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Far, far too much of this book centered on romance. Kate and Brad go down the tubes quickly, as he spends most of the book in a coma. This was weird enough in the first place. But then she asks him if he wants to take a bath with her. With clothes on. I understand that attempts were made to explain why she thinks this way, and that also this was supposed to be a love triangle with her warring over her feelings for her best friend or her literal dream guy.

But after that point I just lost it. The ideas of the daemons and the gods; I was in love. This book had so much potential, but it just left me frustrated. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Wilde's Fire (Darkness Falls, Book One)

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Search for:. Books live and die by their characters. Especially their main characters. And Kate? Oh boy. And then the rest of the book happened. If you like it, please share it! And I love when a book does that to me. The cliffhanger at the end promises more adventures to come and left me wanting more. Overall, this is a really good read. Jun 13, Cathy rated it really liked it. Review can be found at Addicted to Books I was immediately hooked on this book.

Could not keep myself from reading it. From the strength and love of the heroine to the painfully obsessiveness of her best friend, the story intrigued me. I haven't read any books previously about elves or should I say specifically about elves but I will say that I will look for more, especially the next book in this series. We meet the main character, Kate, as she is going on camping trip with her best friend Br Review can be found at Addicted to Books We meet the main character, Kate, as she is going on camping trip with her best friend Brad and her younger sister.

This is where she sees a yellow light and decides to follow it into a secret underwater cave, only to be portalled in to a different world. One where Kate feels a strong attachment and sense of belongingness. After stepping through they are immediately met by demons who are ready to attack. Kate pushes her sister back through the portal, while her best friend Brad gets attacked and injured by the demon. This is where the adventure begins. Kate meets Arland the guy who is literally from her dreams.

Their connection is immediate. They begin training for the war that has been prophesied to be won by Kate leading the army, she is the key, she is light and Arland is the Keeper of the Light. Of course she doesn't believe in any of this at first, how can she if she's just had a normal lifestyle and her mother never bothered to introduce her to her original world and secrets. She doubts herself greatly but with Arland's ever growing love, she begins to feel more confident and gain more courage than she could have thought she ever would have had.

There's still guilt there over her best friend Brad, he loved her too much, but she doesn't feel the same. This will come back to her in the end. From some unknown place, a tiny bit of courage makes its way into my soul. I stand, ready to take this on. The cover of this book was beautiful because she really does come ablaze with blue light as if she was on fire. It was the perfect picture to depict the story as she is running through a strange world lighting the way as she goes through.

The story was magical and beautiful all at once. The worlds created by Krystal Wade sound amazingly beautiful at least before darkness got a hold of it, but goodness and light will prevail, they just have to. The bath alone sounds like an enchanting place full of nature and ambiance. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book and to see what new evil creatures the author will create. Very much recommended. Feb 03, Merissa Archaeolibrarian rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , romance.

My reading list recently has comprised of paranormal romance or otherwise and contemporary romance, so I decided to go back to my first love and read a fantasy book that had been on my t-b-r list for nearly a year. WHY did I wait so long to read this? This is fantasy as it's best.

I was hooked in from the start and am now desperate to read the next two in this trilogy. How would you react if you meet the man you've been dreaming of for the past 6 years? Throw on top of that that you're in WOW! Throw on top of that that you're in a whole new world with new rules and new Kate is a good main female. She is strong and independent but also has her close circle of her sister and her BFF, Brad. She accepts the new world quite well but does have a minor breakdown when things start becoming clear. To be honest, I don't blame her at all. Even with Arland to soften the blow, she's dealing with a lot and she doesn't even know how Arland feels for her.

Flanna joins Kate's close circle as her friend and confidante and helps ease some of the transfer over. Kate is very impressive with a sword even though she has no training but she can't shoot an arrow to save her life! It's nice to have a main female that isn't perfect at everything! Arland is wonderful. He is doing everything he can to protect Kate from things that she is not even aware of yet. He is proud of her and is already having feelings for her. But there is a lot of pressure on him as the leader of the Watchers Hall and also with undercurrents of power.

The ending is so in tune with the rest of the book. This book does not follow the 'normal' set pattern and instead breaks a new trend within it's pages. I thought the ending finished this book and set up the next book brilliantly. It gives you an idea of what Kate is up against and why. Now I need to read the second book to see 'how'. I loved this book and will definitely be reading the next two. Highly recommended. Jun 05, Tanja Tanychy St.

