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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. My Name Is Tiny is a devotional about "fitting in. Tiny and his friends share biblical truths with one another in a way that makes it easier for children to remember. We don't "fit in," in the world but we "fit in," in God's plan for our lives. If a child realizes how valuable he is to God when he is young the rejection he may rece My Name Is Tiny is a devotional about "fitting in. If a child realizes how valuable he is to God when he is young the rejection he may receive in this world won't be as devastating.

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It may prevent him or her from seeking acceptance in the wrong places and from the wrong people. If the Word is hidden in their hearts especially at a young age it will give them strength throughout their lives. Thank you for letting me share this devotional with you. I pray the Lord blesses you and your family exceeding abundantly.

Get A Copy. Paperback , 52 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I had to do all the editing before publishing and also had to purchase the books from them for book signings, which I had to set up myself. They did not put the books in the brick and mortar stores, nor do a return for any books not sold, as do traditional publishers. Then, they suddenly went out of business, leaving me without a digital file of my books that I could submit to other publishers.

I have been checking into the many publishing venues to get my books back into print and also for publishing future work for me. As I cannot afford to invest thousands into publishing my books, as Jerry Jenkins advises authors, we have to make our books so appealing to publishers that we get paid instead of paying to publish. It is very difficult to get the attention of traditional publishers unless you are a well known public figure, etc, but it is possible, I know. If you read the background of the successful authors, they each had to start with their first book and go through the process of getting published.

I have submitted my manuscript in PDF format to a publisher who does traditional and also will offer you other options. I am waiting to receive the contract for my consideration. Hopefully, it will be the answer to my publishing needs. Lorana, your solution is appealing and I would appreciate communicating with you in case I am not able to go with this publisher. You can find more information about eBook formatting on sites such as bookbook biz. It gives some pros and cons about specific eBook file types. They answered all my illiterate questions quickly.

They charge by the number of words in your manuscript. They do offer other services for a fee. I recently signed a contract with CrossLink Publishing and looking to get started, working with them soon. I was blessed that they accepted my manuscript for book publishing this year.

For instance, do they want a manuscript and proposal, just a manuscript, or sample chapters etc. I would appreciate any insight into this. Is it this? Westbow overpriced the soft and hard copies. The marketing tools Westbow sold me have not been worthwhile. Specifically, I purchased their Internet Press Release. While I have no doubt that the press release I wrote for them was sent out to a long list of internet sites, it had no impact whatsoever. Annoying follow-up calls asking me when I will buy more of my own books.

But, at least they will sell them to me at a discount. Hi I am an author out of Trinidad and Tobago. How am I to know how many illustrations the book will require? Does anyone know how long it will take to get the publishing kit from Christian Faith Publishing? How long does it also take for them to publish a book? I sent a message through their website and got a response that I would receive a kit in a couple of days. When I made a similar request of CFP last fall it took nearly a week to receive it in the mail.

However, when I called them they were able to e-mail me the information. E-mail me at: moc. Thanks for compiling this list of publishers. The basic idea is that, although some might think that Christianity and psychology are incompatible, actually this perception comes from the personal negative views of some psychologists. Psychology research and the Bible are actually quite compatible.

Any advice about where to go? Also, do we need to finish the entire manuscript before seeking a publisher? Thanks very much. For nonfiction, you can pitch a book before you write it and some publishers will accept. For fiction, you need have written the thing before approaching publishers. Does anybody have experience with Dorrance? Given that our book might not fit easily into a particular genre, do you think it would be wise to seek an agent, who might know better who might be interested? If so, any tips about how one finds an agent? Thanks again. This is a good resource here on Bookfox.

How does one get permission to do that and how does your editing services work? Knowingly took a lot of honest and trusting peoples money knowing they were closing their doors! Coming from one of the very hurt and confused Tate authors!!!! How does one submit a manuscript to faithwords? I wrote a Christian fiction book. I was shocked by cfp, price. There is no way I can pay that kind of money. I really just want to share this story that God gave me through a series of dreams with the world.

Very Limited income, with a story to tell. If a positive response form them and you want them to publish your work, then there is not change zippo for publish your work with them. I believe the only real concern that some have is they require exclusive rights to publish your work. Great article. Love the information here. I do find though that most publishers are accepting manuscripts only through an agent. I recently chose to self publish a series of three Christian books.

