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Sure, it sounds easy -- the man's a big name in the underworld, getting him in their sights should be no sweat. But Denali's bulletproof, like ten inches of Kevlar li ul.. The Naked Artist Vampires: Dracula and the Undead Legions. Vampire stories are timeless and continue to dominate horror-fiction in books, as well as the big screen and television. Banks, P. Elrod, and Elaine Bergstrom are all celebrated for..

Vampires and Werewolves: Nightmares in Our Midst. Libra makes that her first mistake. She finds that her sister is in an abusive relationship, and takes matters into her own hands.

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This is.. Return of the Originals: Battle for L.

Werewolves: Dead Moon Rising (Moonstone Monsters)

Sparacio, Mark. Anti-aircraft artillery opened fire, over 1, shells were fired at this object, but to no avail, nothing was brought down. What this object was remains a mystery to this day, but Moonstone has unearthed the classified documents that reveal the truth The Phantom Detective, The Black Bat, Domino Lady, G-8, and Secret Agent X all teamed up to eliminate this thr..

The Spider: Master of Men. Includes the never-before-published issue 3, and a brand new illustrated short story The original Spider, the most ruthless and relentless crime fighter of all time, hated by both the Law and the Underworld mows down crime in these Moonstone pulp action tales This volume also includes reprints The Spider , Return of the Monsters: The Spider vs Werewolf, The Spider XMAS, plus the prose short story "City of the Melting Dead. Boggs, Johnny D.

Forty-Four Caliber Funk is a collection of crime, mystery and street smart short stories either set in that era or as those times have reverberated to us now in the second decade of a new.. Angeltown: The Nate Hollis Investigations. Click here. Advanced Search. Werewolves: Dead Moon Rising. Selected Option:.

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