Recently I decided to read those books that I've got from NetGalley. Yes I'm one of those who request books and then leave it there for a while. This one I requested really long time ago and now I've finally read it.


I actually have no idea what to say about the book so if review sucks blame me. Wilde's Fire seems really interesting when you read the blurb. For me it was something new and I was looking forward to it. All in all this book was really something new and interesting for me, but there were few things that I didn't like. First I like this whole portal thing, it was cool! Also new world and creatures were interesting part of it. Basically all paranormal aspects of the story I liked. The problem were other things.

Like for example this instant love. Ah it was sooo predictable that when I first came across her dreams I knew they'd be so much in love. I didn't buy it or I couldn't feel it. Another thing is Kate - she is so confusing. I didn't know whether I should hug her or yell at her. At some point she was so bad-ass character, strong and fierce and next she was sobbing all over the place. But other characters were good, especially Flanna. So I liked the whole concept of the story and it was interesting. For the next one, we'll see about it. We'll see I'm not paid for writing this review - I do it as a lover of written word.

All opinions in this review are personal. This is a book where I don't want to give a single detail away because even an iota of extra information will ruin the process of discovery. This book is beyond stellar. The world that Krystal Wade introduces us to in Wilde's Fire will lead you on an adventure of fantasy and romance with evil forces coming out to play.

Each character is strong, important, and well placed. They each have a part to play, never falling into the background or becoming see-through. The female protagonist, Kate, has moments of extreme difficulty, but her determination is powerful. She refuses to sit back and let life lead, she takes those ever present struggles and battles them. She was amazing to read about. I loved the foreshadowing that will become more apparent I'm guessing as the series continues.

Stories that are rich in subtle yet in-your-face little details always succeed in capturing my attention. You know those details, the ones that plant little seeds into your brain that can sprout before the confirming information or sometimes holding back until it all clicks into place. I love those! Krystal Wade is an author that will captivate each reader by the power of the world she has created. Wilde's Fire is a must read, don't miss out! View all 3 comments. May 07, Andrea Heltsley rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc-reviews. This book was awesome. I was skeptical as I started it.

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I mean, a boy sleeping in your room with your parents down the hall isn't realistic. Once the book got rolling though, I became more enchanted with it. The dreams she had of Arland felt so real yet, impossible. Then there was Brad, just waiting to swoop in at any point throughout their journey through the woods. I almost wanted to stamp idiot across Kate's face for not figuring his feelings for her out at this point in their relationship. The This book was awesome. Then she meets Arland and all the things thought impossible.

He is everything she dreamed and more. I craved reading more just to see their romance crack and sizzle. It was steamy in a tame way. The monsters in this story were unique and creative. The author weaved a very different story that reminded me of no other story. I tore through the pages from beginning to end in haste. The story stopped abruptly but with a satisfying conclusion. I for one will be counting the days until I get to continue Kate and Arland's story. May 22, Jasmine rated it really liked it. It has been a while since I have read a book told from the first person but in reading Wilde's Fire I remember why I used to love reading books like this when I was younger.

You definitely feel the characters and can relate to emotions easier. I have never been a Science Fiction reader but I took a chance and well I must say I was not dis-satisfied. Mar 16, Wendy rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal , my-red-stars , signed-by-author , romance. On the road together, Kate and Brit pass the time singing, but Brad is very quiet. This is his first trip back to the woods after getting very lost at the age of ten. The girls know the trail very well, but before they reach their destination a two day hike , she has a fainting spell, a strange dream, and discovers that Brit and Brad both want to talk to her, but neither with the other around.

She also notices strange gold lights, which flash in the woods, and eventually lead her to her favorite swimming hole and an underwater cave. The three enter the mouth of the cave together and fall face first into a midnight massacre of women and children. Kate pushes her sister back into water, now a portal behind them. When she wakes up next, it is two days later. Brad is hanging onto life by a thread, slowly succumbing to poison for which there is no antidote.

Let me talk a little bit about Arlan Maher.