I find self publishing to be easier than I thought and many friends were kind to me to help with book cover, editing etc. I made sure it was looked over by three pairs of eyes. If you do not have the funds to afford traditional publishers I believe self publishing is a great way to go and most of your money could be focused on promotion. Amazon has several programs to help those just starting out.

I had to do a lot of reading etc to figure out which would be best for me. Just want to encourage those here who might not be in a position to afford traditional publishers to consider self publishing as an option and use a print on demand service for paperback and hard cover like create space. I do hope the writer here explores the self publishing avenue for the readers so they can get their material out. Has anyone come across Covenant Books Publishing?

Also, has anyone have a thought about why we should pay upfront instead of the publishers shouldering the costs? In traditional publishing the publisher pays you upfront, but there is much more competition. In self-publishing, you pay a company to publish you, but they accept anyone with money. Those are the two options, and there are upsides and downsides to each. My manuscript has been accepted by Covenant Books Publishing but I have a problem with upfront payments. I published one book in with Sarah Book Publishing but they have gone out of business which is ashamed because they were wonderful to work with and they charged absolutely nothing.

In March of this year they were no longer able to keep their doors opened, but all rights to my book were returned to me. They want down and a month for ten months. Too much for me. Neither will the literary agents unless you have your foot in the door somehow. And they will probably go broke. And finally, you have people like CFP who charge you up front. CFP is actually pretty good, in that they allow you to pay in installments. But finally, publishing costs money which has to come from somewhere. My first ten books were published by a parochial publisher who controlled the content.

CFP did accept a book of mine and we are in the finishing stages. I have another book about ready to publish, but my CFP contact advised me to wait until the one they are working on is done and decide then what I want to do. I thought that was interesting. I know all about the dreams. But I also worked in publishing for 13 years, and I know a bit about how easy it is for dreams to crumble.

I figure you need to sell about 2, books to break even.

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Best wishes to all of us! Great source of info here. It is a ministry to children about who the Father is. With these high aspirations would self publishing even make since over choosing a traditional publisher? Since self-publishing would probably be less expensive per copy, it would likely make more sense to self-publish, because it would be cheaper for the ministries to purchase. I am writing my first Christian book which is about my life. I need everything from Editing to Publishing. Who is the best Christian Book Publishing Company?

To help me once I finish writing to completion, and not cost an arm and a leg, and stick by their promises? Very great information even from the comment section. Does Faithwords accept manuscript? Or they are only publishing books from known personalities? For all the people checking into Christian Faith Publishing, this review here seems to take the cake. I was astonished and quite moved by this authors experience. Please, before going to CFP read this review. Mad respect for your resource here and what you provide. Hello BookFox! I run a nonprofit organization for college women and I have recently written a nonfiction book to encourage the women of my generation.

Do I need an editor in order to submit for publication? Do I need to find a literary agent? Where do I locate one? How do I write a submission letter to a publisher? Do I need to copy write my manuscript before I submit? I have so many questions and I feel so lost. Any help or suggestion would be so appreciated! You can find those few and get a smaller deal, or you can send to a lot of agents in the hope that they can get you a bigger deal. I also edit these. No, you never have to copyright your manuscript. It tells of his efforts to reform the Church and the Curia, and more importantly, it offers answers to many questions that Catholics and non-Catholics alike, ask.

What is your most appropriate recommendation? I am a retired rhetorics professor and am 84 years old. Christain Faith are ripe offs they arent christians hen they promise everything and don,t do anything. They claim to give you a big press release, sounded wonderful! Warning these people are crooks. I have a book that will be ready in a few weeks..

Please let me know what I need to do for consideraation? All of this and maybe success stories. Why was Christian Xulon Press not on the list? They seem to be on their game with their name and website? As a new author utilizing the channels of traditional publishing, once the author engages via contract for one book title with one publisher, is the author obligated to publish additional series and books that follow with that same publisher? Not automatically, no.

