time are hard to find. Qualifying threw up a surprise or two. Mercedes couldn't match the Ferraris for single lap pace and a blistering final sector from Sebastian Vettel saw him pip his own team-mate to pole.

Rachel's Diary: Bahrain and China | F1 News

We had all come to China expecting Mercedes to bounce back at a track they had dominated at since but it wasn't to be. Even the cooler, or very cold, temperatures couldn't help them. The Sky Sports mobile app will keep you up to date with the latest F1 news - here's how to receive the alerts you want.

Saturday's F1 Show was fun. Our remote controlled car certainly caught everyone's attention and there was a crowd gathering by the time Ant and George Russell did their time trials. I have a feeling we will be seeing that again judging by the interest shown by other passing drivers! On Sunday Anthony Davidson and I headed into the main grandstand opposite the pit lane.

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It can hold 29, people and when we looked down from the top it was scarily steep. Ant and I did a quick piece up there about strategy and he mentioned how powerful the undercut was around here.

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After that I headed into the paddock to see what I could find out for when the boys came to me in the pit lane just before the race. I managed to find out that Red Bull were going to try to one stop with the ultrasoft and then the medium, something which seemed unthinkable to another team in the paddock that I spoke to. One team told me they had had their longest strategy meeting ever on Saturday night as they tried to figure out just what would and wouldn't work and what plan b, c and even d were!

Sunday's race was breathtaking. My notebook is a complete mess and I frantically tried to scribble down notes about every driver's race and the circumstances that contributed to their final result. Unfortunately for me, as 19 drivers finished, I only got to speak to the top three. I was back in the press conference room this time and that meant a limit of three questions, instead of at least a couple to each driver in the pen. After a race like that, I love the drivers' pen. Pretty much everyone has an interesting story and it's quite a challenge to get as many as you can on camera.

Being in that press conference did leave me with one lasting image of the last two weeks.

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I wonder which one of the men sat either side of him he will replace next year? Those are the suggestions in the paddock. Or will he still be wearing blue? Either way, he can now sit back and wait for the phone to ring PS a BIG thank you to Ted who was at the end of the phone during the Bahrain weekend, messaging and helping me out, he just can't stay away ;-. Get Sky Sports F1. Although she was smart and had college education, she had difficulty searching for a purpose, maintaining rewarding success, and having positive relationships and influence. At the age of 25, she found her calling and passion through motivation, business, and writing.

Crystal Victoria has completed her latest book project the "Vicious Cycle. Sign in to leave a message. Daood Obaid 4 years ago.