Review: “Wilde’s Fire” by Krystal Wade – My Life is a Notebook

His secrets are simply withheld data; they never amount to masks. Responsible for the lives of 47 people under his roof, he succeeds in protecting them with a combination of decisive action and charm. All, that is, but Kate. In one key scene of the book, Brad has woken from his drug-induced coma after three weeks and finds Arlan and Kate locked in a steamy kiss.

In stark contrast to Brad, Arlan is not a child. The sunless world in which he was raised never afforded him even moments of immaturity. But Kate steps in front of Arlan just as Brad throws a punch, earning a quick trip to the floor and a shiner for her trouble. Kate is a very naive, very innocent; twenty-years-old and never been kissed until Brad plants one while thinking they're going to die.

When Kate loves someone, whatever the nature of that love, she gives with her whole heart. Looking back on her life, she remembers a boy who has been in every day of her life since grade school. Others around her see Brad's behavior differently, and while they've tried to tell her, she either misses or dismisses their concern.

Setting the manly-men problems aside, Kate is also an independent girl who doesn't like to be told what she will or will not do. People try to cover her escape; she stays behind to fight or die, which really is admirable. Perth serves as multitasking plot device. First, he symbolizes the complicated politics that surround Kate and the war being fought with Darkness to save what remains of humanity. As past tense generally serves to tell a story remembered, even when there is great conflict or danger, the reader may rely upon those verbs as assurances that the narrator pulls through…like a tight-rope walker high above a waiting safety net.

Krystal Wade truly is a hot, new talent. May 01, Merin rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley , read-in , mythology. Wilde's Fire is a pretty solid debut by author Krystal Wade. When I first saw the blurb up on NetGalley, I was immediately intrigued, as I have a thing for characters being thrust into new situations and worlds and having to adapt, all while trying to save the world. For the most part, this book delivered on all of my expectations, at least in terms of the story itself. The strongest part of the book was probably the world-building. The author has created a fictional land called Encardia, in whi Wilde's Fire is a pretty solid debut by author Krystal Wade.

The author has created a fictional land called Encardia, in which Darkness has overtaken the sun and confined the people to living underground, in constant fear of the daemons that attack in the dark and have nearly destroyed the entire world. Kate, our main character, is suddenly thrust into Encardia when her and her sister, Brit, follow a light into an underground cave, which actually turned out to be a portal.

In Encardia, Kate meets Arland, whom she had actually been dreaming about for her entire life. Arland is the one to tell Kate that there's actually a prophecy about her, that she's Light, and will save Encardia from Darkness. I know, all these capital letters are a bit much. If you're going to read the book, get used to them! In Encardia we also meet probably my most favorite character, Arland's cousin, Flanna. Flanna is an impossibly upbeat, cheerful girl who instantly becomes Kate's friend. She's full of great insight and understanding, and I just really enjoyed every single second she was on the page.

I do want to warn that we have a bit of insta-love here - I mean, this is a YA book, right? Both of them have prophecies that pretty much dictate their lives, not to mention that Kate's been dreaming about him for forever. To Wade's credit, they actually go a pretty darn long time before they even kiss, so I give her major kudos for at least not having them dive straight into anything physical.

I do admit to a minor problem, however, with the fact that Kate's powers don't really materialize unless Arland's near her, though, although I'm assuming that the second book will move away from that, considering the cliffhanger-like ending. And as a heads-up to any parents, there are some minor smexy times in this book, although I wouldn't really call any of it graphic in the slightest. My biggest problem with this book is that I had some trouble with the style at first.

Wilde's Fire is told via Kate's first person, present tense voice, and I found the sentence structure to be a bit choppy and unpolished at the start. One thing I noticed straight off is that there is a lack of contractions throughout the book, which always makes things seem more stilted, at least for me. People speak in contractions!

I could understand perhaps Arland not using them, since he's from a more formal, rather set world, but there really wasn't any excuse for Kate to not use them. It just generally makes spoken conversation flow more easily. There are a lot of daily activities, like mucking out the barn, milking cows, chopping potatoes, etc. The bits where Kate is working on her weapons skills were better, mostly because I just find sword fighting and learning to shoot a bow exciting. I also liked the little bits where Arland would fill Kate in on Encardian history, and the magic usage.