I just visited the Xulon Press website. I keep going back to CFP. I would like to work with them if I had the funds. I just keep looking into them. It was important to me to choose a publisher that shared my same beliefs and believed in my manuscript. I submitted to Westbow and Crosslink Publishing as well but Christian Faith Publishing was the only publisher to actually review my manuscript. They explained the cost to publish and went over the process and the marketing efforts they guaranteed. Everything was very detailed and easy to understand in the contract as well.

Joe was my specialist and he really worked with me through the process which took about 7 months. I am very pleased with CFP and I have already recommended them to two people at my church who are writing books.

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Hello Stephanie! Do you mean they gave you some feedback? My understanding is that Crosslink does not publish any and everything. Please, explain. The publishing company was very thorough in explaining everything to me. A trusted friend with a legal mind reviewed everything for me and was also pleased with the clear outline of the contract. Alisha was my publication specialist.

She was a joy and a blessing, as well as being very patient, kind, and thorough to work with. My book came out beautifully. I would definitely recommend Christian Faith Publishing to current authors, as well as for people who are planning to write a story, book or novel. Here is the deal. Christian Faith Publishing delivers what they promise. This company sets the standard for indie publishing as far as I am concerned. They work with you as if you were the only author they have. Personal service, professional contacts, excellent artwork that is what is needed to gather attention about your book along with concise editing and direction.

Another professional typesetter looked at my book and stated the typesetting, layout, and design what the best they have ever seen from an indie publishing company.

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I recommend them without reservation to the point another author friend I told about CFP has signed with them. The contract presented to you is easy to read and understand. Chelsea is my publication specialist and would respond quickly to any request or question. Bottom line you can not go wrong with Christian Faith Publishing, I was led to them through prayer, and you never go wrong starting with Lord on your side.

I am looking at Christian Faith right now. They accepted my manuscript on the first attempt. Has anyone here had there manuscript submission turned down by Christian Faith and been offered feedback by them in the process? Please do your diligence before contracting with this company. Not only do they have tons of complains on this site, but other sites as well. Have you tried the traditional route? Just look at Tate Publishing. They said they were and now they are out of business due to multiple lawsuits.

I have gone both routes myself; traditional and self-publishing. And although I personally like to self-publish myself as I do everything myself , there is nothing more rewarding than getting accepted by a traditional publisher. It validates you as a writer, and you know your work is quality considering that this publisher was willing to pay for all of the publishing costs themselves.

I would give that a try first before going with a subsidy publisher. Either way, good luck. Your feedback certainly validates my own experience with CFP and mutual concerns regarding their highly deceptive and disingenuous business practices. Hi, I know you are an editor and I appreciate this site very much!

Unless you know of a traditional publisher that will accept new authors without an agent? Thanks for any info! They seem to be very upfront about everything, including the cost. I doubt there is any way that a legitimate publishing company company could hide book sales. Thanks to everyone for contributing to this, it is very helpful to discuss with other authors! I would welcome strong Christian material with a dark or even horror slant. There are no fees for the author—we are a traditional publisher of paperbacks and e-books.

Send your work along for consideration to: moc. I am strongly interested in CFP for the marketing they could assist with for my book projects. I am also attracted to the fact they actually review manuscripts. As for the bar code issue, they may not allow an author to use their own because that would make the author the publisher of record. If you publish with them though, they would become the publisher of record. It identifies the publisher.

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I looked at the Aneko Press website and it looks like they are a good publisher for pastors and other ministers, particularly if they travel and do speaking engagements. About CFP ,I had a book published by them. Call them to find out why my book is not selling when I post a flyer on Facebook about it and got over likes. Also went to the stores they said carried my book. Well they have to have someone request it before they order copies of it. How can you sell a book without any copies of it?

You advice to you is keep trying to find a for real traditional publisher via literary agent ,it costs much less. I am illustrator as well as an author and my work was accepted by CFP, but I am still reviewing the contracts. I am weighing my options. What I really need is exposure and a publisher who can get my vision out there. It takes money. Joslyn ,my best advice is to try Manuscript submission service at lease. Thank you Lyle. I wrote this a few years back, and the general trend of all publishers has been consolidation. Soon, there will probably be only one or two publishers with lots of subsidiaries.

