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The vast majority of these links contain only a few problems. Do not assume you know how to do the problems because you recognize the title of the problem set. Try at least a few of each type to ensure you can apply the math concepts to new situations -- you will constantly be doing that in Honors Physics class.

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Errors involving relatively simple math skills often lead to poor understanding of physics concepts and underperformance on AP Physics 1 tests and quizzes. There may be a few problems here and there in this material that we would not generally include or de-emphasize, but vast majority of this material is representative of basic math skills. This is also good review for SAT. It is a downward angle from a horizontal line.

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The fact that horizontal lines are always parallel guarantees that the alternate interior angles are equal in measure. Simply stated, this means that There are two options:.

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  • Notice that both options, the answer is the same. A nursery plants a new tree and attaches a guy wire to help support the tree while its roots take hold.

    An eight foot wire is attached to the tree and to a stake in the ground. Find to the nearest tenth of a foot , the height of the connection point on the tree.

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    If the tower is 45 feet in height, how far is the partner from the base of the tower, to the nearest tenth of a foot? Find the length to the nearest tenth of a foot.

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    I f you place the "shadow" on the hypotenuse you have created an apparition a "ghost" , not a shadow! A ladder leans against a brick wall. The foot of the ladder is 6 feet from the wall. The ladder reaches a height of 15 feet on the wall. Find to the nearest degree , the angle the ladder makes with the wall. The purpose of this book is to reinforce or to teach how to solve physics problems using a math triangle.

    The math triangle is an alternative way to set up data in a physics problem.

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    This book also serves as a workbook. Each section provides a physics concept and its equation in worksheet format. Each worksheet includes interactive fill in the blank sections, tables and practice problems followed by a mini quiz for each equation. The fundamentals reviewed or taught in each section include: terminology, units, and problem solving skills.