I also had a bit of trouble with the whole Brad plot line, particularly Kate's feelings toward him once he wakes up. That whole bit seemed disjointed, and her feelings were so erratic and hard to follow, but maybe that was the point. I also thought the sort of ridiculous, over the top declarations of love in this book were a bit much. If someone were to say some of these lines to me, I would have a really hard time not laughing in their faces, even if my love for them was all-consuming. Still, maybe that's just the cynical part of me reacting to what - to me - bordered on cheesiness.

Your mileage may vary, etc. There are enough loose ends to make me want to immediately dive into the sequel which is also up on NetGalley. I am definitely intrigued about where the author is going, and what's next up for Kate. I especially look forward to her character development, and the evolution of her abilities.

Wilde's Fire is now available in North America from a bookseller of your choice. If you want something a bit different, give it a read. Mar 14, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: friendly-author. But are they just dreams?! Though the eyes of Kate, we seeing everything as it happens.

Filled with magic, hidden portals, daemons I want to mention a few of the characters Katriona of course, being the main character, I will start with her. She starts off in this book as a naive young adult who has never even kissed a boy! I am a kick-ass heroine junkie so when I see a character come off as a little weak I always root for them to become stronger and wow, did she ever!

Sexy warrior! Until of course, Krystal threw in that nice little twist. Overall I am very impressed with this novel for quite a few reasons, but I think the most important one is that Krystal Wade has changed my opinion on present tense. I wanted to keep reading, I had to find out what Kate was going to do, what was going to happen when the dark and light clashed and who she was going to end up with.

Well done Krystal, I am thoroughly impressed and I am so happy I had the chance to read and help promote your book. Great job! Wilde's Fire is just one of those books I couldn't connected with. I can't say I loved, liked, or even hated it. And I'm really trying to figure out why. I asked myself if it was the storyline?

Was it the characters? Was it the romance? This I do not like when I read a book. Nope, sure don Wilde's Fire is just one of those books I couldn't connected with.

Nuitville - When the Darkness Falls (Full EP)

Nope, sure don't. And after this happens about six or so times, I started getting a little frustrated and answering Kate myself, saying, "Nope, can't tell you now, Kate". The other thing I had a problem with was Kate's best friend Brad, whose character starts out good, then turns bad, then good again. All because Kate is supposed to be in love with Arland?

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But Brad has loved her since grade school, but has kept his feelings hidden from Kate. So yep, can't have her guy friend confused about their relationship. Wade did explain how Kate felt about her and Brad's relationship, but I wondered, Why have Brad in this situation and why have him good, bad, then good again? Why have me like him, hate him, then like him again? I mean, did I have to hate him because Kate's in love with Arland, then why have me like him again? Just leave Brad as a good friend to Kate, who wants to stand by her side and help fight the darkness?

Kate's parents left Encardia when she was a baby so they could protect her and keep her hidden from the Darkness. A seer from their world prophesied that Kate is the Light who will save Encardia from the Darkness that's at war with them. When they go through the entrance of the cave, it transports them to another world. Kate realizes this is the place of her dreams, and the guy of her dreams is real and his name is Arland. Kate and Arland's love is the magic of Light that will save their world and conquer the evil Darkness.

Wilde's Fire is a novel that I feel fourteen to sixteen-year-old girls who love fluffy romance will enjoy. Or, even anyone one who loves fluffy romance would enjoy. I'm certainly not saying that it's anything against this novel, because I did enjoy parts of Wilde's Fire, but I also was left with parts that confused me. For anyone who loves fluffy romance, I think you will really enjoy Wild's Fire.

I recommend Wilde's Fire as a okay to good read. May 13, C. The fantasy elements were strong, but the main plot centered much more about the romance than I had expected. I love romantic subplots, but emphasis on the sub. I just parenthetically quoted Lady Gaga. The way she talks is too pretty. Like she could be a fair romance maiden. Brit had a ton of personality in her dialogue. Kate just seemed kind of flat self-inserty to me. The plot was kind of rocky. Started great and exciting, got lost in a mush of training and such, and suddenly what I thought was the main conflict evil daemons feasting on the populous took backseat to the me-and-Arland-have-some-issues-with-our-romance-and-something-is-wrong-with-Brad bit.