I also want to do a book of daily inspirations for women written, simply need to submit. Where does a person start? I am just a new writer. I am done with my book but needs a professional counsel on the choice publiser. I had earlier submited my proposal to Zondervan because i have read lot of their books including that of my mentor who just passed on-Nabeel Qureshi unfortunate for me i was not considered. When i shared it with one of my brother in faith, he simply told me they will never consider a new writer especially from africa. Please bookfox, is that true and if it is,how can you help attain my dream and goal in making my testimonies known to the the entire world.

Please help me. I am not buoyant for any front payment. I want a publisher who does it all and will be faithful to any of their commitment to me. Thanks bookfox. It would be best for you to submit to agents rather than publishers. It might help to have friends read it and give you advice on how to improve the book. Please bookfox can you mail me on how to get a good agent that will be of good help. Thanks you bookfox. I examined them all closely and then prioritized them and prayed about it.

After much prayer and research, I decided on Christian Faith Publishing and I have been extremely pleased with my decision. I love my cover, my video trailer, and Leslie Schafer who was assigned to work with me. They have done everything they said they would do and have done it in a very professional manner. Have been looking into CFP also. Most people mention the great job they do, and how pleased they have been with the service. Has anyone had real success with CFP?

Writer Beware! If you have to pay to be published it is a print on demand publishers. You are actually telling them to give up their dreams. Your advice is totally outdated. About the only way for a new and unknown writer to get published is to bite the bullet and self publish. If their book is as good as they think it is, it will become successful enough that they can get their foot in the door with a traditional publisher. That is too specific of a question for me to able to answer. Hi, John, Would you please reply with a list of traditional Christian publishers, as opposed to those that will help one self-publish for a fee?

CFP, however per information here, appears to pay more to the author in royalties. Covenant has accepted my book for publishing.

Name Tiny Childrens Devotional Fitting by Carper Mary Ann - AbeBooks

I am exploring and learning as much as I can at present, and was surprised to learn as you know , they have only been in business for one year. This market place is fascinating, not what I expected, and indeed requires vigilence. Before you sign any contract, get ALL the cost details in writing so you know where the money is going. In essence, you are the employer and they are the employees — you are paying them! Stats for new authors show expected book sales are This book is a labor of love — because you are not making money.

Before you plunk down money to a publisher, go to a conference, talk in person to other indie-authors and find the ways they are cutting the costs. How would I go about finding a Christian Book Editor who is passionate about the supernatural dreams, visions, encounters, etc and what is the average going rate? I also saw may people who submit their writings to publishers- if a publisher picks up your book does this mean the fee of editing is included? You can see my rates if you click on the Editor rectangle in the left hand margin.

I do both developmental editing and copyediting. But I help authors improve their manuscripts so that a publisher will say yes in the first place. It has every Christian publishing company, contact information, genres accepted, submission guidelines. It is a Bible second only to the holy one.

Out of all the google listings on Christian Publishers I am so thankful that I was led to choose yours. Having read all these reviews, I am feeling most disheartened. I will be going to your website for further assistance. As I try not to be discouraged, I see this as a test of faith and I am no longer as naive as I was before I set down to begin my research. So again, thank you for your excellent and bless service. Careful with Lighthouse Books. I signed with them under the assurance that they were affiliated with the national chain of Lighthouse Bookstores. They never sold one copy of my book, apparently, as I never received one quarterly royalty payment.

Tore up the contract when the time expired. Good luck to all aspiring writers getting your baby to print. I have picked up numerous positive writing tips from this website and am glad that I found it. Your book is a labor of love. This is a lot to consider!! Thanks so much for your every effort in putting this list together and the information that is included. Very helpful for me at this point. Looks to be quite helpful and there are several options as well as some pretty famous books!! I am blessed to have come across you website.

Can you please tell me if any of these publishers accept manuscripts from Africa. For I am from Cameroon, and I am in search of a christian publisher. Thanks in advance. Yes, they should all accept manuscripts from Africa. The trick is having the right book and query. Hi, thank you for this list! The book is about difficult christian questions and answering them in 1 one page — having the issue discussed as well a scripture reference.

