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North to south split continues today

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364 days until the Return of the 24-Hour Project. You have been warned.

Accedi con. A friend feels he should see it because he's right for the show. It's always on TDF so we got cheap tickets. I hope to finish this by 4pm so I don't have anything on my desk as I take off 3 days. I'll be back later.

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I tried to google the whole lyric frpom Street Scene and typed in "ain't it awful the heat" and the word lyric. Google asked me whether I meant to type "ain't it awful the heart" - now that could make a vile song. More wellness vibes for Walty. Well I'm up about 45 minutes earlier than I wanted to be but I always get a little anxious before a trip. Walty seems to be doing okay- but for my peace of mind I'm going to call around to see if I can get him in to see a vet.

Gonna Be Another Hot Day- 110 in the Shade- NOCCA

And Walty wishes to thank everyone for the vibes. Ginny Hero Member Offline Posts: Friday morning greetings! My computer here at work has me convinced that I forgot to log off HHW last night, so it must have looked like I was sitting here like so much fish.

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I was home enjoying the fried chicken dinner that DH Richard prepared, then playing with The Library Thing , which is very addictive. Search for user name MrsChocolate to see my presence there! There better be a good explanation as to why the administrative assistant to the governor of New Mexico sounds like Scarlett O'Hara! Everything is salvageable. There is nothing we cannot learn from. Mary Ellen Dougherty. Good morning, all! I hope the authors will forgive me for reducing it so simplistically. For some reason, this PC of my brother's refuses to do anything with size, color and marqueeing that I can do on my eMac.

It's quite frustrating! And I miss my eMac! Quote from: elmore on June 30, , AM. Matt H. Good morning! Another hot day here, too.

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If at first you don't succeed, that's about average for me. Glad to say I'm staying put and enjoying the quiet. Many friends will be out of town next week, so it's going to be a very quiet week for me. I don't normally watch previews of shows, so I had no idea what you were talking about. Since that Doug Sills episode certainly did end with a vague promise that she hadn't seen the last of him, it could very well be him. Well, I got a little sleep anyway.

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It cooled off a tiny bit during the overnight hours. It's already getting warm outside. This morning I have to go sit at the office; there isn't anything for me to do, since the printer guy hasn't been back to fix the machine yet. The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. I don't want to hear anything more about Star Jones or Brittney Spears.

RE: the Star Jones controversy. Not having a contract option renewed is NOT the same as being fired. Life goes on.