It just felt like they were worrying way too much about their lovey-dovey stuff when people were being killed all around them. The magic was mostly fine, but I thought Kate had it a little too easy towards the end. Maybe it was just a bit mushy for me. What I Liked: Great world. I loved the idea of this decimated world with people hiding out in underground bunkers, thirsting for a long-missing sun. Very neat. They were snarky, fun, and brought some pizazz to the pages. The romance was not all bad. I also thought Wade was clever in avoiding insta-romance with Kate-to-Arland.

Kate had dreamed for years of loving Arland, so no wonder she was instantly in love with him. It was a little less clear why he would so quickly fall for her, though. And the plot? So kudos on the ending. May 11, Marielle rated it really liked it. When Kate, her sister, Brit, and her best friend, Brad, go on their annual camping trip, they expect a relaxing hike, some swimming, and big bugs at the worst. They never thought that they would end up in another world, surrounded by demons, but they do.

They land in Encardia, another world, and the world that Kate was born in. For years, she had dreams that took place in a beautiful land and that featured Arland: the man of her dreams literally hehehe. However, when she arrives in Encardia, it is not the land from her dreams. As Kate finds out what she must do to save the land, she falls deeply in love with Arland, who is prophesized to be the Keeper of Light.

Kate is the Light that will save the land from the Darkness with the help of old magic; she is the only one that can use it anymore because it was forgotten long ago. She must battle for those she loves and find out how to save the entire population of Encardia.

There was only one main problem with this book, and it is a problem that I have witnessed in many YA books recently: insta-love. Kate and Arland fall in love in the first day they know each other. Arland never had any dreams about her and he met her one time when he was like 5. That is no reason to be in love with each other. On the first night of them knowing each other, they take a bath together. It was just too much, too fast. Other than the insta-love, there was nothing really wrong with this book. The heroine, Kate, was pretty good.

She was strong, smart, and she had common sense. I thought she was likable, but at points she was a little ridiculous. For example, she would apologize for being sad because something horrible happened to her. Other than that, I liked her a lot. Arland, the hero of the book, was also a nice character. He was pleasant, strong, and likable. Overall, he was a good guy.

My favorite character, though, was Flanna. She was hilarious and bubbly. She made every scene she was in enjoyable to read and she just cracked me up. I loved the story line. It kept me guessing until the very end. You should read this book because it was really good! Apr 29, Ana rated it really liked it Shelves: net-galley. May 28, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: ebooks , arc-s. This is definitely a fantasy novel. The summary of the book explains quite well what the main idea of the story was.

I greatly enjoyed this book; it had magic, monsters, a bad guy or bad guys, a prince sort of , fairy type beings that are good, and a strong female lead. There is the perfect amount of romance and fighting battles in this book to make me very happy.

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  8. Though the romance happens much to This is definitely a fantasy novel. Now, Katriona does say that she loves her best friend, Brad, but that she does not and never did, love him the way that he loved her. Katriona is and always has been, in love with Arland, even before she met him, because she had had dreams about him for years. I want to say that there is no actual sex in this book, but there are very close calls and talk of sex.

    Katriona mentions several times that she and Arland made love in the dreams that she had been having of him for years. Both Katriona and Arland are adults, but not married. It is actually Arland who stops Katriona from seducing him multiple times, even when she strips naked for him, since they are not married yet. I think the most annoying thing about this book is that there is absolutely no ending, just a major cliff hanger. As you know, if you read my reviews on a regular basis, this is my pet peeve.

    Anyhow, I would definitely read the next book in this series. I want to see where the author was going and what happens next for everyone. Obviously, this decision is up to you. The sex is not romance novel descriptive, but the wanton attitude bothers me. I would not put it in a school library or classroom library. I received this book as an ARC. I do not get paid to review books; I do so in order to assist you in recognizing books that you might enjoy and also to assist parents and teachers in recommending appropriate books for your kids to read.

    Please read more of my reviews on my blog: sarahereads dot wordpress dot com It was a pleasant mix of sci-fi and fantasy that I really enjoyed. Katriona Kate Wilde gets transported to another world through a portal, that Kate, and her best friend and sister were lead to during a camping trip. Its great how you start off in the middle of the usual teen drama, then the next minutes your in a whole new world with war, and darkness and unimaginable horrors!