I am not sure if a publisher would be interested in this? Thanks for your response and help! I think this type of nonfiction book would be up the alley of many of the Christian publishers on this page. The best idea is to look at whether they have similar books and then to write a dynamic query letter and have a great sample excerpt to get their attention! Is there ever a place for this to be stated? If you have illustration which is necessary for the reader to understand the text, I would not put that in the cover letter but in the manuscript itself in brackets [ a cat is talking to a boy ].

Christian Faith Publishing business practices appear to be highly questionable and deceptive. My manuscript was accepted immediately following receipt of submission. There appeared to be no professional screening or literary assessment of my manuscript prior to acceptance. She appeared to be disingenuous and more interested in obtaining payment than in the quality and potential marketability of my book. I strongly advise writers to thoroughly investigate this company via reputable and professional literary review websites prior to engaging in a business relationship with CFP.

Fortunately, I avoided being a victim of their disconcerting business practices and lack of honesty and integrity. I am looking for a publisher of workbook materials for Bible study. Are there publishers that seek this type of submission? I published my first book with WestBow Press. They did a wonderful job with the printing, layout, and book cover. What bothers me most is the price they want for each retail book. WestBows prices are very expensive.

They do not live up to the promises they say on the website. My second book was published by Friesen Press that claims to be Canadian, but any publishing is done in the U. I would not recommend Friesen Press to anybody. They do not live up to the claims on their web page, plus what was agreed to in private is lost in any agreement on paper from them. This self-publishing business is becoming a racket. Can you explain the illustration process through self-publishing?

How is this done through self-publishing? Is there an outlet you recommend where I would get actual hard copies and not just the ebooks? It is a Christian themed book. Any of the publishers on your list accept manuscripts with illustrations? For any self-publishing, you will be responsible for the illustrations. For any traditional publisher, they will pay for it. My seventh book is beginning the process for publishing with CFP. My contracts have always been self explanatory and I can email or call anytime with questions. The finished product is always professionally done.

Keep in mind that your book only sells if you work on making yourself known. There are a million books for sale everyday and a publisher can only do so much. Unless you hit the big time with a fantastic book, NYT bestseller list is unavailable to most of us. I have a friend in another country that would like to have his book published. It is a true story of his life in Pakistan. He is a missionary and Human Rights activist for the Christians in Pakistan and currently trying to help the Christian in Bangkok, Thailand.

The manuscript is ready to be picked, and I want to help him find a publisher for his book. Hello My Name is Billy McCallum and I have a manuscript of my life beginning when I was about three years old until today at the age of 62yrs My story in a broad sense is I was abused as a child and then my personality changed I was involved with the troubles in N Ireland and went to prison I then after coming out of prison ended up in England and got into communism and then into the drug scene, got married and divorced then married again then divorced.

God touched me and I was saved 29years ago I have married again for 25 years and have lots of testimonies of the lord in my life. I go into prisons I have got alongside drug addicts I have worked with the police and have been a High court enforcement officer working for the justice system, God has opened many doors for me and I have been serving the Lord as an Evangelist for my years. The Lord put it on my mind to write a book back in July and now have finished. I know the press in Ireland will be ready to interview me and of the back of the book, I will be able to share the Gospel far and wide.

I hope I can get you interested in helping me with my walk. Folks, No paperback should be priced for more than many hardcovers sell for. Think about that. You will be presented a contract between you and the publisher. Also, for those publishers who promise marketing through Amazon, etc…. Keep the playing field as level as possible. Due your due diligence, are the publishers actual Christians? Do not be unequally yoked! Does anyone have experience with Ebooks2go? I originally paid for softcover copies and sold myself on-line, but I updated the story to include new characters.

Finding an agent to look at a book is every bit as grueling as finding a publisher. Thank you, Bookfox, your info is quite helpful!! At the moment just published with Author house. So far they have fulfil thier role ,Just waiting for the press release prior to distribution. Excellent experience so far. Looking forward to publishing more books,manuscripts ready. I would like bookfox to email me. Bless you for printing the gospel to the world.

Today most grandparents buy into the cultural view that grandparenting is not very important. But God has a different perspective. For over five yeats, I have been speaking and teaching on how to grandparent with a purpose. Last December, I completed a book on this topic. Currently, my manuscript is in review at Lighthouse Publishing of Carolinas different company from Lighthouse Christian Publishing. I have considered self-publishing with Westbow and Elm Hill.

