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Technologically, Fiorina's supporters say, they are a century apart.

Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard, hopes her Silicon Valley background will make her stand out among the ever-growing list of Republican presidential candidates, and that her 21st century technology chops will make her the logical choice in a one-on-one matchup against Clinton next year. Fiorina, 60, is widely considered a long shot in the GOP race.

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After many years of such praying when I thought God was already pleased with my life, I was praying again when He said something that baffled me. I have put my power in the hands of many people before you but they have betrayed my trust.

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Even if I will use you I will first of all test you by putting you on probation. After twelve years of continual preaching from one village to another; from one meeting, one conference, one campus. I am beginning now to think of trusting you. I was taken aback.

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With all the preaching and traveling, I have been on probation? So when I ask you to pray, I am not just asking you to think of the mistakes of your past.

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Yes, you have to cry to God and ask for forgiveness even for those ones. But I want you to go beyond that. I want you to say something like this. When God desires to use a man, the crucial thing He checks again and again is the quality and condition of heart that that man carries.

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He must test and examine the disposition of that heart in many and diverse situations of life. He does not trust a life until He can trust his heart. So, if you want to commend yourself to God, what you must first check and work upon, is the integrity of your heart. Are there seeds of sin already growing in your heart which may not have opportunity of outward expression today, until an opportune time in the future?

The Valley of Secrets by Charmian Hussey | Books

Is there a kind of secret ambition; perhaps an ambition for fame in your life that has made it difficult for God to trust you with a big work? Will you wish to check where you are with God now? A few sobering questions will help you to check the state of your heart and your stand with God. Is it taking several years for God to give you a breakthrough and to enlarge your life?

What God Abhors!!! by Gbile Akanni

Is there some secret ambition that God is querying in your heart, even though covered with zeal? Does God see the seed of pride and arrogance, which might spring up if He should fertilize you with anointing? Reviews from Goodreads. FictionDB Reviews:. Paperback editions:.

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