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Introduction During the winter of and spring of Americans watched the Jasimine Revolution in Tunisia inspire similar youth uprisings across North Africa. You can also print a PDF of this lesson. As students read have them consider the following questions: What actual event sparked the uprising in Tunisia? What is the youth bulge? What factors could lead to a nation with a youth bulge?

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In an interview with Knickmeyer, Tarik Yousef, the Dean of the Dubai School of Government explains, "The experts told governments the coming youth wave would create a 'precondition for problems, or a precondition for prosperity. In your opinion, how have social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter helped fuel the revolutions in North Africa? Has anything similar ever occurred in the United States? If so, when? After the babyboom, did the U.

If so, describe the strategy and how well it worked.

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What role has this generation played in shaping American economic, social, cultural, and political policy? Ask them to consider the following questions as they read: By the end of January, had life in Tunisia returned to "normal"? What are examples of this "normalcy" returning? What are examples of the struggles that will continue to face the Tunisian people?

Building a Democracy Finally, have students reflect on the difficulty the Tunisian people face as they look to replace an oligarchy with a democratic and representative government. Ask them to consider and discuss some of the following questions: Authoritarian and oppressive governments characteristically take pains to stamp out any organized rivalry.

When those governments fall, they often represent the only working political organization in the nation. Get Jasmine from Amazon.

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    Final Test - Hard. Print Word PDF. First-time novelist Kashmira Sheth shows remarkable talent for creating credible, well-rounded characters who are able to meet the challenge of living in two cultures without being forced to choose between them.

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    This, coupled with her skillful use of metaphor, raises this novel high above the typical immigrant story for this age level. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Add to Reading List Share this Page.