Do you have any advice for me? It is overwhelming to me to figure the best route for a first-time author as I am. My book is to support my speaking ministry. So, would self-publishing be okay? Or should I hold out for traditional publishing. Sounds like self-publishing would be a great choice for you. Let me know if I can help you with editing. They charge hefty fees to make self-publishing very easy. You could do all the work on your own, but they help you with everything, which makes a lot of writers interested in their product.

I may need your services on a book publisher. But before I retain an editing or related service provider I would like to find a self publisher that can produce my book to the following specs. Cover type needs to be sturdy enough for us to imprint or stamp our members name. Dont need any markeing or distribution services. Can you offer any suggestions? I used a vanity press. Thank you Bookfox for the helpful info.

Does anyone know anything about them? Please also add Mountain Brook Ink, a royalty publishing house specializing in an array of Christian fiction categories. This is one loooooong and difficult comments thread. It takes serious time to edit, design, illustrate, and format a book. Thank you for all the information. I do not want to self-publish and have been looking for a better route.

Your information answered a lot of my questions. Dear Mr. Fox This info has been extremely helpful. What do you think about using a publishing company outside of the United States? Came across one called CreativeJuicesBooks out of Singapore. Have you heard of them? Not sure what the legal ramifications are? They claim to market their books worldwide. Thx, Jabez. His mail address is in the US but after doing my homework , I discovered he is located in a foreign land.

I know that is is not much but I shutter to think how the fees would increase as my book progressed. Shame on him!. O, well, lesson learned , I pass on to you. Thanks Mr. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Really captivating read.

First, forget not to be patient with yourself.

Made me want to read more. Well, good luck with the writing. Let me know when you complete your manuscript and I can help you with editing, and thanks for checking out my book. Fox, Stay blessed brother, for the useful information you so generously offer to writers. My first book was published by Lighthouse Christian Publishing in July, I must confess, the president was very helpful and ready to assist in any way possible. I can recommend that publisher to fellow writers.

And, yes Mr. Fox, it was through your information you so tirelessly offer that i happened to submit to the publisher! Thank you again. But with my little experience, i believe it will benefit every writer to retain the services of a reputable editor before they submit, and importantly read and understand the contract before signing on the dotted lines! Of course I also did not edit my work when I submitted, but remember publishers are not equal, so do not blame! I have just finished my manuscript, revised it, gave to my trusted friends to read and give feedback…….

I will be happy if you can email me your rates Mr. I have three self published books I have written. This fourth book has mainly singular subject — alcoholism from a 28 year recovering alcoholic-ME. I am proud of you all ,writers and publishers because our work demonstrate the love that we have for the kingdom of God,I am also writing a Christian book not by feeling ,by power,by might, but by the spirit of God ,I need you all to pray for me as you do for others.

Please what about Destiny Image, how effective are they and has anyone here has an experience with them before? I just wrote a book on the coming global crisis and need a publisher. Well, not really — I mean I would like to be. Basically, I am a chronic pain sufferer who has a very rare, basically unknown neurological condition. However, I am also a former Catholic Religious Sister. Through 8 years of dealing with my undiagnosed condition at the time, I was in the Convent. Trying to live my life as a Sisters while suffering from debilitating pain. It was nearly impossible. However, I am still a devout Catholic and love the Lord very much.

I think I have a powerful Story to tell — this is why I am writing this Memoir. I just want to publish it — so that someone else can read it and be helped by it. But I think they are all scams. And ends up helping no one because no one is able to read it. What can you suggest? If I self-publish — who is truly legit? Thanks in advance and God Bless! You can do it all yourself for a low fee. You need to pay an editor and you need to pay a cover designer, but other than that, just use Createspace.

Hi John, I am a new author and wondering about self publishing verses going with someone like Covenant Books. I am mostly concerned about the promoting so that the book actually gets sold to readers which if I am understanding all correctly is the value of having a professional pub company do it? I have had the first 8 chapters 2 chapters at a time edited through PaperTrue and not real happy with them because they did not do anything with the formatting they did give writing suggestions that were helpful, corrected spelling, etc.

I am near finished and just starting to really research all various ways to publish, etc. They see Jesus healing and doing miracles, then being angry and cleaning the temple of money changers. Dear John — Thank you for compiling this list of traditional publishers. His word is sprinkled throughout the memoir. It encourages and hopefully makes the reader want to know our loving Heavenly Father. It is my first attempt to write. I know that my content is non-fiction. However, I am not quiet sure if any of the publishing companies listed would be overly interested in my subject matter. Can you give me at two that might would consider publishing my work once I have completed the manuscript.

Thank you BookFox for your informative overview of book publication and editing. Hello John. Thank you for this very helpful list. The comments and your responses have also been very helpful. I have written a book and now looking for a publisher. I have looked at Christian Faith Publishing and one other.

It is not cheap to publish a book but knowing the right questions would be extremely helpful. Many of you here have had books published and sounds like you have learned a lot in the process. Would those with experience good or bad be willing to write out a list of questions that an individual needs to ask before deciding on a publisher? Would be very helpful and much appreciated. Thank you in advance. Does anyone know anything about Covenant Books Publishing? I have checked them on BBB and they have pretty good reviews but I can not find anything about them elsewhere.

Is it simply spelling and errors corrected, is it suggestions on how to improve areas, etc. Would love some feedback on this company from anyone who has had experience with them! Hi, Debbie. By the way, I am very pleased with the process as well as the finished product. Wendel Lucas Washington. Hi Wendel, can you share your experience with Covenant Books? Cost, easy to work with, how you did it?

Did you have to buy your books? Did they market it for you? Very interested for your feedback. They have given me a contract but with reading all the horror stories people experience, I wanted to talk to someone that actually worked with them. Does anyone know much about Kingdom Publishers, UK? I have 4 books published in a Christian historical fiction series based on events in the N. Belatedly I realised they are virtually the same company Author Solutions and am looking for an alternative for book 5, A Time to Strive, which is ready to go and I want it out by Christmas.

Any suggestions for UK based companies would be welcome. I am publishing my non-fiction Christian book, Eat Your Ps with Crosslink Publishing and so far it has been an absolutely wonderful experience. But, I took my time and did an extensive amount of research. They definitely do not publish everything they receive. They publish a small percentage and even fewer are first time authors. I had a legit lawyer review the contract before I signed and the lawyer brought a few things to my attention.

They were not red flags but the lawyer wanted to make sure that I understood. They have not charged me a penny. They allowed me to have feedback during the editing process which was quite exhaustive but sensible. They are readily available to answer all of my questions.

The marketing assistance and guidance has been quite helpful. It is a 24 week program and I am at week Occasionally there is minimal cost to some of the suggestions but compliance is never required; only suggested. I am happy to answer any question. Thanks for offering your help. Was there any cost for you to publish? What was involved in the 24 week program you mentioned? Thanks again! First of all thank you for your time and generosity in giving us all this information.

My question for you is: Is there any publisher interest in christian latin authors? And I also have other books in production at the time. Thank you again and God bless you so much…. I say this out of love to you all. If you have to pay a publisher to publish your book read that sentence three times you have been hoodwinked. In fact, you can bet your money on it. It would be better money spent. Good Day to you, I have read this article several times, because I have a Christian Illustrative book to publish.

My Name Is Tiny : A Children's Devotional about Fitting In by Mary Ann Carper (2011, Paperback)

I was wondering if you can tell me your insights about Covenant Books. They are not here in your list. Hello John; I am completing a manuscript regarding the scientific principals that substantiate Creation and the Flood. Looking for a publisher. Do you have any experience with them and their degree of marketing success? Many thanks for your help. But perhaps others who come to this forum might have experience with them.

Hi everybody, I want to know about New Harbor Press, did you get any review or have you gotten any bad or good review about this Publishing??? Their Website is telling they have two separate Packages: 1. Package price for publishing, 2. Marketing package with different items! Blessings, Daniel. Peace and Greetings, Thank you for this helpful article.

The memoir also happens to be a love story about two partners who reunite after 30 years of separation. Do you have any suggestions for who might be open to this kind of manuscript? Also, neither the author nor myself have a lot of money to invest upfront.